Carl, a Miami, Florida resident,  contacted me because he had been having unusual experiences and also had memories of strange experiences in his past.  On January 11, 2014 a hypnosis session was conducted. Below is a summary of this session.

The first memory Carl wished to explore was of a red plastic light bulb that had strange movement.  He was 4 or 5 years of age at the time:

"On my Grandma's closet door I put a doll, the shape of a head. I stepped back.  There were no clothes in the closet.  I was curious.  I stepped back behind the door and put the head on top of the door. I stepped back and it moved toward me.  The face was red, it looks like the devil. It is the size of the light bulb.   It moves side to side.  It falls to the floor. What made the face move back and forth?  I ran to Grandma's bed.  I feel her blanket."

At age 4 or 5, Carl was sleeping in a bottom bunk with his older brother on the top bunk.  Another brother slept in a bed to his right side. Carl awoke to see an entity near his bunk.

"It is dark and I am sleeping on the bottom bunk.  I wake up and look to the right and see a red face -- white eyes, like a devil.  I'm scared.  Jolt.  There's another  one, red, also yellow on the other side. I hear the noise of the air conditioner. I bring the blankets close to my chin.  I'm scared.  It's dark.  Touching me behind my back.  Picking me up.  One of them has a robe.  He points toward the door.  My pajamas have blue sleeves, dark blue.  He's trying to tell me something. There is light on the door.  It is important that I go."

"Go. It is bright white, Chairs and white tables.  Somebody is there.  It has a big gold head, it's taller than me.  It looks like a bee -- a gold bee.

 I'm walking around the table.  I'm not scared now. There is a big window. Black.  They are talking to me.  I'm seeing a triangle ship as I am looking at it from earth.  I feel good looking around me, at trees.  I'm by myself and I feel OK.  I keep walking toward the trees, see a light; it feels nice seeing the triangle ship from earth.

It's white again.  I'm in the ship: back in the same place Again, white, shining. I'm back in the bedroom. TV.  Everybody is sleeping."

Carl was regressed back on the ship where a being showed him some images.

"An explosion and an eye open, a galaxy spinning, An eye -- human-- earth and the moon.  A sense of urgency.  I don't see.  Show me other men showing up.  Don't see.  Know they are coming.  A tunnel.  I don't want to go there."

"More of room: rounded, white.  Looks like an anthill. Tunnels." 


 I'm trying to talk to the entity.  Anthill-- not supposed to go there; supposed to be on table side. Tunnels white...looked dark. Talk to entity;  he's not bad ---- puts his hands out.  Looking in my face.  I see earth and moon in space. Entity -- 'We're not from here. Going to be OK.'  Pictures,  Sun?  Symbols."

'Talking, looking at me. Another being,  big white head, big black eyes, on the other side of table.  I see them both. Talking, looking at me.'

I'm back in bed.  Getting up. Going to Grandma's room. The closet door is opening. They came through there. The door is open.  Scares me.









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