Nevada Nightime Images Near Area 51

An Orlando couple, Diane and Ned, along with two family members were traveling in Nevada in August, 2005.  As they drove down the road near Area 51 Diane saw a flash of light in back and to the left and they  all felt as though they were being watched, so they stopped the car and took the picture below from the driver's open window.  The light appeared about 5 feet above the road . Cannon digital cameras were used for all the pictures..


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The picture below has been enlarged to show an orb which was about 50 ft from the camera.  The witness could see it pulsating in all its bright colors about five feet above the road.

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The picture below was taken of a rock formation 50 feet tall and 30 feet wide.  The large orb showed after shooting the image with the camera flash sealed shut with tape and flash strobe arms extended 2 feet to each side of the camera to eliminate partial flash back.  There was no wind or breeze blowing and no other persons or vehicles were in the area.

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The object below was seen in motion moving in the sky toward the witnesses but low to the ground just above the rock formations.  It had a pulsating "window" at its center while at its brightest. 

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The picture below shows the same pulsating object moving away from the witnesses in the car with the center "window" getting darker.   This picture was taken five minutes after the one above.

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At about 30 feet from the witnesses a spike of bright light was seen.  It changed colors from white to read and green, got wider like a door opening, then snapped out like a light.  No reflective materials were in the area.

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On the way home the witnesses saw this circle in the middle of the road in the canyon.  It looked as though something came to rest in one spot and took off without making any other marks on the surface.  When the group saw it they let the car headlights shine on it and one person walked into the circle and put a pack of cigarettes down to show the center.

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Diana tells of some expriences she had with unusual beings in 2005.

1. Approximately one year ago (in the fall) my husband and I were sitting having lunch in Winter Park at a table outdoors at a side walk cafe'. A man was sitting at a table behind us. Ed's back was to him. I was facing him. He had all beige clothing on including a hat pulled low over his face. His hair was white and wispy. I kept feeling him staring at me and would look up to see his eyes wide set, icy pale blue looking at me - although it seemed right through me. He had a journal in front of him and a book to one side. He kept writing in the journal very fast and then turning pages and writing more. Everyone around was eating as we were with the exception of this man. He had no food, not even a drink at the table. I told Ed he was watching me until finally Ed turned his chair to the side so he could look. Every time Ed looked in the man's direction, the individual would quickly look down at the book. Finally, as we finished our meal, the person folded up his journal and book, tucked them under his left arm, and walked towards us. There was a pole behind me with a sidewalk on one side - a parking lot on the other. The man passed behind the pole and never came out the other side because I watched him constantly to see where he was going to go. After being stared at for so long I felt I wanted to know what he was up to. He did not come out on the side walk or out on the parking lot and there was no where else to go. The pole was not wide enough to hide all of him at once either. I got up from my seat and looked all around. He was just gone.

2. The episode with two women and a baby happened in a department store around the holidays. My Mom and I were shopping and had found some items where the women's slippers were in Penny's. The store was relatively empty that day and only one register was open. We were in the center of the floor walking to get in a small line. There were one or two people in front of us. A lady got in line behind me and we were just standing there when two tall blond women came towards us pushing a baby stroller. The women had wide set eyes and their blond hair was long and thin. They were staring at us very hard. I felt forced to look down into the stroller. There was a baby no bigger than my hand (I think). This is where things get foggy. Actually there was a tiny blanket, like a dolls blanket and it looked totally flat. Above the top edge was a head the size of an orange with pale gray skin and huge eyes. It was moving like a child. I looked at my Mom and she looked shocked, we looked at the women and they told us - not with words, but mentally - to look at the baby again. I looked at the lady behind me and she wasn't moving, the people in front of us were not moving either. In fact no one in the store was moving. It was like they were all frozen in place. Then the blond women appeared angry so I looked at the baby again. All of a sudden, they pushed the stroller past us very fast down the isle. I got out of line, followed them realizing something was not right, and as they turned in to the next section of clothing they just faded away. They became transparent and disappeared. Thinking about it I know they had no purses, no diaper bag, no packages of any kind and the stroller had no storage areas at all. It was one of those plain blue cloth things with just handles, wheels, and cloth seat strung in between. No one would go out with a baby that tiny and take nothing with you and ladies in a shopping plaza with out a purse is absurd! My Mom and I felt strange, then we got silly over it, then worried. A whole gamut of emotions ran over us. We paid for our merchandise and got out of there.

3. This episode is different and very quick. It happened at home in the Spring of the same year. I was outside and had taken my dog out. I was standing on the sidewalk in front of my house (my back was to the house). There is a walkway between my house and the one next door and the homes are built in quads, four homes together. In back of my house is a greenbelt and then a wall. On the other side of that are homes - another subdivision. No kids back there playing, just adults coming and going from work. Well, while I was standing there a man in a white T-shirt and beige shorts, socks and tennis shoes, brown hair came walking around the corner between the houses. He was moving at a rapid pace. Walking as fast as he could without running. He turned down the sidewalk in front of me but acted like he never saw me - I didn't know him. He looked like someone sleep walking. He kept on going until he got to the next house in my quad - the side of the house as the front actually faces another way. When he was half way down the building, he just disappeared.

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