Dr. H.

Miami, FL. February 3, 1999 7:30 PM. Dr. H. was driving north of SW 152nd St. on 92nd Ave when she noticed a round shiny object "like platinum" flattened at the bottom, flying very low at approximately 30 mph, and heading north. The object had a dome with a brilliant flashing light on top. A rim extended from the body and above the rim there were smaller white lights. Dr. H stated that she thought there were "windows" between the smaller lights, but couldn't be sure. Although the car windows were open, she heard no noise. It flew with the front part tilted slightly higher than the back. It appeared larger than a car. She said that the craft was majestic and she felt awe and elation at seeing it. She followed the craft for about 10 minutes and then turned south to her home where she and her son watched a bright light, possibly the same object, moving slowly away heading north west over Miami-Dade County.

Dr. H. estimated the hovering height of the UFO to be no higher than the tower at the Falls Shopping center (estimated at 90 ft).

Sketch of the UFO according to Dr. H.'s directions.

Since the sighting in February, 1999, there have been many unexplained occurrences in Dr. H.'s house.  Pictures and a clock have fallen off the wall, odors come and go without explanation, appliances malfunction and then regain functioning, a beeeeeeeee sound is heard upstairs.  A plate of Don Quixote has several times been found turned to the side. Footsteps have been heard in the front hall, although no one was there.  Due to the many strange occurrences, a maid refuses to stay in the house at night.

Dr. H. has had strange dreams such as one of a bird that stepped on her face and awakened with a 3" scratch on her leg.   Her son said that he heard "scratching" noises all night. 

On April 10, 2001 Dr. H. was walking eastward in her neighborhood at 5:00 A.M.  when a neighbor called her attention to a bright white ball at 40 to 50 degrees elevation.   The ball which appeared about the size of a softball, hovered, turned orange, and then disappeared. 

In July of 2001, Dr. H.'s son complained of constantly seeing the number 911 on clocks, dials and electronic devices.  This happened over a period of two months.   Thinking this could be a sign of an accident, inquiries were made, but there were no accidents in the family or friends requiring a 911 call.  Bible passages were reviewed, but offered no clue to the meaning of the electronic 911.  Finally, with the destruction of the World Trade Center towers, the meaning of 9-11 was explained, and the boy stopped seeing the numbers. 


November, 2003. Marks of unknown origin appear at Miami home of Dr. H..  Previously healthy plant is dying.

OHplant1.jpg (43219 bytes)


One person remarked, "They look like footprints."

OHplant2.jpg (50436 bytes)


               Stains appeared on son's T-shirt.                                        Marks appeared on Dr. H.'s  neck.

                         OHshirt.jpg (12054 bytes)                                                            OHmarks.jpg (14607 bytes)

November 2003. Spots of unknown origin appeared on Dr. H.'s patio.

patiospts.JPG (64835 bytes)


February, 2004. White patch appears on Dr. H.'s  right wrist after a long night that left her exhausted.
(Note: picture was taken the next day, after most of the color had returned.)

        DrHhands.JPG (104408 bytes)                        DrHwrist.JPG (98892 bytes)

                                          Daylight picture                                                                                          Under black light.


Below --strange Circle in Dr. H's yard below bedroom window.

Hcircle.JPG (50324 bytes)


Updates will be posted.


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