Emilee who is now 40 years of age and the mother of three young children claims that she has had "visits" from entities since childhood. The visits always occur at the same time at night and she wakes at 3:15, apparently at the end of the occurrence. Sometimes she screams on awakening and her husband , Ben, asks whether she has had a visit and then tells her to go back to sleep. He has not seen any entities, but is supportive of his wife. The family now lives in Winter Park, Florida.

Emilee’s earliest memory of abduction was at age three or four in Miami, Florida when she remembers the aliens coming through the window of her bedroom. At age six she remembers a bright light which she believes came from her bedroom closet. After this she remembers lying in a bright place, "a room but not a room" with many machines and someone saying without talking, "Don’t worry, we’re not going to hurt you." Since then she has had many visits, but she tries to sleep though them, sometimes taking sleeping pills at 12:00 midnight. During her pregnancies, visits were very frequent. In her second pregnancy she remembers several aliens next to her bed. She alerted her husband saying, "They’re right there, can’t you see them?" but he did not. Visits are not now as frequent as previously, occurring about once a month. The last one was a week ago. If she sees the aliens she tries not to look at them and to go back to sleep. She does not know whether she is now being abducted or whether the aliens simply come into her room, since she has no memory of being taken. She has triangular marks on her back which bleed profusely if scratched. She has some blood on her pillow at times and suffers severe migraine headaches. She also has sores in her nose that bleed. After an alien "visit" she is very thirsty.

At a family farm in Georgia, Emilee and her husband found marks on the ground like flat impressions, at which time she became frightened and went back to the house. Emilee has no memory of any experience there but there had been UFO sightings in the area near the farm.

Emilee’s father had an experience in the 60’s in Brookville Florida in which he was walking with several people but suddenly walked away from them. The others, including Emilee’s mother searched the area for him but did not find him until some time later when he suddenly reappeared. The man said that he only remembers seeing a light and something in the sky over him.

Emilee’s  second child, a son age 6, is said to be highly intelligent and asks questions typical of a much older person. Once when this boy, Jorge, saw pictures of aliens on TV he said "They visit." He did not seem to be disturbed by this and Emilee does not discuss it with him or with her other children.

For years Emilee has seen people who have died, whom she says, "Come to see me." These appear different from the aliens who seem "more real". Emilee has other psychic abilities, such as knowing when a person is about to call on the phone or if someone is about to die. She "saw" a child she did not know, Trenton Duckett, whose mother had killed herself and who had been kidnapped. She felt as though she were in a room with him and could describe the woman he was with, although she didn’t know where he was. She called the police but they did not respond favorably. On January 16, 2003 Emilee and her husband were watching the space shuttle Columbia, after which Emilee felt an explosion and pain and said, "They’re gone. They’re never coming back" Later they learned that Columbia had disintegrated over Texas. Emilee suffered a severe migraine after this and had to be hospitalized. She had strong feelings of guilt that there was nothing she could do to save the astronauts.

Emilee has seen the aliens’ faces, but does not like to look at them, especially their eyes. Drawing them is very frightening for her, but during a recent migraine, for reasons she does not understand, she did draw the aliens. She felt that their eyes were "part of their souls." She has a fear of getting up at night and seeing the aliens, but she says that she has seen them in her living room after a "visit". She describes the aliens as of varying heights, one over six feet tall and another about five feet in height. She feels that there is one who is familiar to her and came often during her pregnancies. Recently she saw this entity wearing red and moving quickly "floating or running" across the room along with the shorter entity who was not wearing red. She does not discuss her experiences with others except her husband. Emilee describes the aliens’ faces being long, as having huge eyes, no ears or hair, but with heads not as large as pictures she has seen drawn by other people. She says their build is "lanky, but not skinny, their hands have four fingers" and their skin is "not hot and not cold."

Emilee sleeps with her back against a wall, as close to her husband as possible. She is extremely afraid of her closet, even taking the doors off. Just talking about abduction frightens her. She does not go down unlighted roads at night or walk across large open spaces. She usually turns off UFO programs when they show pictures of aliens and does not understand how some abductees could place their experiences on web sites. She is not yet open to speaking with other abductees or drawing another picture of an alien since she has so much fear of the entities, "not what they do, but how they look".

Emilee says she has a very good memory and has never studied for a test. Without preparation, she scored 23 on the ACT. She has a diagnosis of Lupus, but since she has an "A&A speckled blood pattern" in which the white cells are 10 times those of normal people, she does not have the disease and has a tendency to heal very fast. She says she has been offered money by a laboratory in Tampa for some of her blood which could be used to test patients for Lupus.


Emilee is a very personable woman who does have a number of indications of being an alien abductee, although there is little solid evidence. Triangular marks that bleed may be one indication. Migraine headaches, bleeding from the nose, fear of closets, need to sleep against a wall, and thirst after abductions are frequent among abductees. Her father’s missing time and apparent abduction and her son Jorge’s apparent experience with aliens may show family involvement. She seems to be coping with the abduction experience as best she can.

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