Palmetto Bay Sighting


I have photos of the smoke trail. I looked up on a clear December [14, 1994] day about 4 PM Eastern Time, a cigar/cylinder shaped craft with no wings or tails was moving in a due north direction. The craft was slightly longer and wider than an F-16 . Under any clouds at about 15,000ft. The very, very odd thing about this craft was the fact the craft was traveling about 350-500mph...smoke was "simply" billowing out the rear-end of craft but "in a dirty smoke stack" fashion...the smoke did not blow or react to the speed of the craft as craft moved, the smoke was a brown color. The craft moved due north, it would have passed over Homestead Air Force base, in southern Dade County. The craft turned due eastward--as if driving a car on the road-- for about one mile, then turned due south, the craft did not descend or ascend when turning..."very much like a 1920's Buck Rogers (model spaceship) movie". It was basically silver in color, maybe some black.


Below: Witness' sketch of sightinFlC004024.jpg (646811 bytes)g.






















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Pinecrest Encounter

[1990] Alien in bedroom. I was not scared or frightened. I was in a light-sleep-state, not really asleep. I felt another presence and touching while in bed. The creature was "invisible" at the time. As the encounter continued, the "being" communicated through thoughts to me. I asked to creature to "Let me see what you look like, I will not be afraid". The creature, I sensed was as "scared" of us humans as we are of them. The creature was more "advanced" insect-like than human, I would say. It's "skin" was a leathery-medium-brown color. The being/creature had a smallish torso, very thin neck, very thin arms and legs and large head with large eyes and small mouth, in a hunched-over fashion... about 4ft. tall if standing up....I asked the creature to show me its "teeth" (for some reason) and it had pointy-triangle-teeth like a fish or shark and pointy chin. I believe the creature to be male. The creature was human-like in some respects in that it had two arms, torso, two legs, large head but definitely more insect-like-looking. The only other communication "he" gave me was to say..."We/he does not understand human "feelings" and "they were not to interfere" with humans.

Witness' sketch of aliens

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