"During the year of 1984, at an apartment complex parking lot with my sister, both of us experienced the event, but I did not remember it until few years later, when my sister and I were talking. We spoke of the moving lights under a huge circular apparatus above our heads, approximately 100' in the air. I completely forgot what happened, but I sensed or felt that an amount of time was missing. In 1994, I experienced the presence of three individuals, a tall skinny entity, brilliant white light image or form, and two other small black beings with reflective dark eyes. I remember looking at the tall entity, when he placed his middle finger in the center of my forehead, after that I don't remember a thing, except that I woke up very weak. After this event I started making very futuristic drawings of temples, devices, etc. I developed a better sense towards everything that surrounds me, and today, I still very inspired and motivated with everything that has to do with the unknown.  In addition, I removed a crystal like object from the back of my head. It was so tiny that I dropped it on the ceramic floor, making the sound of piece of crystal. And I was never able to find it. For samples, please visit my site this is a living proof of how these experiences changed my life for the better."

[Below are some examples of Isaiah's art which pertain to his abduction(s).]

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