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West Palm Beach resident "Labyrinthina" sends this picture taken at the Goddess Gathering at Machu Picchu on April 27, 1999.   The picture was taken after two hours of meditation, but was not seen until the film was developed.

          RUSSIAN UFO

September 1994.  While driving, I saw an object in the sky at about 11 o'clock and 45 degree angle from my point of view.  It looked like a horizontal line, silver-bright yellow in color. ......Suddenly, the object turned 90 degrees and became a vertical line.   There were a lot of blue and red and white slowly pulsating lights and then it silently disappeared.  I knew that I saw something very strange.


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August 21, 1999; 8:30 P.M. This "orb" picture  was taken by me, MM Zimmer, approximately 35 miles north of Miami.  The sky was overcast; the moon was two days past the second quarter, but behind the clouds.   A Sony Mavica digital camera was used.  Angle of elevation,  70 degrees, facing south.   


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Click on the picture above to see more of MM's orb pictures. Photoanalysis by Jeff Sanio.


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