Skyscan May-June 1999

Lake Worth, FL. May 26, 1999.The witness was traveling north  by car at 5:30 AM when she saw a triangle with a light at each point about 1,000 ft. in elevation.  It was traveling west to east at about 30 mph and seemed to emit a "gaseous" light.  The object made a turn and traveled east  to southeast, while "tipping" on its side.  The  huge  object could be covered by a closed fist at arm's length.   Estimated size was two football field lengths.


On our trip out west from April 20 to May 6 we were fortunate to be able to chat with some people who have interest and/or involvement in the UFO phenomenon, while checking the skies ourselves. 

Our first stop was at the Little Ale Inn at Rachel, Nevada where we saw the owners Pat and Joe Travis.

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Joe said that UFOs are still being seen "from time to time" out near Area 51.  He said that Bob Lazar planned a July 4th celebration complete with fireworks at Rachel.  Jim said that Lazar has told a "consistent story"  regarding his work at Nellis on UFO technology which Travis believes is true.

About 7:30 PM that same evening, I saw two small orange globes northwest of the planet Venus at about 45 degrees elevation.   They suddenly disappeared, but on driving five miles from Rachel, I saw them again farther north, lasting about 1 minute.  A video was attempted, but failed to capture the objects.

~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~   Next we drove to Sedona, hiked around the red rock formations and met Peter Gersten for dinner.

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Peter is now gathering affidavits from people who have seen anomalous flying triangles.  He plans to present the affidavits as evidence in court. He may be contacted at


Also in Sedona, we met Tom Dongo, author of Merging Dimensions  and other books about Sedona.

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Tom feels that most UFOs are interdimensional but that the media just doesn't care about those phenomena.  He told us that there has been no activity at"Galactic Park", the property shown on Sightings, since Linda Bradshaw left and her sons are operating the ranch.

A firm believer in the existence of underground bases, Tom recommends that we read The Biggest Secret by David Ikes. 


In Salida, Colorado we stopped at the new restaurant ET's Landing to see its busy owner, Tim Edwards.   He has some recent pictures from Salida which he has promised to share with us.

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          Tim                                           MM                                 Ron  

 Ron Russell  who is in Salida helping Tim set up a web site came to join us. Ron told us of his own experience with a crop circle in Salem, Oregon  off Highway 26 in July 1997.   Ron's brother refused to enter the circle, feeling intuitively that something was wrong. In all, three people became ill.  Ron's mother handled a few stalks and suffered a brief illness, but the most severely affected was Ron himself.   He suffered from pneumonia, fever, nausea and weakness which lasted for three weeks.  The symptoms abated, but then recurred in December of 1997.   Ron seems to be feeling well now.  Dr. Leavengood said that this was the most significant crop circle that he had investigated.           


Moving into the San Luis Valley we met with Chris O'Brien.

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He was happy that there had been no cattle mutilations in the SLV for more than 330 days.  When asked about luminescence on cattle as shown on "Sightings", Chris said that there was only one instance in which this had been reported and he suspected that the reported luminous markings were probably "bird droppings".  He did say that a Utah cattle mutilation revealed very unusual chemistry in the animal upon autopsy and pathological examination .  Chris referred to this as a "smoking gun."

Chris called cattle mutilation a "last frost to first frost phenomenon" which could explain why there have been "21 or 22" cases of mutilation in Florida in the spring of  1995 and the Fall of 1996.  These cases occurred in the spring of 1995 and the fall of 1996, when there was frost on the ground in Colorado.   The mutilations were located in an area east of Orlando, mainly in Brevard County.  Media coverage was squelched, but a chief law enforcement investigator contacted Chris.  

(There is a need for cattle mutilations investigators in Brevard County and Chris is willing to train some.  If you are interested and have the time to devote to it, please contact me at


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