Sarasota Cylinder

SARASOTA, December 26, 2004 – The witness was trimming trees and looked up to admire his handy-work and saw two silver white cylinders moving away on December 26, 2004, 4 PM. They moved too fast for blimps. It was a silvery whitish colored cylinder rounded on both ends flying north to south, with no wings visible. It flew south, and just looked like a round ball as it flew away. While I was pondering what I had just seen, another craft just like it, followed the same path and at the same speed. My impression was that they were about the same length as a 747, but about three times the diameter, flying at about 15,000 feet about 300 mph.

All the other planes had wings and left a short contrail and you also could hear the jet sounds of all the jets. The UFO’s left no contrail and made no sound. They flew much too fast for a blimp. Thanks to Peter Davenport Director

Cylinder With Spinning Light

TAMPA, December 5, 2004-- It was just past half-time at the Tampa Bay Bucs vs. Atlanta football game at Raymond Stadium at 2:45 PM, on December 5, 2004.  I sit in the south end zone so this object was northwest of my location and quite high up. We were noticing contrail activity from planes when I saw a flash like a plane strobe. I got my binoculars and it appeared to be a cylinder with a red glowing light on one side that was spinning lengthwise. It would flash each time it revolved. I pointed it out to my mother, wife, nephew and the two guys sitting behind me. It stayed in one position in the sky for about ten minutes. It suddenly jogged quickly east and sat there. It appeared to be moving up and became fainter. As I went to look a final time, my nephew exclaimed ,"Did you see that?".  It took off east in a flash and was gone. Thanks to Peter Davenport Director

Triangle Follows Car

BRANDFORD,  December 6, 2004 -- We were on the way to my uncle's house, my mother, neighbor and I, when my neighbor pointed out a light which she thought was a tower at 6:55 PM, on December 6, 2004. We know there is no tower in that area. Then we realized it wasn't moving, so we kept on driving and it started to move toward us. We stopped the car and we got a little scared so we turned off the lights. It descended like it was looking for us. That was enough for us though we were maybe 1/4 of a mile from my uncle's so we decided to go as fast as we could but the light was getting closer to the ground and we saw it was a triangle with a light on each angle. I just thought it was weird for it to follow us like that. We got to my uncle's and I ran out of the car. I stopped at the porch and looked back and it was gone. Thanks to Peter Davenport Director


Sphere of Light

ORLANDO -- At 5:30 AM on November 21, 2004, I noticed an object in the sky the size of a pea. It was a clear night but was still dark out. I thought this was an aircraft possibly in trouble due to the speed and angle of descent compared to aircraft that are approaching Orlando's airport. Then, the object came to a sudden halt and hovered for about three seconds before separating into three pieces. The original object kept its size and shape, but two objects broke off the sides of the sphere. The movement of both side objects was very symmetrical and they left a weird trial of smoke. It reminded me of booster rockets off the shuttle. I knew that all shuttle launches during take off execute a pitch and roll immediately out into the Atlantic so as to be far from land in the event of an emergency. The two objects that broke off did not emit any light but the light from the original object was enough to see these two objects separate from the original and leave a trail of white smoke. Then a very bright light lit up the whole sky, brighter than the sun like a nuclear blast shining for about 35 to 40 seconds. Then the light had shrunk back to its source in the sky in about five seconds. The object still hovering in the same spot in the sky.

Then within a second, this object shot right back up into the atmosphere at like light speed in an eastward angle. According to local radio stations and the local CBS TV affiliate, ( hundreds of people in Orlando that were traveling to work or on the road reported the blinding light. Some drivers were running through traffic lights because they couldn't tell if the lights were green or red. Thanks to Peter Davenport Director

Possible Abduction, Boca Raton

BOCA RATON – The witness went to bed with his wife about 1:15 AM while watching TV on November 20, 2004. He remembers turning off the TV, and quickly falling into a deep sleep. He states, "In what seemed an instant I was awakened by my wife who asked, 'Where were you?" My immediate response was "in our bed". My wife then explained to me that she awoke and I was not in bed with her, so she searched the whole house and even walked to the guard house of our community to see if the guard had seen me. Nobody had come into the community. Upon her return, she burst into the room and found me in our bed. She stated that my car was in our driveway, and that my wallet, cell phone and money was just as I had left it which further upset her. The covers in our bed on my side looked exactly as if I had pushed them down and left. I glanced at the clock and it was about 2:30 AM, when she stormed into our bedroom and awoke me.

I tried to comfort her and confirmed that I had not left our bed, not even to use the bathroom. In the morning, I asked her to confirm what had happened during the night and she confirmed I had been missing. I am willing to have this event investigated. I am not sure what really happened, but the evidence suggests I was some how physically missing form my home for 45-60 minutes without my knowledge. I was told to examine myself for any marks, and did not find any. However, from the base of my throat to the middle of my chest it is mildly red like a sunburn. Thanks to Peter Davenport Director

Gold Object and Light

LAKELAND -- My husband and I were driving on I-4 east, coming from Tampa, on our way home to Orlando on November 6, 2004, at 12:40 AM. My husband grabbed my arm and pointed at something in the sky. The object was round with a short trail that was gold in color and bright. It seemed very far away. We thought it was a comet or shooting star at first, but then the trail instantly turned off. The round object kept moving for a few seconds, and then also instantly disappeared. Thanks to Peter Davenport Director

White Hot Light

CEDAR KEY -- Eric reports, "I was locking my gate to my property in Tiger Island on State Road 374 about 9 miles from Cedar Key at 9 PM on November 22, 2004." I looked up just as a very bright welders like light lit up the forest on a state preserve. It was white hot light the size of a Volkswagen about 50 yards in off the paved road. It had a smoke trail exiting out the bottom and was about 40 feet off the ground just below the tree tops. It illuminated the woods from left to right as far as I could see! It went out in two seconds! Having two close encounters in 1995 in the same place I didn't even lock the gate and drove off at 100 mph. Thanks to Eric New Jersey – Lights

Hovering Light

LAKE HIAWATHA -- Ray Gallup writes, "I saw something in the sky southeast of here over Lake Hiawatha, on November 16, 2004, that seems not to be a star or plane, but has been hovering in the sky since 11PM, last night." Thanks to Ray Gallup

Light Stops in Sky Near Ft. Lauderdale

FORT LAUDERDALE, Oct 9, 2004 .I was at an outdoor show in downtown Ft. Lauderdale (Social Distortion) Saturday Oct. 9. (For the record, I was probably the only person there who was NOT smoking weed or even drinking! I had to drive home after all!) The sky was partly cloudy, but for the most part clear. At approx. 8 PM when the second band (Tiger Army) was playing, I look up to the West and saw what I thought was one of many airplanes since Ft. Lauderdale/Hollywood Intl. is only a few miles away and the flight paths coming from the west seems to fit its pattern. Then it struck me that this object was far too high up to be landing, if it was headed to FT. Lauderdale. Also, if it had just took off, it would have been coming FROM the airport, not going TOWARDS it. Then, it makes a dead stop, and goes exactly back the way it came. I have never seen anything even close to this before. If I had to guess on its altitude, I would say it was around 20,000 feet. I seriously doubt it was a helicopter. It was a somewhat dull, white with a hint of gray color ball, for lack of a better description.[Investigation in progress.]

Okeechobee Huge Light Sends Beam with Sounds

OKEECHOBEE, May, 2001. I 've always been skeptical about UFOs, Until May 2001. I went to pick up my daughter from school around 6:00p.m. in Okeechobee and while we were coming back home,which I lived in Kissimmee prairie. It was dark. As I was about 2 miles from my camper trailer I saw a bright light hovering above the trees. I was not alone on this sighting; my three daughters were with me. They saw the light, too.We were coming into the prairie and when I saw this bright light. I slowed down. I wasn't sure what to make of it. I did know I never saw anything like it before. It was dark and the only thing I could see was the bright light flashing down in the trees.I knew it wasn't an airplane or helicopter because there wasn't any flashing colored light .This light stayed in one place until I got closer.When I got closer,about two blocks from it, the bright light turned off; this scared me. I knew whatever it was, they had seen the lights of my car. I hurried up and went home . My trailer was four blocks north of the light.When I got home I asked my husband if he'd seen the light and he said he hadn't; he was watching TV. I asked him to come outside and when he did I told him what I saw he said it was an airplane. He didn't believe me. While I was telling him about this bright light and looking in the same direction, the light came back on in the same place as before. We watched it for about fifteen minutes in one spot. It was not moving or making any noise. It was too dark to see anything but this bright light. It just stayed in one place. After about fifteen minutes the lights turned off. I was really curious after this and stayed outside looking into the sky .About five minutes from the time the light went off it reappeared north of my trailer over the trees again. This time it was moving slowly towards our trailer. I'd say it was about three blocks north of us this time. This was getting really scary by now. I could feel the hair on my arms standing up. We turned the lights on in our car and the light in the sky went off. When the light reappeared for the third time it was a little further than before. This time it was over a cattle field. I kept an eye on it and couldn't believe what I saw. I saw lights being shot down from the huge light in the sky. I heard the noise the light beam made. I say "light beam" because that is the only type of noise I've ever heard like that. It  was on TV, so I'm not too fond of saying that. If I could describe it any other way I would. . When we saw this we jumped in our car and went closer to where other people lived. In the prairie {Kissimmee} the houses and trailers they have back there are not close to each other and in 2001 there were no street lights and the roads were not paved. I'd say there were about twenty houses in that area at the time. Around the area we were in we only had one neighbor. They lived four blocks from us. The next day my three daughters went to school and asked our neighbor's kids if they'd seen it. They said no, it was probably the military in the area. I'm from Louisiana and never saw such a thing before. I wouldn't know if it was military or not but I do know for a fact if wasn't a helicopter or airplane, for helicopters and airplanes don't stay in one spot for a long period of time and they have colored flashing lights and this didn't. SO FOR ME AND MY FAMILY IT WAS A UFO (UNIDENTIFIED FLYING OBJECT).

Boca Raton --Disappearing Orb

BOCA RATON September 9, 2004, 3:00 P.M. -- The gray object was moving slowly from the east to the west on September 9, 2004, with erratic spurts of speed. The object kept disappearing and appearing in the partly cloudy sky, but it had a distinctive glow or metallic reflection from the sun at 3 PM. It was flying at an altitude lower than planes usually fly. The movement was erratic, at first moving forward like a plane, but then it would reappear further down very fast. The last four minutes of the sighting it was hovering or moving ever so slightly around the clouds. It was orb like and had an intense glow. The light was about two miles away, and 10,000 feet high, and made no sound. It was a silvery color with and intense reflection or internal glow. There were other planes flying in the sky but was similar to this object. The witness states, "We took six minutes of video of it on a Sony digital handicam." Thanks to: Brian Vike, Director HBCC UFO Research

Florida – Egg

BOYNTON BEACH -- On August 30, 2004, a big huge bright yellow light was observed at 8:45 PM above the beach. The light faded and three small red lights were seen for a short time. Then no lights at all.  Thanks to Peter Davenport Director

Vero Beach Triangle Swarm

VERO BEACH  July 29, 2004 -- A bright white sphere of light 45 degrees from horizon changing into three smaller lights when closer to the ground was observed on July 29, 2004. The light was too large and close to be a star at 8:30 PM. The light hovered above and returned to the bridge in the opposite direction. Twenty minutes later I saw a similar bright white light moving and then dim. After ten minutes I heard a noise from behind, and saw a boomerang shaped triangle shadowed by three circular lights. Turning around we witnessed a swarm of these objects flying very close to the ground. They were too large to be flying so close together. The swarm of these objects was what was in the farther distance 10 minutes prior to the incident.

"Pendulum" Light

Greenacres City, Florida.Wednesday, July 21st 2004. Approximately 10:00 PM.  My friend's 11-year-old son and I were sitting out on my patio waiting for the pizza man. My patio faces north/north west and I am quite familiar with the air traffic from Palm Beach International Airport.

A light appeared in the sky. It was blue and red, and it was strobing very fast. It rose, dropped, and flew in a continuous, quick, bizarre half circle pattern, as if it was hanging from a pendulum that someone was dipping in the sky. I ran inside to get my friend and she saw it for a few seconds herself. The entire sighting lasted only about 20 seconds, but it was impressive.

Three UFOs

DUNEDIN, FL May 22, 2004 – The witness noticed a contrail racing almost straight up at 8:20 PM that looked like a shuttle launch climbing fast around sunset on May 22, 2004. It appeared in the middle of the sky and became visible very high, and kept climbing from there. As we marveled, a second object appeared only as a light, and climbed side by side the first. The second one had no trail and was faster over taking the first one. Then, the first veered off heading southeast while the second one with no trail overtook and passed the first one, then they disappeared. The other witness said she thought the second one was sort of a triangle with slight wings. All I saw was a ball of light. Thanks to Peter Davenport Director

FLAGLER COUNTY, FL May 21-22, 2004-- On May 21, 2004, and 22nd at 9 PM, pencil shaped objects were seen hovering north of Palm Coast. There was a white light in the middle, and two smaller bright white lights on either side. The lights fluctuated between red and blue, and then just red, and then blue. The object disappeared after about one hour towards St. Augustine. Thanks to Peter Davenport Director www.UFOCenter.

Clearwater Semi-Transparent Craft

Clearwater, Florida July 5, 2004,    Eyewitness Tarey Wolf reported, "The UFOs approached from the north. About 1 a.m. I was floating in my pool and saw three semi- transparent objects in formation. I almost thought they were ghostly-looking birds, then I realized they were craft." The objects "were semi-transparent, ghostly, cylindrical with small wing-like protrusions. They went in and out of clouds, and it seemed like they were trying to match the nighttime cloud cover but were unsuccessful. Very fast from one horizon to the other." On Thursday, July 8, 2004, Tarey's roommate: "At about 3 a.m. let the dog out and noticed a very bright star, like seven planets in conjunction. It was stationary, though, not moving. It was big and round and bright." [Joseph Trainer, UFO Roundup]

Amber Lights over Southwest Miami

Miami, FL." It was about 12:30 A.M., and I was walking the dogs when I heard an airplane.  I looked up, watched the plane for a few seconds, and then saw a shooting golden-amber light directly behind the plane, travelling in the same direction. Within seconds it disappeared. My first thought was that maybe some sort of flame had shot out of the back of the plane. But that didn't make any sense as it was travelling in the same direction as the plane. So then I thought, "Oh cool, I just saw a shooting star." which didn't feel entirely right due its golden color, and how low it was. And then, about a minute later, when I couldn't see the plane any longer, I saw the same exact shooting light, only this time it was coming in the opposite direction. Like the first time, it lasted a few seconds and then disappeared. about a minute later, I saw it again, from an entirely different direction. The best way I can think to describe it is to say that it looked like a firefly. Only a firefly that can fly as high as a plane, and look as big as a lemon. It really filled me with happiness to see this display. And I know it sounds weird, but it felt like whatever it was, was playing with me. Because the second time I saw it, when I KNEW it was not a shooting star, I thought to myself, "Oh wow!  Please let me see this again." And there it was. And it was so beautiful! And I just walked home really happy."

"But then, when I went to bed, for some strange and totally uncharacteristic reason, I got really scared. I ended up having to leave a light on outside the bedroom to sleep. Weird."

Disk Bursts into Colors

NEW PORT RICHEY -- The witness saw a disc like shape hovering over the Gulf of Mexico at 4:30 PM on June 11, 2004. He took a video of the object that shows bursting lights that changed colors from green, to red, and blue moving very slowly. He states, "There could have been dust on my lens, but in two of the photos, there are no dust specs all over." But there is a big speck in each of the shots. "I do not necessarily believe in UFO's, but I'm open to the possibilities", he said." Thanks to Peter Davenport Director , NUFORC

Crestview – On June 7, 2004, the witness reports, "My husband, my two sons, and I went for a walk at 10 PM, and saw a bright white light above the treetops traveling south." We noticed a red streak type tail off the back of it coming to a point. It traveled steadily and parallel to the earth for about 30 seconds and then it just faded to a red light and disappeared. We have never seen anything like that.  It looked a lot like a shooting star or meteor with the exception that it was a lot larger, brighter, and was traveling horizontally instead of vertically and seemed to be just above the treetops. If you hold your index fingers together and your thumbs together to form a circle and extend you arm all the way out, that is how large it was as it flew by. Thanks to Peter Davenport Director

Light Outside, Possible Abduction, Winter Park, FL

Winter Park, April 27, 2004. At 3:48 A.M. Una Kent of Winter Park, FL was sitting up in bed when she saw a light that looked like daylight outside.  She remembered nothing else until some time later when she found herself in the kitchen, feeling very disoriented.  The next night on Chanel 5 News there was a brief report of a "yellow ball of light " which was explained as a "Secret Air Force test."

Hot Exhaust Trail, South Florida

May 24, 2004. What I saw  at 1:55pm today looked to me to be a very hot exhaust trail moving east to west I would guess about a heading of 250 or so the speed must have been close to mach. I did not hear or feel any sonic boom. I noticed the exhaust trail it appeared to be only 100-200 feet in length it was not a con trail it was a " heat trail" that dissipated rapidly. It was only a few degrees north of me almost directly over head @ the 1 o'clock pos. I will get my charts out and I could tell you exactly where. I know exactly where I was standing.

Then it passed through a small very poorly developed cloud. In only an instant I saw the typical disturbance to the cloud. I have seen this many times before following aircraft in the pattern. I did not see the object. It appeared to be around 3500-4500 feet AGL. We have had a high pressure sitting over S. Fla. for a week or so . I know those types of clouds form around those altitudes.

I am 33 years old and have been flying and fixing airplanes since I was 18. I have a pilots license and 2000 hrs. as a flight engineer I am a very scientific person and can explain away a lot of "UFO" sightings. However not this one! Ill just try to give you a call because my typing and grammar skills are not the greatest. I need to speak to my wife she saw a  huge triangle around 2:05pm about 20 miles from where I was its just a weird coincidence. \

Silver Egg near Orlando

WINTER SPRINGS  March 7, 2004-- Partly cloudy and sunny afternoon during the FCATs in beginning of March 7, 2004, Seminole County that were being given and I had taken two of my high autistic students outside for a little breather. I am at this point about 15 miles northwest from Orlando International Airport. I am fairly new to FL and was looking east at the large birds that fly around the area and planes going overhead. I would imagine planes are at a height where it would be about 5-10 minutes before they arc and land at OIA. I had just seen a plane fly by and not 2 minutes later I saw a silver egg shaped craft cruising at the same altitude as the plane that had just passed, (I thought at first it was another plane). There was no noise, no wings and no trail behind it. It was going slower than the plane previously, about 15 sec of viewing time. Smaller part of the egg was flying in front. Didn't notice it until I could see the side and then the back of it. [Thanks to Peter Davenport Director  Filers Files #23 - 2004]

Black Triangle Disappears

FT .LAUDERDALE BEACH; May 8, 2004 – At 3:35 PM, while on Pompano Beach we watched a black triangle shaped object moving at high altitude on May 8, 2004. We first thought it was a large military aircraft, but the closer it came it was apparent that it was huge in size and dwarfed commercial airliners flying into Ft. Lauderdale/Miami Airports. We could see the contrail over the Atlantic Ocean that was huge circles. The craft approaching land went into a partial cloud cover, but you could see through the cloud. We watched to see it come out of the cloud, but it simply disappeared. We waited and looked around in other directions but it was gone. Strangely the contrail stopped short of land and the craft was just gone and the normally busy flight path was empty of aircraft for at least a hour. The contrail stayed for 30 to 45 minutes. It was bigger than 10-15 commercial jets set side by side. They would not have covered it, It was flying at an estimated 35000 feet. I don't know, what it was or why vanished. There was no sound. Thanks to Peter Davenport Director

Florida - Disk Lands In Ocean

ST. AUGUSTINE – An hour after the above sighting a golden disk was seen to travel from north to south at a high rate of speed on April 9, 2004, at 10:15 PM. Then it slowed dramatically and seemed to land in the ocean and slowly sink below the surface. [Filer's Files # 20, 5.4.04]

ORLANDO – An oval shaped object was seen between two jet aircraft, on April 16, 2004, at 6 PM. A gold looking oval shaped object that made no vapor trail was seen in the southwest evening sky. The sun was shinning off all three craft. The two jet aircraft kept moving to north. The sky was clear of clouds and the object was visible for about 60 seconds. [Filers's Files #20]

((NUFORC Note: We spoke via telephone with this witness, and found him to be exceptionally objective and eloquent in his description of the object. He seemed quite credible to us. He is a federal public employee, and occupies a position in the government requiring considerable technical acumen, and high reliability. PD))


Fort Myers-- On Saturday, April 17, 2004, at 7:30 p.m., eyewitness K.M. and her family were in Fort Myers, Florida (population 48,208) when they spotted a UFO approaching from the west. "This weekend we were in the Fort Myers area for the Challenger Baseball Festival. On the way back from the barbecue, we saw this sliver of light in the western sky. If it was curved, I might have thought it was a new moon or something, but it wasn't. It looked like what the sliver of moon might look like if it was straightened out." "It was at an angle. It did not move. There were no clouds in the sky. The sun had just set. We were looking at it for about ten minutes." "During that time, a bright light appeared at the very top and then would disappear. This happened several times." "Then it started to fade and then disappeared before our eyes. It was very strange. I could not figure out any explanation for it. It was almost like a slit in the sky had opened up, and then it closed. We have a picture of it." Fort Myers is on Florida's Gulf of Mexico shoreline, located approximately 116 miles (185 kilometers) south of St. Petersburg and Tampa.  [UFO Roundup by Joseph Trainor,Vol. 9 #17]

Florida - 0range Sphere and Bouncing Balls

ST. PETERSBURG -- Mary Margaret Zimmer, MUFON State Section Director is investigating a report, that at about 11 PM, on March 14, 2004, the witness went out on her third floor balcony and noticed a somewhat hazy night sky. She saw a sudden fuzzy light about the size of a basketball that appeared above the tree tops and seemed to be bouncing ping pong fashion in a straight line from the south towards the north and was quickly followed by two more similar lights that also flew in this bouncing manner. She followed the three lights until they could no longer be seen because a nearby building blocked her view. She ran to another window but they had disappeared. [From Filer's Files]

Possible Confirmation of Sighting Above

There's a similar story going around at work (here in RI). 2 glowing basketballs playing tag. Multiple witnesses. 5 Mass. state police cars, 15-20 regular cars. Apparently cars stopped on the rotary at the base of the Bourne Bridge (Cape Cod) to watch lights. Cops trying to move them. Saw them also ? Same night (3/14). Time (approx.): 9:45-10:15 PM - An hour before Florida's.

I was looking for info on the Cape Cod sighting when I found your report on Filer's Files. [Mass. MUFON has been contacted.][No reports to Mass. MUFON]


WINTER SPRINGS/OVIEDO  The witness saw a round orange sphere that looked like a meteor moving into the atmosphere at a very low speed, without a tail. The sphere moved very slow and made a U shaped turn after which it faded away slowly in over ten seconds. The object completely disappeared at 12:45 AM, on March 12, 2004. It blinked bright orange one more time then vanished, but fifteen seconds later it reappeared but looked dim like a star. Then, it was no longer orange colored but, we knew it wasn't a star because it was moving until it disappeared past the roof of an adjacent apartment building. Thanks to Peter Davenport UFOcenter

Florida – Lights and Flying Triangle


NOKOMIS, February 11-13, 2004. The object appeared to be over the Gulf of Mexico on February 11, 2004, at 8 PM. At first there were three lights with rays of light above and below. Then two sets of three smaller lights appeared between the three lights. It began vertical and depending where you stood it was horizontal or at varying degrees turned. There were up to 21 lights. I called the police and an officer witnessed this as well. He called in a helicopter and when it was headed in the direction of the lights they disappeared only to return within five minutes. We saw them in the same location from night fall until 8 PM, so for three other nights and then we returned from our vacation. UFOcenter


FT. WALTON BEACH, February 13, 2004 - A craft was hovering over an area at the edge of Eglin Air Force base runway on February 13, 2004, at 9:30 PM. The craft was triangular with bright lights at bottom and maneuvered up and down and side ways with absolutely no sound and appeared to be about the size of a Stealth. The craft was either on or near the air base and was sighted by someone who is very familiar with that area. I am convinced the Air Force had to have known about this craft or was responsible for it. Perhaps the reason so many UFO sightings are in the Panama City area. Thanks to Peter Davenport UFOcenter


Florida - Disk Seen By Four Witnesses

WEST PALM BEACH – The witness was called to the balcony to see a UFO by three other witnesses around 11:50, PM, on February 11, 2004. The witness states, “So, I look out and it has an orange shade/glow and it was oval/plate shaped.” The other witnesses told me before it came it was really close to them. But it was now about four miles away. Little by little it started to fade, then when it did, I kept staring at its location but it had disappeared. It moved from one location to another in a quick flash, leaving a lightening type fade from its movement. It kept doing this for about 5 more minutes when it finally disappeared. I and my house mates were amazed. We’re still a little shaken. Thanks to Peter Davenport UFO center

Florida Alien Encounter

ORLANDO -- It was about 8:45 PM, and I was cat-fishing at Lake Downy Park just east of downtown Orlando on February 6, 2004. I had a feeling something was watching me for about five minutes, I kept looking around me and saw nothing. It was very dark but the moon made things OK to see. I heard foot steps in the woods/marsh on the side of lake near the dock I was fishing from, when I saw and heard a ripple in water near the shore. Then I saw two stork like legs and a head watching me. It looked right at me and I was very scared and yelled, "Hey!" It stood up like a man my size or so, and stared me dead in eyes. I went to run off the dock, but when I did so, it walked at a slow pace toward the end of dock to trap me. I phoned 911 and they told me to stay put, and the police were coming. What I saw was not human and was not a native animal, but apparently, it didn't want to hurt me, because if it wanted to, it could have. Later, I called the FBI and they said they can't help. Since then I can't sleep, and see that face and I'm scared to even sleep. I'm 22 years old and never have seen anything like that in my life. For proof please call the Orange County Sheriff Department. Thanks to Peter Davenport UFO center                              

Miami, FL. Witnesses Needed

MIAMI, FL. I was driving south on Krome Avenue, between SW 8th street and SW 88th street.  I looked up to see an airplane flying from north to south, which is odd, since they usually fly east and west, so as I looked at this airplane I noticed something else about 100 feet higher than the airplane flying from the SE to the NW above the airplane.  At first I thought it was another airplane, but then I noticed that it had no wings, tail or tail wings; it was silver just like a airplane, but it was shining in an unusual manner. Since it was around 5:30 P.M., the sun was almost down on the horizon at the west, now the airplane flying from north to south was reflecting the sun on the right side perfectly, but this object was flying from SE to NW, so it was not able to reflect the sun as  the sun was 90 degrees from it. It seemed to be glowing brightly with a silver color.  I carry a camera and binoculars with me at all times, so I decided I had to pull over for good look. As I drove for about 4 minutes, I kept looking at this object hover right on top of the road, but it was getting behind me as I kept going south, so I looked for a place to stop. Since this is a one line road you can not just stop, so I got to the cement factory entrance, pulled over and got out of my car with my binoculars..., it was gone, with no sign of it anywhere in the sky, It took less than 30 seconds since I saw it for the last time until I got out of the car and looked again, the object was a cigar-shaped brightly glowing metallic silver, no noise, no windows, no apparent propulsion system, just floating there about 90 degrees from the horizon right on top of the road, it could not have been a airplane, or I would have seen it fly away, and not disappear into thin air.... Also it seemed too close to the other airplane, I do not think airplanes are allowed to fly about 100 feet from each other...  If you saw the object please contact


Silver Disk

Ft. Myers, Jan. 4, 2004. An object appeared almost the size of the full moon as it flew over at 2:30 P.M. according to the witnesses who had a very clear and "razor sharp view" of a very thin disc.  The bottom surface appeared shaded, and the upper surface was highly reflective and showed a wide low bulge nearly filling the diameter.  It was definitely a disc, said the witnesses, and definitely nearly flat on its  upper and lower surfaces.  It behaved like a balloon--drifting and turning, climbing and dipping, bobbing weightlessly, in a more or less easterly direction.  It did not appear to be under "control" or "doing" anything.  It was big and definitely "hardware", and not a cloud.  Nearby airfields are Paige Field and SW Florida International Airport. This occurred in or near the landing path for some of the air traffic.  The disk had a bulge on one face, was 30 feet across, reflected sunlight, and bobbed around at 3-5000 feet.  [Filers's Files, thanks to Peter Davenport, UFO Center.]

Bright White, Shaped Like A Boomerang

DELTONA FL.-- It was 12:35 PM, on January 18, 2004, when a strange craft was whiter than white was observed. As the craft came closer, it was apparent the bright white object was shaped like a boomerang. It flew straight for a while then turned and poof, it was gone. It just disappeared. This was really unbelievable. I've never seen anything like it. Thanks to Peter Davenport UFOcenter

Florida – Triangle Shape With Sparking Flashing Lights

TAMPA -- Prior to the football game between Iowa and Florida four military jets and six other aircraft flew over the stadium at 10:45 AM on New Year,s Day 2004. The aircraft's noise alerted this retired person of 34 years with the Department of the Army to grab his Nikon 10X50 6 degree glasses to get a better view of the action. He saw a military sky jumper parachuting into the stadium about a mile away when he noticed a UFO. He stated, “It was triangular shaped with sparking flashing lights at each tip that flew north, and was just barely visible due to heavy clouds in his area of flight. The other aircraft activities were performing in perfect VFR condition for viewing. I am 71 years old,. This is my first UFO report, ever. I have never witnessed such an aircraft configuration as the one I just reported. The bright lights at each tip appeared as sparking." Thanks to Peter Davenport

Florida – Black Triangle Over Highway

MARATHON (FIESTA KEY) – The witnesses were driving toward Key West from Miami on US1 at about 12:30 AM January 4, 2003.  As they drove over a bridge  they saw something  in the sky with a green and red light.   I noticed it and told my friend I thought it was the balloon that transmits Radio Marti to Cuba. (Many people may not know-the US government has a large balloon located at Cudjoe Key, FL that transmits Radio Marti to Cuba), but they were too far away to see this balloon.

When we got closer to the lights the driver lost them but the passenger saw an object moving over the road. He saw a red and white light 100 to 250 feet hovering directly over the highway. He also saw a black mass between the lights in what looked like a triangle but didn't totally point at the top. From his account the white light was on the top and he saw a red light on the corner of one of the bottom of the points. There was never any sound it made. We opened the windows of the truck when we were close to it, and it was just quiet.

I had to go about 1000 feet before I saw a driveway to turn around. When we went back, there was nothing there. Thanks to Peter Davenport UFO Center

Florida - Saw A Triangular Shaped Object That Sounded Like A Loud Whale

HALLANDALE – The witness reports seeing a triangular shaped object that was smaller then a blimp on December 17, 2003, at 11:45 PM. It was a silver/gray color but not very shiny hovering over them and it began to move up and down without a sound. Then it started to move backwards and forwards with ease. The triangle was larger than a jet, but smaller then a blimp. Just before it's disappearance, it began making low bellowing noises kind of like a whale. The witness states, “The noises became louder and louder and we covered our ears until it disappeared after about seven minutes.” Thanks to Peter Davenport UFOcenter

Florida Two Abductions Reported

MILTON -- Two of the gals at the local convenience store were telling me that they were abducted. To prove her point to me, one of the ladies sent me an email of your report showing a reported ten minute abduction of another women and her daughter when going over the bridge just down the road on the I-10 Freeway. They told me that at 7:00 PM, they went outside to collect the garbage bags from containers and then threw them away in the dumpster. She said her usual customers had left and they had time to do the 5 minute chore. When they came back in, it was 9:00 PM, and that is the time they get ready to close the store. Closing time being 10 PM. They were animated about how they lost two hours. Later, just a few days ago, one complained that some fluid was draining out of one her ears, and the other said she had the same problem. One of the ladies had previously told me she went "shinen" one night with her husband (scouting Deer habitats with lights), and a very large triangle flying object with lights and no sound hovered above them and then left going over the trees. Thanks to Peter Davenport UFOcenter

Florida - Circular Objects Flying Overhead and Invisible Jet

PENSACOLA The witness reports, "I went out for a smoke and saw an object come from the north moving south very fast, much faster than a plane or satellite. If you put your hands side by side, it was four hand spaces west of the moon on November 16, 2003, and this was no shooting star and was in the earth's atmosphere. It was six fingers wider than the moon, bright, yellow-orange with a halo or ring farther out. It just streaked across the sky and was gone." Thanks to Peter Davenport

SOUTHWEST MIAMI -- On November 17, 2003, about 4:45 PM, the sun was getting low in the west in a bright clear sky, twenty miles from Homestead Reserve Air Base. I'm accustomed to seeing and hearing military jets from there. Working in the front yard I heard that military jet sound relatively close overhead as usual. Upon looking to see one of the beautiful F-16's or F-18's, I was surprised to find I couldn't see anything. The loud engine sound flew northwest. I searched the sky for the entire time of the relatively slow, directly overhead passage but never saw the craft. Thanks to Peter Davenport

ST. PETERSBURG  The witness was walking his dog that was searching for scents on the ground on November 16, 2003, at 7:30 PM. The dog looked up twice, and I also looked up and saw a huge round object flying above the treetops. It had lights on the outer edges that were going around. It looked like a slide projection on the clouds but this projection traveled south over our roof and disappeared. "I got my wife and we both saw it again! " The phenomenon was also witnessed by another apartment resident hanging her laundry. Thanks to Peter Davenport UFOcenter

Florida  Bluish-White Glowing Objects In The Shape of a Flying Triangle.

PALM COAST  The observer saw a very large and long lasting meteor or shooting star that his caught attention on November 15, 2003, at 10:45 PM. He was still looking wondering if there was a meteor shower happening. Then he saw a reflection of what might be a flying flock of birds. The observer states, "I soon realized it was not birds, it was many bluish-white glowing objects in the shape of a V. Each one was as bright as a "dim" star. The V was made up of about 5 of these glowing objects down each side of the V with some kind of blur or mist around each light. I could not determine if they were all fixed to one large object or if they were all separate objects but they were all staying perfectly aligned as if they were connected. They were moving southeast very quickly without any sound. It moved much faster then any aircraft I've ever seen. I guess the sighting lasted about seven seconds. Thanks to Peter Davenport

BRADENTON -- On November 15, 2003, at 5:30 PM, while the witness was driving on SR64, his fifteen year old daughter asked, "What was that in the sky?" He looked up and saw an off-white slim object that was pretty far up. The object was moving when I saw it and then it stopped in mid air. My daughter then pointed out another object and my other daughter, also, saw one for a total of three. I have no idea what they were, but I've never seen an object move that fast and then stop and come to a hover. A moment later, there was a bright flash and the object that I originally saw was gone followed by two more flashes in sequence and the other two objects were gone. My daughters immediately felt as if the flash was some type of communication between the objects as they happened in sequence. Thanks to Peter Davenport

JACKSONVILLE BEACH “ The observers report, "We were on the balcony at a Jacksonville Beach hotel on November 15, 2003, when something flew 20 to 30 yards from where we sat on the 8th floor at 10 PM."  We could easily have thrown a rock and hit the oddly shaped rectangle that was wobbly and it made the same noise a helicopter makes. It had a bright red glow coming from it which made the whole side of the hotel red. We didn't know what it was but an hour later we noticed lots of activity up the beach by Naval Station Mayport, spotlights and the whole base was lit up like a Christmas tree. We then drove as close as possible and sat watching for hours all the activity out in the water. There were several helicopters with search lights skimming over the water, there were at least twelve helicopters, and seven were skimming over the water several miles out. A UFO streaks past our hotel and an unreported aerial search of beach and ocean is conducted by the Navy and Coast Guard. As we left the electric boxes on the poles were all buzzing very loudly, which was not normal.  We went back to the hotel and in the morning there were still helicopters skimming the water. We checked the news but nothing was reported. Thanks to Peter Davenport UFOcenter

Florida - Strange Cone-Shaped Beam of Light

PARRISH  The couple were taking their dog for a walk on November 5, 2003, at 8 PM, when they noticed a strange bright light shining through a section of clouds. The husband made the comment, "Look at the landing lights from a plane reflecting on the clouds."  They waited for the plane to emerge, as the light moved in their direction. It was like watching the light from a flashlight and as the person moves toward you, the cone-shaped beam gets larger and brighter. This beam was getting VERY bright and I kept thinking that the clouds must really be reflecting that light because I've seen planes in cloudy conditions and they've never even remotely resembled this. As the light finally reached the edge of the clouds, it just seemed to melt away leaving only a line of cloud/smoke that continued the same direction of movement. There was no plane, no craft or any evidence that anything was there. Thanks to Peter Davenport UFOcenter

Florida - Black Cloud Vortex and Witness Loses Ten Minutes

MILTON -- On Friday, the eyewitness was driving to Pensacola to visit my parents on October 31, 2003, at 3:15 PM, when he saw a strange black cloud in the beautiful sunshiny sky. The witness states, "The cloud seemed to be moving like a vortex and I could not take my eyes off of it, so the next thing I remember is crossing the bridge on the interstate going into Pensacola...I lost TEN minutes." I do not even remember driving those ten minutes. My daughter was with me, but she was asleep during all of this. Could this be an abduction? Thanks to Peter Davenport UFOcenter


MIAMI, October 29, 2003 -- At 7:49 PM, a couple and their son were outside looking at the stars and how beautiful the sky was at 3 AM, on October 29, 2003. The husband saw a boomerang shaped shadow in the western sky moving south that had an iridescent glow that disappeared. After about five minutes, they saw the boomerang shaped object flying, but with orange lights. It was again in the western sky moving south quickly. There was an airplane moving east, and they thought there would be a collision, but all of a sudden the boomerang hovered and then disappeared. This was not a regular airplane. UFOcenter


PLANT CITY – The witness was on his way out to the shed when he witnessed a hovering saucer over the oak tree. The trees are fully grown and stand maybe 50' high and the saucer was hovering a few feet above them. "I only saw it because of the moonlight. It had no lights. It was about 30 feet in diameter. It made no noise. I stared at it for a few moments trying to get a grip on the moment. I called my wife to hurry out side and see this. She was in the kitchen by the back door and came out saying "What?" I pointed up and she looked up and said "Oh my God". She stared at it with me. She said, "Is that what I think it is?". I responded, "Yes". Then after a moment, It started to rise up, more like it was drifting up in the air like a balloon. Then it darted off at an incredible speed. Zero to hundreds of MPH in a second." Thanks to Peter Davenport UFOcenter


MIAMI – The witness was on his balcony smoking a cigarette on September 26, 2003, at 4 PM, looking up at a clear sky with a storm coming when a massive Indian arrowhead like object flew by at a rapid pace. He states, “The front part of the triangle had four rod shaped glowing fluorescent lights in a wedge shape with two on the back corners and the center looked transparent as it passed in 15 seconds without a sound.” The witness said, “I held my hand up at arm's length and the object was slightly larger than my hand and was massive in size.” He reported, “It was flying at low altitude and when it reached the storm to my right, it flew above the storm out of my view.” Thanks to Peter Davenport UFOcenter


ORLANDO, FL. On September 30,2003,, approximately 4:00pm, was driving west bound on I-4, approximately exit 79, and saw a disc move across the Interstate, approximately 300 ft above ground level. It was a light brownish -orange in color, it was flat on the bottom. The top was shaped like a bell curve cut straight across the top. Is this a tourist gimmick or what? I find it difficult to believe that it is anything other than some stunt, but am wondering if anyone knows about it. The object moved at about the speed of an aircraft, maybe 100 knots, and appeared to me as if to be in state of landing, or that was my impression, perhaps because it was so low as it moved in a north westerly direction, it was low. Do you have any idea what it was? Is it a tourist gimmick? I saw it, I thought, " What is that, it looks like a flying saucer. Damn, that's exactly what it is shaped as, but it cant be, it has got to be something else." But there is nothing else I know it to be, unless it is some kind of tourist gimmick.


ORLANDO - On September 17, 2003, at about 10:30 PM, a couple were taking their dog for a walk and were looking at Mars, at about 10:35 PM, when they saw a flashing white light moving east. The wife discovered a second flashing red light that was stationary directly below Mars. The first object was heading directly towards the stationary object that had a red light underneath. When the first object lined up directly over the stationary object the two then began to move north. It wasn't a satellite, because satellites do not make 90-degree turns. These objects were very high up. We saw a third stationary object flashing, and then a fourth. The two new objects were stationary and the first two objects were heading directly towards them. At this point we became very uneasy. The first two objects now lined up with the two new objects and all four began to head north. One object was substantially larger than the other three, and they suddenly went black, and only the larger object was visible. I doubt the military has anything that can hover in the upper atmosphere, wait for the other objects to catch up and then proceed. If there was ever a doubt that there is something else out there we have now seen it with our own eyes. My wife, a devout Christian, didn't want to see this. 10-15 minutes. UFOcenter

LAKE WORTH “ The witness was driving and saw three orange orbs in a triangular formation on September 12, 2003. Each one had the same dark orange color glow. The witness stepped out of his vehicle and the orbs went behind a tree. Very soon the nose light of the UFO triangle emerged. After a few seconds the last UFO disappeared. The witness states,  "I heard no noise coming from these UFOs and no flashing lights. It was pretty low to the ground, so low that if it were a plane you would definitely see flashing lights of some kind. It was heading from east to south."UFO center

SARASOTA “ K. Dittman writes, "My girlfriend was driving west towards downtown at 7:50 PM on Friday, September 12, 2003, when she saw a slow moving fireball with an inch long trail. She called me from her cell phone, and asked me to go outside to see if I could get a photo of the fireball. She stated  "It moved too slow to be a plane or a bolide and remained in sight for eight minutes. It had a reddish pink glow to it. Our home is located out by interstate 75 and I was unable to view this object. When she returned a short time later, I was still outside looking around. When she got out of the car, she pointed up at Mars and said the object was ten times bigger in size than the planet and was the strangest thing she ever saw.


CAPE CANAVERAL -- A Titan 4 rocket was launched at 00:29 hours on September 9, 2003, carrying classified National Reconnaissance Office satellite. Peter Davenport at the National Reporting Center ( NUFORC ) received seven sighting reports from multiple locations during this time period as follows:

TALLAHASSEE -- Two graduate students from National High Magnetic Field Laboratory observed a rocket shaped object with a flat bottom at 10:15 PM, changing from vertical to horizontal speed for fifteen minutes. The object was flying extremely slowly, at an angle changing from 0 to almost 45 degrees and appeared almost motionless and floating in the air at very low height, almost 30 to 50 feet above the tree tops. A blue light flashing in the bottom of the object and 2 red lights flashing on 2 sides. The object made a low rumbling sound like an aircraft's engine. It suddenly went vertical and then as we followed it and parked our cars, it became horizontal and increased the speed all of a sudden and vanished quickly.

CLEARWATER - A couple went for a late night swim and saw a bright light at 12:30 PM, to the east that split into three triangles, one hovered and two dropped, and the first then disappeared. Four people observed a streak in the sky, a light shot ahead, then the light in the rear broke into two, then one, by one, they all burned out. Four of us observed a streak come up (slightly from the ground direction) and then go sideways (east). A light shot ahead and it was almost as if the object (the faint triangular outline) was stretching. That light burned out and the light in the rear broke into two. Then one at a time they each burned out as the mass moved across the sky.

TAMPA - The witness was driving home when a huge ball of blinding light was taking off with a rectangular shaped trail tapering off of it, which fluctuated in length. The ball of light morphed into three separate lights forming the shape of a triangle, which continued to flicker. All three of these lights had distinct colorations to them.  The main most radiant light at the front/top of the triangle was a pale yellow color, the light on the left was a pale red color, and the light to the right was a greenish blue color. The shape of the lights was in the form of an acute triangle and just floated with such grace. As these three lights got closer they stopped flickering and a form appeared around the lights.

The shape was of a triangle craft with the top peak cut off almost in half. The body was a gray color with a gray blue paneling around it. By this time it was hovering over the tree line and was the size of one and a half football fields. Then the ship gradually disappeared, starting at the rear two dimmer lights, which faded away like streaks in the sky as if it was traveling at great speeds. The main light gradually diminished in size and rose in the sky as if it took off towards the southeast until it fully disappeared. Every thing about this unidentified object was so geometric and precise in it's shape that it was breath taking. This sighting lasted for about three to five minutes.

PORT ST LUCIE - The witness reports something caught on fire while entering the atmosphere at a northeastern direction from me in the sky. Heading ESE there were two long golden flames close together and parallel, with a small bright dot in front as if this thing caught on fire when entering the atmosphere. As it moved across the sky the front dot slowly drifted away from the long flames. The long flames went out first and the small dot stayed lit for about 1/2 a minute longer then went out. The long flames were about two inches long and move about 1 ft across the sky before they went out. the front dot was almost connected to the flames for about 10 seconds before drifting away from the 2 flames. I watched the event for three minutes.

PUNTA GORDA - The observer watched an object in the sky for about five minutes on the southern Gulf Coast of Florida. We thought it was a plane at first but it was too bright and it had a comet like tail.... the object then flared a red color and split into two pieces, one flared again and disappeared the other continued in a bright glow with a tail then flared red and fell straight down also disappearing.

FORT LAUDERDALE -- My fiance, her mother and a physician were driving north on I 95 when we all saw a large trail of light as if fire was being left behind moving east. We pulled off the highway to take a picture. The object then lost the trail and 3 lights appeared. Two were very bright orange the other a fainter white. These lights appeared to hover in a triangular formation fading again into the clouds. My fiance's mother made an interesting comment that at the age of 15 she saw a similar event over her country of birth, Argentina.

GEORGE FILER'S NOTE: Seven sightings occurred around the time of launch of the Titan 4B missile into a cloud layer shortly after lift off. Some witnesses in Tampa, Clearwater, and Port St Lucie, 125 miles away, reported seeing three lights, not one rocket launch pattern.  This might be explained by two massive 112-foot solid rocket boosters and a two-stage liquid Aerozine-50 and nitrogen tetroxide main engine that boosted the rocket further east and into space. A liquid oxygen and liquid hydrogen Centaur upper stage was to boost the cargo into its proper orbit. Several witnesses said, "the object was hovering for several minutes."  We have the possibility that cloud layers, distance, and the night launch of several missile stages caused the witness' misperception.  However, there is also a possibility that other craft were present. The Tallahassee sighting may have been a UFO moving into position prior to launch, since UFOs are frequently seen in the vicinity of missile launches.


TAMPA - Three businessmen were heading northbound on I-75 on August 1, 2003, around 9:30 PM. Off in the distance they saw a baby blue, greenish and white light, spaced apart but on the same aircraft. The passenger seat says, " Do you see that?" I acknowledged; it was weird. A few seconds later it was right over us coming from the west to the east toward the highway at a pretty high speed. As soon as it was directly over us it flipped, reversed and started heading west again finally shooting away. When directly over us it could have been no more then 100 feet way. When it changed directions, I knew something was up and just as it was starting to head away I stuck my head out the window to catch a glimpse and could actually see the craft. It was FLIPPING head over end as it turned! It was a grayish dull metallic color, but its shape was hard to make out, but probably an oval or saucer. It had a greenish baby blue light on one end and a white light on the other. Me and my friend started yelling at each other, "DID YOU SEE THAT?" Four other cars around me were hitting their brakes so they must have seen it too. Weird stuff. [Thanks to Peter Davenport NUFORC]


PALM HARBOR - A couple was taking their daily morning walk on July 25, 2003, at 7:45 AM, when they saw a bright white object high in the sky. The witness states, "We continued to watch as this object did indeed fly along in a controlled, but lumbering flight to the northeast and crossed high above the normal flight paths of some incoming airliners." A jet airliner flew ten thousand feet below the UFO but the object did not seem to be interested in planes. It stopped a short distance from the flight paths and remained stationary for a minute and began to get smaller and smaller until it vanished. Thanks to Peter Davenport

KEY WEST -- A professional photographer called to report a sighting of six peculiar objects in the daytime sky over Key West on July 29, 2003, at 1 PM. The objects appeared to him to be flipping and maneuvering in the sky, giving off different colors, and turning dark or black, during the fifteen 15 minutes he watched. There were five other adult witnesses. The craft were disc-shaped and peculiar in appearance. They were illuminated with a strange color. The witness took several photos of the objects, and stated that he would forward them. He reported the sighting to the local newspaper, the Key West Citizen. Thanks to Peter Davenport NUFORC

Dull Orange glowing vertical cylinder

Crestview, FL August August 9, 2003

1. The object was sighted from my back yard hovering silently above a near-by AMFM radio broadcast tower two blocks west of my house.

2. I had to let the dogs out before I left the house for work at 0430 in the morning. I must leave at 0500 hours in order to arrive at work before 0600 hours. So I just happened to look up towards the west when this object caught my attention.

3. At first I thought it was a partial moon or half moon but I quickly discounted that by the vertical cylinder shape of this object.

4. I only had 20-25 minutes to observe this object before I had to leave the house for work, so I really didn't have much time to gather a reaction or feeling as to what I saw.

5. The object was a dull orange glowing vertical cylinder that hovered about 500 ft. above a near-by commercial radio broadcast tower approximately 2 blocks west of my house. The object moved slowly up and down and from side to side. It was also emitting or firing off small globes of white light at random from various directions. You didn't see a trail as these lights were fired off but only saw them when they flashed at various distances from the crafts, so they were definitely not marker strobe lights or navigation lights.

6. I lost sight of the object only when I had to depart my house to go to my job site.


LYNN HAVEN -- At 4 AM July 14, 2003, Sunday morning the witness's husband and kids came in from a fishing trip waking her up, so the
mother went out to smoke a cigarette and saw an orange, rectangular, silent, fast moving light on July 14, 2003.  The mother says,
"I became aware of a dull orange unusual object similar to street lights flying extremely fast, over my house. The shape was a
rectangular crescent and the middle projected slightly ahead of the sides. The object seemed very high up and was about as wide
as my index fingernail and half as thick. The light was steady, no blinking. I ran through my house out the back door telling my 15
year old son as I went that "there is something in the sky."  When I got back outside it had vanished. At the rate of speed it was
going when I last saw it, it should have been still visible. Although I believe there are UFO's in our skies, I tend to be highly
skeptical. Thanks to Peter Davenport  NUFORC 

DAYTONA BEACH -- The observers were walking south on the beach on June 13, 2003, around 11:30 PM, and noticed some unusual lights over the ocean. The lights were one-third above the horizon and were an inch to two inches across together. The lights were rectangular shaped and evenly spaced in a parallel line. The stationary lights were orange in color and disappeared like someone had turned off a light switch. We observed them for about 15 to 30 seconds on a fairly clear night with a few cirrus clouds over head. It was a full moon and plenty of stars visible. After the lights disappeared nothing could be seen where they once were. I believe it to be one craft, if a UFO.


KEY LARGO -- I was driving east at 11:15 PM, then out to the right of my car window on June 13, 2003, I saw 3 large white star shaped objects flashing at different times one was higher at the top left than the one at the right which was a little lower, then another one underneath these more to the right, they were together, but not in a formation and not far apart. I yelled to my son to look but he wasn't sure what or where I was talking about. I wanted to pull over but I was going 45 mph in the center lane and another vehicle was in the right lane. The road curves and the trees were now blocking my view. Thanks to Peter Davenport NUFORC


MIAMI June 2, 2003- An exceptionally credible witness reports, "Too much coffee kept him tossing all night, so he was looking through full length doors at the Big Dipper when a few minutes after 4 AM, I saw two disk shaped objects moving north parallel to each other." I knelt up in bed and saw the second one pass the other. Then the first one passed the other and slowed down. This happened three times then they both turned east. The speed was amazing. There was a commercial jet in the background, when both objects disappeared. There were no blinking lights and they had the color of etched glass and the light source came from within. They were about 3000 feet away. I called the regional airport control tower but they said no one is in the tower until 7 AM. Thanks to Peter Davenport NUFORC


June 5, 2003 We (Husband and I) have seen something strange twice in the last week--tonight, and last weekend some time. This is very similar to the Gainesville sighting March 22 at Univ. Florida listed on the web page. Over the weekend, (Saturday, I think) we were out in the pool after 10 p.m., with the pool light on (one light in the deep end) but all outside lights out. It is fairly dark, and we like to look at the stars.

We saw a round, white light traveling almost directly West to East (we are only about 7-8 miles East of the Gulf of Mexico where we live) at a pretty good rate of speed. It seemed high (32-36000 feet), but we were puzzled by the lack of flashers on the object, if it was a plane. You see, we live just West and North of Tampa International Airport, and just West and South of St. Petersburg International Airport, and almost directly across Tampa Bay from McDill Air force Base (base of operations for Middle East operations). We see NO airplanes that travel over that airspace without flashers at night. Plus, the airspace over McDill is very restricted now, after Sept. 11. The Coast Guard does not even fly over McDill any more as they used to, and their air station is very close to here also.

Anyway, we decided the first time that it might be the space station or a satellite, since it looked like that. The sky was mostly clear, and we watched it until we could not see it any more. That was the first one.

Second time, tonight, at just before 10 p.m., same kind of object, same speed, very high up. Again, we were in the pool, looking up at the night sky. This time, it went almost directly over St. Petersburg International airport on a Southwest to Northeast heading. It took a good 10 - 12 seconds to cross our part of the sky. Less than 10 minutes later, another object appeared starting just slightly further West and traveled Northeast as the other one did, but crossing the path of the first at a slight angle. It also appeared a white, round dot in the sky with no flashers or any other color light, and traveled at a steady fast pace across the sky, fading out in about 8-10 seconds.

Let me say that we are amateur sky watchers, have a good telescope, and keep up with where the visible planets and stars are in the sky at this time of year. We were remarking on how Saturn is just about drowned out by the crescent Moon, and how bright Jupiter is right now. In other words, we didn't see Venus and mistake it for something else. Could it have been a satellite? Yes. But two in a row, and three in one week seems a bit strange.


CAPE CORAL -- On May 15, 2003, at 3 PM, the witness heard fighter jets and walked out to his pool area to see a large bright silver orb. It was a very shiny sphere and two US military jets flew towards it in a gradual turn. When I glanced at them for a second and looked back the orb was gone. It left no jet stream or anything. A few helicopters were in the area afterwards, but I don't know if they were military or not.

ORANGE PARK - At about 11:16 PM, the witness was outside observing the lunar eclipse on May 15, 2003, when he and his brother saw a tear shaped bluish purple light pass in front of the now dark shaded moon. It sat in one spot right in the bottom left-right side of the dark moon for approximately twelve minutes. The observer states, "It sat there just changing colors not getting closer or farther away, I know this because of the constant size and shape." After the moon started to lighten back up it took off at a very very high rate of speed straight up and it was gone.

FORT MYERS -- While sitting on the patio of a third floor apartment on May 26, 2003, at 11:30 PM, a rocket shaped object about one story tall took off from the local baseball field. The observer noted, "The object took off straight up and flew to six stories high and then veered off at a 30-degree angle with the pointed end of the rocket up." The object had two lights on the bottom, one red and the other green. The lights flashed one time together and then blinked every other color. It flew over the top of the building making a noise like an airplane, but very subtle. About five minutes later in the same vicinity of the original sighting, an identical object with numerous red lights flew past the building at the third-story level only a hundred feet away. This object made no apparent noise. Thanks to Peter Davenport NUFORC


BOCA RATON - There were triangle shaped objects in the sky spaced evenly apart on May 7, 2003, at 9:35 PM. Each flying triangle craft looked like there were three balls attached together to from a single craft in the shape of a triangle. The eyewitness said, "Each craft was luminous like you could see through them, but you couldn't." Both passed directly under the moon making it easy to see that they were not weather balloons. There was no sound as they passed. No flashing lights could be seen and they both had a very soft silver/blue glow as they glided along. There was also aircraft with flashing lights that could be seen off to the right of the flying triangles. They veered off to the right. I ran through the house, grabbing my husband and son so they could also see them but the only thing left in the sky to see was the plane.

LONGWOOD/WINTER SPRINGS - The witness was driving along with a friend on May 11, 2003, at 2:45 AM, when they noticed a green shooting light, that was way too low to be a star, going really fast across the sky. As I am a pilot, I didn't notice any other possible position lights, any distinct sounds or anything else abnormal. I can't think of it as fireworks as it didn't leave any sort of trail and it did not seem low enough. I estimate the altitude was 2,000 feet or so, going south/southwest at a very high speed. Couldn't see where the light went due to trees on the side of the road. Thanks to Peter Davenport NUFORC


CHOCTAWHATCHEE BAY, IN WALTON COUNTY -- I was facing north looking at Legion Park on Choctawhatchee Bay on April 26, 2003. There is a security light in the park that has a bluish/white light on a telephone pole and almost directly over the security light was an orange ball. The orange ball was just slightly larger than the security light but much further away at 8:35 PM. It appeared to be over the middle of the bay. I watched it for about five minutes during which time it did not move. It was much larger than a planet or star but not nearly as large as a full moon would have appeared that close to the horizon. It did not appear to be a flare as it was stationary in the sky and it did not appear to be burning. I went inside to get my wife and when I returned it was gone.


PENSACOLA -- The witness was out in his porch finishing a cigarette on April 10, 2003, and watching the low lying moving clouds when I noticed a triangle pattern of dull white lights moving south to north at 11:15 PM. There were approximately 9 total lights in a triangular formation or "V" shape with another semi triangular row behind the front row of lights. The second row of lights appeared to move about slightly but stayed in a general formation with the front row. The lights moved overhead just above the lower lying thin layer of clouds with no sound whatsoever. I looked for light tracer beams from below to see if it was possible beams of light from the ground but there was no trace. These lights appeared to be relatively low and just above the lowest strata of cold-front clouds in the night sky and moving in the opposite direction of the clouds. Thanks to Peter Davenport


ORLANDO -- The witness was driving home on March 17, 2003, when she saw something big and bright in the sky that looked like a blimp, but it seemed so big and was round, not the shape of a blimp. The witness reports, "I stopped my car at 10:50 PM, and kept looking, it wasn't too far away, and it was moving slowly not too high above me". I was scared because I had never seen anything like this so drove home and told my boyfriend about the sighting. He could tell that I was shocked because my eyes were watery. He said, "let's go upstairs to see if you can see it again". We looked towards the direction that I originally saw it but didn't see anything. Then, I looked towards my right and there it was. My boyfriend saw it at that time and agreed with me that we've never seen anything like this. It was a huge oval with bright lights (white) with a small red light on top. We then went outside to see if we could still see it and we still saw it but we had a better view from upstairs so we headed upstairs again and kept looking until it disappeared into some tress.  Thanks to Peter Davenport NUFORC


PANAMA CITY -- Three boomerang shaped objects were seen hovering over the Gulf of Mexico on the evening of March 13, 2003. The witness was at the beach looking at the view at 11 PM, and saw a flash of light out of the corner of his eye. He quickly looked and was very shocked to see it had the shape of a boomerang or a sideways 'V' above the water. It was fire orange with no distinctness about it. He says, "I thought it was quite strange, but I figured it was a flash from a boat, that stayed there for a few seconds and slowly went away; then another one appeared and went away all in slow motion, and then another showed up." I had no idea what this was. All day jets had been flying by and I thought maybe that was what it was, but these were silent and bright orange (jets aren't orange). I have no idea what I saw. I read there was a similar sighting in the fall of 2001, near Panama City. It was a sight I will never forget.

GAINESVILLE -- Two witnesses saw a UFO in the sky over the University of Florida on Saturday evening March 22, 2003. My friend and I went out for a walk southwest of Lake Alice on a beautiful clear night perfect for watching the stars. Around 10 PM, one witness states, "I happened to look up and there was suddenly an ellipse-shaped dim object flying straight from northwest to southeast at very high speed." I immediately told my friend Xi, so she saw the same thing fly over and disappear in the southeast. We saw the object for a total time of about five seconds. Only two or three seconds later, when we were still looking at the sky and wondering what we had seen, another ellipse-shaped dim object flew straight by from west to east at about the same speed. It crossed the first UFO's path at an angle of 25-30 degrees. We both saw the two objects clearly and surely. They looked gray, bright, outstanding in the dark sky. There were no flashes from these two objects, and they seemed much higher and flew much faster than normal planes. We suspect these objects were UFOs based on our analysis. Thanks to Peter Davenport NUFORC


MIAMI BEACH -- On Friday morning, March 14 , 2003, at 6:45 AM, two friends and myself were watching the sunrise on the beach. It was a nice clear morning, but off the coast to the east there was a giant thunder cloud looming. There was a spectacular lightning show going on inside the clouds. We watched for a few moments when I noticed a small black dot that seemed to hover just outside of the storm. There were no visible lights coming from the craft. I expected to see flashers if it was a plane or helicopter but there was nothing. The black dot was slowly moving south with the dark gray cloud as a backdrop. The black dot did not seem to be going away or coming toward us for it stayed constant. Venus was very bright and just to the right of the clouds in the clear sky and served as a good reference point for the objects direction of flight. The object moved south until it appeared directly below Venus, where the object slowly changed direction and went straight up toward Venus. Then it turned north in a perfect line with Venus and hovered above the clouds, like it was observing the storm. The object moved very slowly, so we watched for 15-20 minutes as the black dot moved from the backdrop of the cloud to the backdrop of the sunny sky. If it was a plane it would have disappeared out of sight or flown over our heads, and I couldn't imagine a helicopter being much different except for its hovering ability. This object did not get smaller or larger, but it was definitely a long distance away. Thanks to Peter Davenport NUFORC


MILTON -- It was about 10:30 PM, on March 10, 2003, the witness was taking out the trash when he had a strange feeling just before seeing a large dark triangle shaped object that was at least 80 feet long. It was about 50 feet wide at it widest point, with a large bluish light on the bottom of each tip of the triangle. The witness states, "I could actually see that the bottom of this thing was not smooth, but had form and small dips and valleys in it like something machine/manmade." I heard a faint hum and was in shock because it appeared to be only about 200 feet high with a blurry haze around it. I looked down to clear my eyes and looked back up and it was much smaller. I looked down again to clear my eyes from the light and looked back up and it was gone. It was like a dream, but I don't think I was dreaming, but I felt impending doom. Thanks to Peter Davenport NUFORC


MIAMI BEACH -- My husband called me on March 3, 2003, he is a crane operator and was looking up at the crane and was saw some type of object in the sky at 9:35 AM. He was still watching and he called all excited and asked me to turn on the news to see if it had been reported. He pointed it out to several workers and no one knew what it was. He said, "It was a silver metallic color and periodically there was red and he was ABSOLUTELY sure it was not a jet. At arm's length his thumb could cover it. He has had more than this sighting being that he works outdoors, but this one really excited him as it flew very slow west to east. Thanks to: Peter Davenport NUFORC


MIAMI -- The witness report he and his Dad were driving along 88th Street approaching 157 Avenue on February 6, 2003, at 7:51 PM when they looked to the right and noticed, in a near distance, an oval like object hovering over some lights. He states, "At first I thought it might be a blimp, but then I started studying the object and noticed it had an oval shape, but one end was not the same proportion, so it appeared as a teardrop." Thanks to NUFORC


MIAMI -- I went out to look on February 3, 2003, because my sister called me, and I saw it just over the city horizon towards the south. It was moving slowly from west to east, after almost three minutes at 6:45 PM, it disappeared because of the trees and the houses. It was very big almost like a Zeppelin, but I think it was not one. It reminded me of a mother ship not like the small ones that you see in pictures. It had lights all over, blinking lights, but not very bright. Later, after 20 or 25 minutes it came back in the opposite direction, but it was farther away.

PINELLAS PARK - On January 31, 2003, at 5:45 AM, I had noticed how big Venus appeared to be, and had called my wife outside to show her. She was getting ready for work, and she happened to look west and yelled for me to look. I turned just in time to see a bright round object descending at a steep angle from north to south across the western sky. It appeared to be very large and changed colors from purple to green to red to yellow and finally to white as it disappeared behind the trees. We live a short distance from the coast, and from my estimation it landed/crashed into the Gulf of Mexico somewhere West of the Tampa Bay area

ORCHID ISLAND -- I am a security guard for an exclusive gated community and a retired police officer that is inherently skeptic about most non factual things. This is my first known sighting. I was on the Oceanside of the beach club on January 31, 2003, at 11:30 PM, checking the club's beach access boardwalk. I routinely look up and down the beach for small boats or boats out in the ocean because there is a lot of drug smuggling along what is know as the Treasure Coast. It was clear and the sky was full of stars. I saw a light on the horizon of the ocean, almost due east. At first I thought it was a fishing boat out on the Gulf Stream. However, I noticed the light seemed a little high off the horizon for the mast of a fishing boat. It was pitch black out there and all of a sudden, the light shot up into the sky going very high. It looked like an amber star, a small star or one that is very far away. Of course, I was astonished and began observing it. It appeared to be stationary in the sky then all of a sudden it would move right, then left, and made loops like a helicopter. This went on for a while so I went back to my cruiser and got out the 10X binoculars and this object emitted it's own source of light and had red areas on it's surface and was oval in shape. I had another officer observe the object and he said, "That thing is dancing." I locked my arms in a bipod position holding the binoculars in one position. The object would move out of my field of view and come back. The next two nights I saw the object in the eastern sky 45 degrees above the horizon. The third night I, also, noticed one, maybe two more objects at the same altitude that looked like the first object. [Thanks to Peter Davenport NUFORC and George Filer, Filer's Files.]

PORT ST. LUCIE -- At 2 AM, it started as a circle on December 17, 2002, and changed colors, almost as if it were spinning. Sometimes beams of light would shoot out of the bottom. It started out as a circle then every once and a while, it split in two and a beam of light came out of the bottom. Since it was really late we didn't watch it for that long but it moved in odd ways. Sometimes it would zigzag, and every time it stopped it seemed like it was spinning because it was changing colors.

DELRAY BEACH, FL. December 31, 2002; 9:20 P.M. A bright amber colored orb of light about the size of a basketball traveled 6 feet off the ground as it flew in a straight line from south to north over H.W. 22 Ave. and then over a lake.   Duration of the sighting was about 5 seconds.  The weather was windy, temperature 74 degrees; storms occurred later in the evening.   


BOCA RATON -- A bright orange-yellow flare-like light traveled across the sky towards the south on December 10, 2002, breaking into two still-flaming pieces before disappearing at 10:55 PM. A fireball flying south across about a third of the sky, broke into two pieces just before it disappeared from sight. It was like no "shooting star" I have seen before because of the brightness, duration, and also the length of its path. It was more like a steady orange-yellow light like a space-shuttle night launch.

NORTH MIAMI -- On December 10, 2002, a small fireball like object was seen hovering over a water treatment plant at the back of FIU campus. Students saw a fireball like object rotating then it sped out and disappeared at 10:15 PM. It looked like the aurora when it disappeared, but in Florida we don't have an aurora. We also noticed after the object disappeared it left this very cold smelly fume like air with faint colors like a little bit of water on some gasoline. The distance between where we were standing to the object was about 2 blocks away. The object was about 2000 feet up. It was not a helicopter or a student's science project

SAFETY HARBOR -- I was looking at the stars on December 10, 2002, when my friend and I saw a flashing red light at 11:05 PM. It was moving fast to the left and right and then it went straight up in the sky and turned right going straight for two minutes. Thanks to Peter Davenport NUFORC

WEST PALM BEACH, FL . Dec. 10, 2002 I was wondering if anyone else has had a sighting yesterday Tuesday 11/10/02. I think I may have. It was about 10:45 or maybe even closer to 11pm. I was driving my car onto I-95 from Okeechobee (in West Palm Beach). You have to drive up the ramp and then back down to get on 95. As I was approaching the top of the ramp, I saw lights out at the corner of my eyes to the left. I didn't pay attention to it (probably just thought an airplane or something). Anyway, the lights were angled in the sky and as the turned again I looked up to the left and whoa!! It was a line of lights in a row (connected like this: ***********) a straight line of lights. That's all I could get a glimpse of. The lights then shut off suddenly. I slowed my car to a stop on the top of the ramp. looked out of my car and saw a dark object. No lights at all. I couldn't tell the shape because it all happened kind of fast. All I know is that the object was darker than the sky and it was moving. It was really moving fast, but when I got out to look more...........the thing was gone. I saw it moving southeast but only for a matter of seconds. I couldn't see it it vanished. I know this must sound pretty weird, but that's what I saw. The whole sighting was only about a minute or two if that. Wish I paid more attention initially because I probably would have seen more. I was near the airport and I could see other planes in the sky, but this thing was definitely something else. Strange. I even felt a little strange about it after. If I think about it almost seems as if I don't believe I was daydreaming...............weird. Please let me know if anyone else or if there was anything in the news that day about anything like I described. Thanks. I have enclosed a drawing of what it sort of looked like using adobe PhotoShop. Very similar to what I saw. But when the lights went out............I'm not really sure what it looked like............just like a dark black object.

LawUFO.JPG (11851 bytes)


LawUFO2.JPG (9278 bytes)

DELAND, FL. On December 4, 2002.  between 8:00 and 9:30 A.M. Mr. W. was with his wife who was having her glasses repaired at an optometrist.  The Mr. W. was reading a  book when "something" told him to go outside and look.  At first he ignored the message, but it was repeated.  He then decided to go outside and roll a cigarette.   Suddenly he heard an owl hooting, an unusual daytime occurrence.  He looked for the sound of the owl which seemed to be coming from a tree, but he was unable to pinpoint the sound.  Suddenly two cigar-shaped objects "like tinfoil" appeared, with an apparent size of six inches in length ( very large objects ).  One zoomed away and then came back and displayed erratic movements.  The other was drifting slowly across.  Visibility was excellent.  The witness watched for five minutes as one went fast and stopped and the other would come behind it and stop.   "They were playing aerobatical tag."  Suddenly the two objects disappeared completely, then one reappeared and four jets came and circled around for about one minute.  Abruptly the silver object disappeared again. Two other witnesses were present watching the objects in the sky, but they refused to give their names and phone numbers.

SUNRISE, FL.December 11, 2002, 12:10 P.M.  I was sitting at my cubicle at work which is located next to large Plexiglas windows. I was day-dreaming and I looked outside and into the sky where I saw a distant object that at the time looked to be floating around, resembling a bird,which is what I thought it was to begin with. I was staring at the bird pondering what it must be like to be able to fly to such amazing heights when I realized that the objects structure did not resemble a bird at all. It seemed more block-like or cylinder-like if the cylinder were lying horizontal, or possibly even saucer shaped. I then got up and went to stand at the window to try to get a closer look when the object began to descend in a way totally unlike that of any bird or plane that I have ever seen. It began descending downward in what appeared to be a straight line. The object was moving relatively slowly and appeared quite distant. Distance in height if not length. It seemed to be black in color though that could be due to the distance I was from the object. I watched to see if it would disappeared behind an approaching cloud but it remained in view as it moved over the cloud, still moving slowly down toward the horizon. It eventually did disappear behind a cloud effectively leaving my frame of view. I did however seem to lose the object for brief seconds on a couple of occasions before finding it again as it descended, superimposed over the clouds, but I attribute that to my own eyes. The only reason I am reporting this sighting at all is because of its shape distinguishing it from any bird or plane I have ever witnessed, and the way it descended. Outside of VTOL craft I have never heard of any other craft to to this. It also seemed smaller than a commercial airliner though again, it could be the distance causing a distortion of my perception. I know there have been many reported sightings all across the world recently and I am also curious to know if there have been any other sightings in my area. [Sighting time was 1-5 minutes, skies partly cloudy.   To be investigated.]

DAYTONA BEACH APPROACH -- On October 4, 2002, an Embry-Riddle pilot was flying northbound at 10:40 PM, and in contact with Air Traffic Control (ATC)on 132.65. He broadcast very excited, "I just had a near miss." ATC asked him what type of aircraft he saw and where it was? The pilot responded, "It was not an aircraft, it was just a short way off my right wing. It came upon me very suddenly and soared upward and was about the size of a baby carriage." ATC asked him if it could have been a bird? The pilot responded "No it was no bird, it soared upward fast; I have no idea what it was!" The controller related some unusual sights he had seen during his career flying USAF C-130s, and he tried to calm the pilot, but the he remained a bit excited about what he had seen, insisting that it was a strange unsettling sight. Eventually the ATC handed him off to 125.8, another Daytona Beach Approach frequency. Thanks to Allan Stern

KEY WEST -- The witness was out walking his two year old before bedtime on September 28, 2002, when he saw flying behind a neighbor's house and over the sea was a large object traveling southeast. It was losing altitude as if on approach to the Boca Chica Naval Air Base at about 8:45 PM. It traveled too fast for a plane, too slow for a meteor, and seemed a bit orange colored, bright and fuzzy around the edges. 'We've never seen anything like this.

VERO BEACH -- On September 28, 2002, the witness was standing at the bus stop at 7:06 AM, when he looked up and saw a fiery object hovering above me. He reports, "I watched it for about 1 to 2 minutes, then it flew backwards." At that time I was distracted by someone coming out of their house and I looked towards that direction, then when I looked back up at the object it was gone. Thanks to Peter Davenport NUFORC


BOCA RATON -- The witness reports seeing a bright light south of the Sawgrass Expressway hovering for a minute then disappearing. He states, "On August 27, 2002, while traveling on Lons Road just south of the Sawgrass Expressway, I witnessed a large bright light probably about four hundred feet up at 6:55 AM." It remained stationary as I focused on it. When it came time to head west on the Sawgrass, I turned my head to view the light again and it was gone. I guess they have the ability to become invisible when they want and visible when they want people to see them. This was not my first sighting in Florida and probably won't be the last. I guess the sky was perfect for a good cruise this morning. Thanks to Peter Davenport  NUFORC


On Friday, August 23, 2002, at 6 a.m., David McNabb spotted a glowing object approaching from the east, from the Atlantic Ocean. He reported, "I was outside at around 6 a.m. and looked up because I had spotted a plane moving southeast, toward the Orion constellation. The sky was crystal clear, not a cloud in sight. The moon was on the other side of the horizon, west, behind the trees" in the Mandarin section of Jacksonville, Florida (population 735,617). "However, just up and to the left of the plane was a yellowish-orange light. I saw it fade in. It just faded in. It did not flash or blink. It was a steady soft glow." "It retreated almost directly east and was actually moving slower than the plane, or so it seemed. It followed a straight line toward the Orion constellation and, after passing under Orion's belt, (it) just faded out. The duration of the event was possibly 30 to 40 seconds." "It appeared to me to be a fuzzy ball of yellowish- orange light that glowed softly. It did not blink or flash, only glowed steadily. It appeared to be higher than the plane and appeared to move slower than the plane. The speed of the object never changed. It was steady and straight."


PALM COAST -- On the evening of August 7, 2002, disk shaped objects with colors of blue, green, orange, yellow and white were spotted. Blues and reds were more easily visible. One was in the northeast and the other in the southeast sky. Not that high on the horizon. They looked round at first, but upon high magnification, they were more flat and the lights were in a straight line. [Thanks to Peter Davenport NUFORC]


Deerfield Beach, June 24, 2001-- The witness was going to his car when he happened to look up and noticed a sphere of light moving above the clouds in what at first looked like a circular pattern on June 24, 2001. " My cell phone read 12:10 AM. What struck me as irregular is that the object illuminated the clouds below it as you would expect a flood light to do. But, a floodlight does this from the ground up. This was occurring from above the clouds down to the ground. There was no floodlight from the ground up that could be illuminating the clouds in what at first was a circular motion. I watched the object move repeatedly in a circular pattern for about five minutes. I was mesmerized that this object was not a plane, nor any object that I've ever seen in my experience. The sphere moved in a circular motion, and changed its path and began to zigzag. I had to keep my eyes carefully on the object because it was moving in and out from the cloud cover about 10,000-15000 feet altitude. It then proceeded in its irregular pattern for another 10 minutes. The object would move into and out of the clouds illuminated the area above and below the clouds.

The object would slow down, then accelerate and again slow down. It was a white sphere bigger than the moon illuminating the area around itself with a tremendous amount of white light. It continued to move erratically in and out of the clouds and descending closer to the ground. It then stopped in the air for about thirty seconds, the sphere light went out, and then the sphere lit up with pure bright white light like a flash bulb for about 15 seconds. Just before it moved away at a fantastic acceleration. The bright light went out, but I could still see the dark shape of the outline of a sphere. After about 5 seconds, it zipped up and moved away in a southerly direction and in a second, you could not see it any more. It was now 12:30 AM." [Thanks to NUFORC]


BOCA RATON -- The witnesses' husband couldn't sleep on June 6, 2002, so he was working on the computer in the kitchen at 5:30 AM. After calling him numerous times he finally came to bed, and as he laid down a bright flash of light came in the window. It was a bright strobing light that soon went out. We both looked out the window and did not see anything. Our yard which is fenced in so no light from the streets can get in. I stayed awake for about 1/2 hour and watched out my window for anything strange. About 6:00 AM, it flashed again on the side. We went outside to look and found nothing. Two weeks before about 4:00 AM, I saw small lights in the yard around the pool and our 150 palm trees. I saw two lights about the size of a small flashlight in the trees about 3 feet from the ground. Another light was in the top of the palm on the opposite side of the yard. I woke up my husband and said look at the lights in the yard. They flashed like large bugs, but they would have to be a foot long to produce a light of that size, so I assumed it was not bugs. One flew by the window and went straight up over the house. The other two were still in the bushes. He decided to go outside in the screened patio to see up close and was only 3 feet from the bushes with the lights. He called to the lights and they flew around the back of the bushes and flew up into the air and disappeared but they sure scared us! Thanks to Peter Davenport NUFORC.


THONOTOSASSA -- The witness reports, "I went to sleep on May 5, 2002, I woke up and could not move and it felt like a dream, but then I got out of bed and went to the red light and put my hand on it and it was still there." "I went outside at 4:03 AM, and came straight back and know I was on it for five minutes at the most. I came back in at 4:25 AM, and this isn't the first time this has happened. Every night at 4:00 AM, I wake up. This will go on 3 to 5 times a year. Please help. Thanks to Peter Davenport NUFORC


ORLANDO -- The witness says, "On May 12, 2002. while working as a security guard I observed from atop a downtown parking garage what appeared at first to be three craft approaching from the north like airplanes do going to the main airport." "But then I observed that they were much too closely spaced to be regulated aircraft, and as they got near downtown they began to move in lazy turns at 2:23 AM." It banks and double backs like seagulls, at random and not in formation, and not like any planes I've ever seen. The front of the craft had half a dozen white lights. There were no other lights and no sound was heard. I used an 8x eyepiece to get a better view. The rear of the craft was square so the whole thing appeared to be an obtuse triangle with the large angle at the nose. The craft appeared black. I double-checked myself that these were not blimps, spotlights, laser lights, helicopters, normal airplanes, birds, nor reflections. Their size appeared to be about twice as big as a large commercial plane. After a few minutes they moved slowly off to the northwest and disappeared in the haze. Their altitude was about that of planes coming into the city just about 5-10 miles from the airport. Their speed was similar to jets flying normally, or just a tad faster. The weather was mostly clear with some haze. Thanks to Peter Davenport Director National Reporting Center


PENSACOLA  April 17, 2002   -- Two stationary lights on the western horizon suddenly moved simultaneously upward then began to move southwesterly on April 17, 2002. Both were whitish lights that never "blinked", or flickered at 9:30 PM, seemed to be very far out in distance, and both moved simultaneously and at an angle to each other. After 10 to 15 seconds one light disappeared, then a couple of seconds later the second light disappeared. ((NUFORC Note: ISS and Space Shuttle passed over this area US at 20:21 on this date. Please see PD

DELAND April 17, 2002 -- A circular object with three different colors hovered over the trees on April 17, 2002, 12:34 AM making jerky motions. The circular object was sort of floating around above the trees in no repetitive motion but very erratic. Showing green, red and blue colors the object disappeared after hovering in that specific area for about three minutes.

TAMPA April 8, 2002 -- The witness reports, "I was coming out of the AMC Westshore Theater on April 8, 2002, on the top level at around 9:45 PM with my mother. I looked up to look at the night sky and when I did I thought what I saw was a meteorite coming down or skipping around on the atmosphere. So I kept looking but then in less than 3 seconds it turned and began to move very quickly. It was zig zaging like a person shining a pen light on a board and moving it quickly. That is why I thought it was a meteorite skipping off the atmosphere at first. Then I realized that it was going in and out and underneath and above the clouds. It moved toward the south all in the space of about 10-30 seconds. Nothing to my knowledge could have even endured the G forces. Also the speed was tremendous. It traveled at about 5 miles within 5 seconds. I had already pointed it to my mother who said, "She would never get over it." I too am as amazed. I have wanted to see something like this for 22 years and now it's happened. I would also like to make clear that it looked like a firefly (except no trails of light behind) and that it was not only going above and through clouds it would also be clearly seen from the backdrop of space. There was no light from the ground creating it also. This light was very clearly a UFO. Thanks to Peter Davenport Director of NUFORC


FORT  LAUDERDALE, APRIL 8, 2002 --The witness arrived at his place of employment north of Broward Boulevard at 6:10 A.M. when he noticed a security policeman and a maintenance worker watching a light that was moving very high in the sky from N.W. to S.E. The three men observed a bright white light in the center and three sections of   three white lights radiating from the center. They described the light formation as "crablike".  While no structure was seen, all the lights moved together simultaneously.  The men observed the object for 20 minutes as it moved from sight over the Atlantic Ocean. 

The witness believes that the craft  must have been very large since it appeared to fly higher than jets at their highest altitude and was about 1/4 the size of the full moon.  He theorized  that he and the others might have seen a satellite, but have looked for it  since and have not seen anything that looks like the object they saw.  Investigation in progress.    

VIEDO -- The witness spotted two small sphere shaped metallic craft that were zigzagging while flying quickly through the air. It was late morning/early afternoon on March 21, 2002, when my Mom and I looked out the sliding glass door to see two shinny metallic whitish spheres zip by. There was no time to grab a camera since the objects were going so fast and were about half to a mile away. I ran outside to get a better look, but as I opened the door a strange faint sound filled my ears. I was exited but the phone rang ten seconds after they appeared and my mother ran to answer. In a matter of 30 seconds or less the two zigzagging craft were gone.



NAPLES, March 1, 2002-- The witness was traveling south on Interstate 75, eleven miles south of Naples on Friday morning, March 1, 2002, while listening to 610 WIOD and preparing to pull over, to watch the space shuttle launch at 6:22 AM, on it's mission to upgrade the Hubble telescope. The sky was quite overcast, and the sun was just beginning to light up the clouds when he noticed an object in the sky to his front left. It had three tiny white lights and came closer at a very slow pace. The witness says, "I was able to make out the shape very distinctly as a low flying triangle. It was well below the clouds, and its lights were at each apex. The lights did not illuminate any portion of the craft. I pulled over to the side of the road, and shut off the engine to listen. It was traveling west and passed by in three minutes. The window was down, and the engine off, but there was no sound. I turned the ignition to 'Aux' to have the radio on, to hear the shuttle lunch that was not visible due to the clouds. I looked back and the object was gone. I got out of my van, and looked around, but there was nothing, not even contrails. I noticed the van's digital clock lost two minutes.

SEBASTIAN, March 11, 2002-- The witness and his wife saw a gray Flying Triangle around 7:30 PM, with no Lights or sound, traveling very fast over East Central Florida on March 11, 2002. They couldn't tell how high it was but it appeared to be larger than a small airplane. It was traveling north and passed over in about ten seconds.[ Thanks to Peter Davenport Director NUFORC]


JACKSONVILLE -- The witness was trying to locate Mars in order to find the comet Ikeya-Zhang on March 31, 2002, but a cluster of swiftly moving lights caught his attention. The lights numbered five or six and the intensity of their luminosity was no greater than the fainter visible stars that night. They moved north at a high unchanging rate of speed in a roughly straight line. They didn't strobe but there were too many and the configuration was unusual. The lights reorganized into a rough arc very quickly and the trailing lights increased speed slightly and took positions on the east side of the arc as the others spread out to the west. The pattern was very tight which lead me to discount military aircraft in formation. The lights remained in the arc formation and at roughly the same altitude. I would be content to dismiss this formation as satellites but for two factors: Their high rate of speed and the ability to reconfigure their positions simultaneously. [Thanks to Peter Davenport Director of NUFORC ]


CLERMONT, February 2, 2002 -- The 26 year old college graduate was traveling down Lake Louisa Road towards Lake Shore Drive on February 2, 2002, when he noticed a bright light down by the lake at 2:53 AM. The bright light was like a truck's high beams or a spotlight shining directly at him. The object was just above water level down in the valley. The witness states, "When I started to pass from its view, the light started to approach up the hill and made a slow move across the road above my car. It flew directly over my car, just in front of my hood at 15 to 20 feet in the air. At this point my '99 Ford Mustang completely died on me! The battery and all. I couldn't get the engine to turn or anything. I was sitting right below this thing and it was dead silent. I had the window about a 1/4 of the way down and I could hear nothing. It was probably the eeriest silence I can ever remember. The bright light sat there for about 30 seconds and finally started moving off to my right. It ! took some time for my eyes to adjust and stop seeing spots. It rose out of view and darted off as though it was shot off like a slingshot at a 45 degree angle. I was able to start my car after a minute. I believe in rational explanations to events like these, but this really scared me. My car is working perfectly and I have never had any problems with it before of since. It couldn't have been a helicopter because the light was at a low level and there was dead silence.

LAKE WALES -- The witness reports there were 2 sets of 4 all in a straight line on February 2, 2002. Slowly one by one the bright light started to disappear (as if the light was being turned off by a dimmer switch) in the first set of 4 at 9:00 PM. The second set of 4 - the second light from the left slowly went downward toward the earth and then slowly disappeared. Then the first light, fourth light and third light (in that order) slowly disappeared.

LAKE WASHINGTON, MELBOURNE -- On Saturday, February 2, 2002, at approximately 9:15 PM, my husband and I were leaving my mothers house, when he observed a reddish orange light. All of a sudden a second but smaller light appeared above and to the right of the first light that suddenly disappeared and then reappeared. I called my mother out who had her binoculars. When looking through the binoculars you could observe the lights pulsating. The light would take turns appearing and disappearing and changing shapes. This continued for about 45 minutes, when one by one seven lights appeared in a perfectly straight horizontal line. Above and left four more lights appeared. The next thing we heard was what appeared to be two military jets and a helicopter.

MOORE HAVEN -- The former head of security for a major corporation reports seeing on February 2, 2002, glowing amber lights in the northern sky that were stationary. The objects hovered for several minutes then one sped off to the west. The remaining object then dimmed and disappeared. After several minutes both objects returned at tree top level but several miles distant. Once again they disappeared and returned one by one. Finally, six distant objects appeared just above tree top level equally spaced apart over a one mile area. The objects regrouped just to the west of their original position dimmed out and disappeared. [NUFORC Note: There were numerous reports across the U. S. on February 2, 2002. We also know that there is a military bombing range in the vicinity of Avon Park, FL, where yellow flares are observed at night. Avon Park is to the north-northeast of Moore Haven, which sits on the western shoreline of Lake Okeechobee.} PD

DELAND -- Two nights later, a huge flying triangle with glowing orbs on the corners, on February 4, 2002. It was an absolutely clear night when the witness stargazing at 7:00 PM and looking at Orion's Belt line of stars. Just to the right of the belt he saw three glowing orbs then noticed complete blackness in between the lights and saw that it was a craft. The witness states, "It wasn't moving real fast but it was very big and moving west, I screamed for my wife to come and see and she also saw it. [Thanks to Peter Davenport , National UFO Reporting Center and George Filer, Filer's Files 2-27-02]


I was shocked to see a sighting in Lake Wales Florida. I live in Winter Haven which is one town away. My wife and I were leaving the in-laws on the way home..while facing towards Lake Wales we saw a very extremely bright light like the color of the sun yellowish orange. I took it to be a flare or something but suddenly it split into two very bright lights and just hung about 20 degrees elevation from our vantage. Suddenly three smaller lights appeared to drop out of the the bottom of the two and they immediately went out. Then all at once a complete row of about six appeared lower about 3-5 degrees and stayed stationary and illuminated. If you would like more info please let me know I was a former MUFON invest trainee and prior Air Force Flyer so I know what we have in the sky and I've never seen anything like this. This occurred on Feb 1st...Also the event occurred again on Feb 3 and I have spoken to witnesses. Please see attached photos I   captured from the video. One of pictures has street lights in it but you can see the row of lights between them. Thank you, Lee M.

[Pictures no longer available]


It was such a relief to see the computer generated image sent in from Central Fl. for the Feb. 2 sighting. My husband and I also witnessed it from our patio. We are on a canal with a large lake directly to the south and west. The area is rather secluded. We first observed a strange, lighted object over the lake at approx. 9:00 p.m. The evening sky was clear, bright, and there were no clouds Another object with two lights came from the sky headed for the 1st object but stopped before reaching it. The lights are amber and look like very large, bright car headlights. The 1st object's lights went out and another object's lights came into view. The lights come down from the sky at approx. a 45% angle. The 2nd object's lights went out and another set of lights came into view. The lights, when they stop their descent and become static over the lake, are low but we do not know at what height. They are much lower than planes and there is no noise, which we can hear from the planes/helicopters/boats that pass by. We watched for a half hour what appeared to be 3 different objects whose lights would become visible and then grow dim and finally go out after approx. 5 min. At 9:30 p.m., eight lights appeared, one after the other, and went into a straight line formation and then disappeared. On Feb. 4 at 9:30 p.m., we again saw the lights behaving in the same manner. However, at approx. 10:00 p.m., six lights (3 objects) appeared in a chevron formation, even lower and closer than on Feb. 2nd. We saw the lights again on Feb. 5 at 9:30 p.m., although this time there were only two sets of lights that appeared twice and did not end in any type of formation. Every time a plane came within range, even though higher than the objects, the lights would go out. We did see one large amber-lighted object for a half hour over the lake on Dec. 3, however, we have never witnessed anything remotely like these lights/objects before. We have lived in our present home for 1 1/2 years. and have lived on waterways for 22 years.


January 15, 2002. At around 7pm on 1/15/2002 in Saddlebag Lake resort Polk co. Lake Wales, FL 33898. We were in the front drive & looking up in the north/east sky, we noticed a bright long white tail (thought exhaust) with 3 bright long orange bars in front of it at an angle. It traveled south for a little while, then not a sweeping turn, but it turned left & went up and away. As it turned we saw a big circle in the middle (silver in color, seemed to twinkle) & two smaller circles on each side that seemed to drop from the middle one and form a triangle. The smaller ones either faded out or went faster out of view. The main one the kept going until we couldn't see it any more........ WE/I Have Never seen Anything like that before....


MIAMI -- The former Army witness while driving next to a dimly lit park, on January 16, 2002,  noticed a bright red "flare-like" light in the sky. It had a tail like a comet, but it faded away. The light continued to "glide" forward until it slowed almost to a halt and split into three red lights, but a less intense red. The first object continued on the same path, but the other two stayed behind to form a triangle and became a white halogen lights aligned and parallel to each other. Those two lights began going up and down like the cylinders of an engine and disappeared as the first red light continued and disappeared. Shortly after the sighting, when the car was parked and the key was out of the ignition, one of the windows was left down. The passenger pushed the button for the window and without the key in the ignition, the window rolled up. To our surprise, all of the windows were operating with the ignition off. After a minute or so, the windows stopped like the battery had died. Later we noticed a military search plane circling at low level in the same area.

PORT CHARLOTTE -- The witness was traveling south on I-75 on January 16, 2002, at 7:40 PM, when a formation consisting of three lights was sighted. One light was extremely light and two other were less bright but of equal intensity. A light beam came from the large object, radiating downward and moving back left to right once. The formation changed as the distance between the bright object and the two lesser objects increased. Then a star burst around one of the smaller lights. It looked like a burst of energy and then the light disappeared. The second smaller light dropped further down then became smaller. The large light became dimmer and then displayed another burst of light and disappeared. Many cars pulled over to watch the event unfold.

LAKE WALES -- On January 15, 2002, at around 7:00 PM looking up in the northeast sky, we noticed a bright long white tail (thought exhaust) with 3 bright long orange bars in front of it at an angle. It traveled south for a little while, then not a sweeping turn, but it turned left and went up and away. As it turned we saw a big circle in the middle (silver in color, seemed to twinkle) and two smaller circles on each side that seemed to drop from the middle one and form a triangle. The smaller ones either faded out or went faster out of view.

LIVE OAK -- The witness reports the UFO was hovering in one spot at 7:35 PM, with three lights in a row on the sides of the saucer on January 15. There was also a light on top. The witness stood staring at the UFO, as it got closer and larger. He says, "I could only see the out line, but I couldn't really see a color -- if it was a color it was a dark one. It all happened in less than a minute, and it was gone in a flash"

LAKE BUENA VISTA -- The witness noticed an elongated orange light 15 degrees above the horizon in the eastern sky about 7:30 PM, on January 15, 2002. It was about the length of a fingernail at arm's length, and angled at about 45 degrees upward. This initial light seemed to 'grow' a tail which streamed downward with a bright golden glow, stretching to one finger length (at arm's length). The cone of the light itself did not move. The cone was like a five-pointed star which extended slightly beyond the circular light center. After about 25 seconds, the 'tail' shrunk back until only the original light was visible. Then, from the center, two lights emerged and created a triangular pattern, half a finger-length across at its widest span. These 3 lights were differently colored: red, blue, and gold. Two lights moved away from the center one, creating a larger triangular shape. First the red, then the blue light gradually faded out. Then the gold bottom light moved toward the horizon where I lost sight of it.

SARASOTA -- While driving east, on January 15, 2002, I noticed a large gray triangular object in the sky at about 45 degrees from me view. It was about 7:35 PM. It seemed to hover without a sound and eventually trees blocked my view. It had a triangle shape with light at each point. (NUFORC Note: Event may have been a missile launch, possibly from a submarine.) Thanks to Peter Davenport NUFORC

AVON PARK -- called to report tremendously bright orange light hovering over the bombing range for several hours. These lights were hovering on both February 5, and 6, 2002, during the early evening hours. Smaller lights were observed around the huge center light. The light is so bright that it is difficult to look directly at it. Rick speculated the light may be an orange sodium vapor light aboard an unknown type of hovering craft. The light appeared to be at an estimated 20,000 feet too high for helicopters. Thanks to Rick Berstling


January 20, 2002, 2:10 P.M. Three people saw seven star-sized objects hovering  for 6 to 10 minutes over the ocean near Hollywood Beach.  Two of the objects appeared to have  crescent shapes and were estimated to have been jet-sized, although they were at a very high altitude.  


The three witnesses were interviewed separately. All were cooperative and did not seem to elaborate on the sighting. Their testimonies were very similar.

Witnesses # 1 and 2 were visiting in Hollywood at the home of their friend, Witness # 3. At approximately 2:10 P.M. they were on Johnson Street & 56th, east of Highway 441. The two were preparing to depart when witness #1 saw something shimmering in the sky near the moon (visible in daylight hours). He thought at first that he had seen an airplane reflecting sunlight. As he watched he saw another object appear and float toward the first object. Later more objects "popped up", seven in all. Three of them made a triangular shaped pattern in the sky as they sat there and the other four drifted around slightly, but the three in a triangular shape were stationary, "except for the bigger one". This continued for about 10 minutes as the three people watched. As the two who were leaving got into the truck and drove to the main street, they looked to the right (east) and saw the objects still there. About 10 minutes later, when they arrived at their destination, the two witnesses looked for the objects but they had disappeared.

Witness # 1 estimates the height of the objects at 20,000 ft. He said that two objects had definite crescent shapes and two were "shimmering". No lights were visible, but the smaller ones seemed to give off a light like a spotlight in the distance while the other two seemed illuminated from the interior.

No authorities were called. No one else was seen to have observed the objects.

Witness # 2, said that she and the others were looking over the tree line at the objects. She alone saw "flashes of silver", that could have been caused by the object turning and being struck by the sun at an angle. One of the objects seemed to be the "focal point", but not actually larger than the others. She gave the altitude as higher than a jet at its highest flight. She had never seen anything "remotely like" this object.

Witness #3 works on the ocean as a fisherman and feels that he has a good eye for estimating aircraft at a distance. He reckoned that the objects were twenty miles offshore, at the same latitude as Hollywood Beach. He said that the objects were very stationary, one was triangular shaped and they were very metallic looking, but difficult to see. He had never seen objects that could maintain a "formation" at such a high altitude. He was wearing Polaroid glasses which cut down glare and afforded him a good look at the objects. He estimated the size as somewhat smaller than a 747 or twice the size of a stealth jet. He estimated the altitude as higher than a jet would normally fly, about 3/4 of the way up the horizon. The objects' apparent size was somewhat larger than stars. One small plane was heading the opposite direction, probably going to Perry Airport. It did not seem to be observing the strange objects.

Witnesses #1, #2 and #3 did not think that the object could have been either a helicopter, a group of balloons, a satellite, or a blimp. Witness #3 had often seen balloons released from party boats, so was familiar with their appearance, size and altitude.

The object sighted appears to be unknown.

All three of the witness have had unusual experiences that may be indicative of alien contact. These will be investigated at a later time.

Investigator: Mary Margaret Zimmer Miami, Florida


TAMPA, FL. December 28, 2001.  A 44-year old technician was looking out his kitchen window  at 6:15 A.M. when he saw two fiery trails heading upward in the eastern sky at over 500 feet elevation.  He then grabbed his camera and photographed an object cutting across the southwestern sky.  Several pictures were taken.  [WUFOD data]


NORTH PORT -- The witness reports while driving on interstate I-75 on December 16, 2001, between exit #33 and #34 an object appeared in the northeastern sky at dusk. It was 1000 feet up, and a mile from our current position. At first, it appeared to be a plane heading in our direction at 6:05 PM. Almost immediately the driver of the car and I realized that this was not an ordinary aircraft. There were two lights in the front of the craft like an ordinary commercial airliner but the lights were at least 10-15 feet in diameter and blinking on and off one at a time. On the top of the craft were five or six bright blinking lights similar to the strobe effect what you would see on the top of a tower. There did not appear to be any shape of a wing or tail found on either a plane or helicopter. As we got closer we saw that there was another large bright white light turning on and off and the craft was completely stationary just to the side of the interstate. I then stuck my head out the window and observed the same bright lights that were in the front and side of the craft in what now appeared to be the rear of the craft. We were going 60 MPH and as soon as I brought my head into the car the lights completely disappeared. We scoured the sky for several minutes, but it was gone. The craft was black or gray in color. There was five cars driving in the group with us and all of the people in the other cars had baffled looks on their faces. My driver and I could not identify the craft. Thanks to Peter Davenport Web:


BREVARD -- My daughter phoned to tell us, there was a really strange light moving down the St. John's River. From our patio, we scanned the sky at 7:30 PM, and saw the bright object moving south above the river. I knew it was not an airplane because there was no sound. When the object cleared the tree line we nearly freaked out. It was a bright round object with rings around it. I grabbed my binoculars and was amazed. The object inside the rings seemed perfectly round and had a silver gray color. There were bright flashes of light on the surface and it looked like Saturn. It moved very slowly down the river and at times seemed to hover over the water. After awhile it drifted behind the clouds and we never saw it again. This was definitely not of this world.


RAMROD KEY, FL. NOV 30, 2001 At 6:45 to 7:00 P.M Fran and her husband were facing the ocean  under a full moon and looking at Saturn through a telescope. Suddenly they saw an object arcing from Northeast to East , to South and then to Southwest.  The object was leaving contrails and in the back the observers saw red and green they watched it for one minute.    The object seemed to be higher than 30,000 feet and was approximately 5% to 10% of the size of the moon. No noise was heard.   The witnesses assumed that they had seen the space shuttle launch, but on checking their computer, found that the launch had been "scrapped" for that evening.  

A friend on nearby Summerland Key also saw the strange object.


EDGE WATER -- On November 9, 2001, the witness was outside aligning his satellite dish, when he looked up, and right above him was something like a lit up flock of flying birds. This was impossible because there were no lights shining up and it was dark at 8:20 PM. The lights moved closer to each other and moved away making a V-shape. It was like a big bird flapping it's wings. The witness said, "This is the first time, I've ever seen anything like this and it didn't make a sound either. The thing that freaked me out the most was that there were three planes, immediately after I saw the V- shaped craft. I don't even believe in UFOs, but I'm not sure now."

PANAMA CITY BEACH -- At 2:55 AM, the witness saw a glowing orange chevron shaped object fly rapidly across the sky from west to east on November 9, 2001. The witness is a sane, sober 51-year old professional who has always been skeptical of UFO sightings. He says, "Last night I saw something, which I cannot explain. I fell asleep early in the evening and had to walk my dog at 2:55 AM. I decided to look for meteors when I noticed a glowing pale orange "shape" rapidly moving east, very faint to be barely discernible. The orange light seemed almost translucent and was shaped like a boomerang or chevron, except the leading edge was straight across as opposed to a "V" shape on the front edge. It was perfectly symmetrical across its width. I had difficulty determining the true size, altitude, or speed but it covered 100 to 120 degrees in 5 to 7 seconds. This seemed to be an unbelievable rate of speed. I would judge the width of the object to be 5 or 6 times a full moon's diameter. The length of the object from front to rear was perhaps 1 X a full moon's diameter. The object made no sound. I am 100% convinced the object was not a natural phenomenon such as a meteor or a cloud. Peter Davenport reports he spoke at length with this witness, and we found him to be exceptionally credible. We suspect this was a very interesting sighting, similar to others that have been reported to NUFORC recently. Thanks to Peter Davenport NUFORC


MIAMI -- On October 12, 2001, the witness was working late and went out on the back porch for a smoke late at night. He saw a craft hovering high in the atmosphere that was changing colors or flashing lights. The witness states, "I noticed the disk shape in the south sky high above Miami." It changed colors, white, red, and green, with what looked like blue flashes in-between. I looked at it through binoculars, then tried to record it with a digital camera, but would not pick it up. I tried with the camcorder, but could not pick it up. I awoke my wife and daughter and we watched it for twenty minutes. It has moved west a small bit. It is not a star, not an aircraft. It appears very much to be in the atmosphere and therefore not a satellite. For the first time in my life, I do believe I have actually seen a craft, not of this world. Thanks to Peter Davenport NUFORC

HIALEAH -- NUFORC reports the witness says, "I saw the object over Miami on Saturday night, October 14, 2001, from 12:30 to 4:00 AM. The object appeared like a star but was zigzagging in the night sky. When I looked through my binoculars, I noticed that it appeared much like a jellyfish with two limbs and a light source inside. I contacted a friend who lives ten miles west of me and he confirmed seeing the object in the west. The object would disappear behind the clouds. My family also described it as "a jellyfish-like object with two legs and a light inside." I thought it looked more like a frog with two legs and with a light inside. We all agreed that it looked and moved much like a kite would and not a weather balloon. How could a kite fly well above the clouds? Thanks to NUFORC


October 23, 2001. We wish to report a sighting that occurred last Tuesday  night at approximately 1:15am. in East Pompano Beach. At that time my daughter, who is 23 years old, was returning from work. I had just turned out all the lights in my household, and was sitting on my porch talking to my daughter, when I noticed a lightning flash toward the eastside close to the ocean.

I looked in the direction of the lightning, and I saw an unknown object moving north to south along the approximately 1/2 mile west of the coastline. At first it had the appearance of a moving "mist". With a closer observation it did then take on a physical form. It was about three blocks from my point of view.The object was v-shaped, boomeranged, with a large number of small bright lights on the bottom, which resembled starlight. These lights were bright and clear.

This object did not move in a steady motion as an airplane, but it moved in a motion like as if being propelled by waves. It moved in a steady up and down motion. After a three minutes of observing this object, the lights on the bottom of the object became very bright, in a burst of energy, and then the object moved out of view.

Approximately, seven minutes after this sighting , an Air Force jet flew overhead and in the general direction as the object had been moving.[Thanks to Peter Gersten of CAUS]

UFOs over Tampa Bay

I live in New Port Richey Florida, and on Saturday Sept. 22, 2001 in the late afternoon I was working in my yard when I saw a bright ball heading west out of a thunder head cloud. I went inside to get my binoculars to see what this was. When I got back outside there was a dot in the sky about 20 degrees above the horizon in the southeast. When I looked at it with binoculars it looked bright red and there were three bright white objects in a line to the south of it. They were hovering still and there was no sound of an aircraft to be heard. I want to know if anyone else saw this.  Rick

Man and Son See Pin-Ball Object Behind Car

July 13, 2001, 9:30 p.m., Green Swamp, west of Orlando. Reported to Tampa Bay MUFON Hot line. (727)595-7964 While driving home on State Road 474 west of Orlando, Witness #1 and his son (13 year old) saw a pin ball like object, 30-40 inch diameter seen in rear window of his automobile. It was reflecting back the details of the rear lights of the car. It was shimmering as they drove and they both had the feeling that they were being watched. He drove faster thinking that “Something was coming on us”. As he looked at the rear view mirror the reflection was as a convex chromium surfaced object (pin ball) and he said he had difficulty focusing on it. He thought the object to be 3-4 feet behind his car. He said that there was something blocking the night sky as he looked up. When they reached the end of the road they noted that there was an increase of light without any visible shadows. Both witnesses were frightened. When they examined the car upon arriving at home (10 or 15 minute drive), there was nothing on the car or back window, no oily residue.


Investigator's note: The witnesses wanted this information to be recorded. Witness #1 needed to talk to someone about this event. He has had another sighting three years ago and could not share it with anyone. He just recently became aware of MUFON and their hot line number here in the Tampa Bay area. I took a history of the family and will keep in touch with them. They do not want to have an investigation done at this time. [WUFOD Data Base]

Brothers Sight Gold Triangular Object from Car

June 10, 2001 7:00 P.M. Near St. Petersburg, FL.  I was driving home with my brother as a passenger on 4th St. N. heading south when my attention was drawn to look to my left through the driverside window to see a gold disk-shaped object above the treeline which appeared to be pacing us at about 40 mph. I turned to my brother to tell him to look at it. He saw it by looking up through the sunroof so it must have moved up higher. I turned right off 4th St. and stopped to observe it for about 4 minutes   It was now stationary and about 45 degrees up [1000 to 2000 ft.] with a white light emitting from it. We left for home leaving it behind and the next morning I went to the same spot at the same time just to view the sky to see if there was anything in the sky that I could have mistaken it for. No stars, nothing.


Witness #1: When I spoke to witness #1 he was glad to have someone to tell this sighting to. He has been watching the sky and has been interested in UFOs for approximately five years. He has had a sighting five years ago and reported it to Peter Davenport. He felt that Davenport did not believe him or was skeptical of his report. He has followed all internet information on UFOs, alien abductions and many authors on the subject. He did not report this sighting to anyone other than MUFON, perhaps because of his fear of ridicule.

The witness drew a picture of the object and it was shaped like the Belgium UFO sighting almost triangular in shape with one wider rounded side and one smaller rounded side on the narrow side. He described that drawing as the side view.

Witness #2: This witness has been listening to his brother for five years, but does not have the interest in the subject that his brother has. He said that the object looked almost square with a light coming from the top of it. [WUFOD Data]

Video Producer Discovers Object on Tape

I am a video producer and was shooting a demo tape for a mini DV cam. when editing the footage the editor and I saw what we first thought was a glitch or digital drop-out. After viewing frame by frame we found that this was apparently a large solid object appearing only on 1 field of the tape (1/60 of a second). I have 20 years in the video business and after careful review with with pro equipment I can only say that this is not a airplane or animal.I will send a copy to Jeff Sanio and get his opinion on this image.Thanks. [WUFOD Data Base, July 17, 2001]

This sighting occurred on Saturday, July 7, 2001 at about 10:45 PM.We like to sit out in our front yard enjoying the sky over Lake Okeechobee. Our property is about 10 miles S.E of Okeechobee City. Looking down my driveway in a S.E direction over my cow pasture I observed a beige triangular object approaching. I said to my daughter "look, look, look", " Look what's coming towards us". Best guess is that this object was 12 to 15 ft. in width ,25 to 30 ft. long. It was totally silent and it moved slowly over our trees and then it took off at an incredible speed over the lake. Total viewing time was less than a minute. The light of the moon may have contributed to our ability to observe this object, as it had no lights of its own..

Strange light in Southwest Miami-Dade County April 10, 2001.

A woman walking for exercise at 5:00 A.M. saw a bright ball of light three times the size of Venus.   She summoned her neighbor who was backing out her car to go to work and the two watched the stationary round light which remained at 45 degrees for at least seven minutes. [Investigation is continuing]


TAMPA BAY -- Luann Marek remarks, "I have seen many UFOs." I lived in upstate New York on a reservoir and I've had many sightings. My husband and I even saw one go into another dimension. We thought it was going to hit the tree and us, but it just vanished! I realize a lot of what people are seeing is our military's new/secret equipment and it makes me proud to be an American. However, there is something else going on that isn't "normal." Since moving to Florida three years ago, I saw "green sparks" falling over the golf course where I live. A month ago in May, my husband called for me to look at a plane flying southwest with a small silver ball near the right wing. I was afraid it would cause an accident. This silver ball stayed with the plane until the sun's reflection made it no longer visible or it disappeared. What's interesting is that I found an article of someone reporting just such a ball flying just off the right wing of the plane he was on. His UFO was triangular, from my viewpoint on the ground; mine looked more oblong or rounded.[ Thanks to Luann Marek. (LMarek) ]

Orange Lights Near Winter Haven, FL

. Video Analyzed February 7, 2000 Witness was at home when he saw an orange light in the southeastern sky. At first he thought it could be a rocket, but then the light was stationary. He videotaped the object as it appeared to be stationary. He videotaped it because he didn't know what it was. The object appeared to be a circular orange lights.It remained stationary until the light just seemed to go out. Two days later the wife and son went down the street to shop. Not even a quarter of a mile away. They saw the same lights and drove in pursuit towards the direction of the lights to get a better look at it. Information will follow.

STATEMENT OF SOLUTION Videoanalysis by Jeff Sainio, MUFON Staff Photoanalyst, received by Investigator Puhalski. The lights were seen SSE of the witness' home. Generally, the lights are orange, pointlike dots which appear quickly for several minutes and then flicker out. A light may flicker out and either re-appear or be replace by a similar light in the same area. The lights are almost stationary, the two were tracked moving rightward (west) and slightly upward. Multiple lights are seen together in an apparent group. (The lights could be separated by varying distance, although such a fortuitous alignment would be unlikely.) Nothing is "amazing" on the video, but the sequence shows the left light appears nearly instantaneously. The nocturnal lights, although superficially similar to flares, do not appear plausibly explained in such terms. Although this case is not exciting, it does not appear explainable in any manner I am familiar with. [From WUFOD Data Base]


JACKSONVILLE -- James Montgomery wrote: "I don't think anyone has ever seen what we saw that night 40 miles north of the city." I was in a mortar platoon in the USMC, and saw the use of many different armaments, and night illumination, and nothing comes close. Many of my fellow truckers, that deliver our nations freight 365 days a year also saw the strange lights. On May 3, 2001, about 2:30 AM, I was heading north on Interstate 95, near the Florida State line. Over Georgia I saw a very intense blue light, as bright or brighter than lightning in the upper atmosphere. At arm's length, my thumbnail covered up the blue light. This large blue light lasted for only a fraction of a second, followed by an orange very intense light. The size of the orange light was four times bigger than the blue light.

The orange light and was oblong, and the blue light appeared to be round. The blue and orange lights slightly over lapped, appearing to touch, but again the blue light flashed first and the orange light flashed in a second. It was obvious this was in the outer atmosphere, and was not a natural phenomenon. The entire atmosphere, covering the whole southeastern hemisphere flashed an unnatural sun bright orange. The bright orange light lasted 3 to 4 seconds and was like daytime in my truck and everywhere I looked, but a very strange light, again very orange.

I thought it was a nuclear blast. Truck traffic was heavy, and many of us began to speculate as to what it was over the radio. We speculated it might have been a test of SDI. A second blue light object causing the brilliant flash may have hit the first light above our atmosphere creating the tremendous energy. Thanks to James Montgomery < and Frederick M. Fox <

Green Object with Bluish "Propulsion System" Stuns Witness

Sarasota, FL April 4, 2001. The witness is a 26 year-old graphics artist and musician. As he was driving south on I-75, heading outside of his home in Sarasota to a band rehearsal at a friend's house, he passed a state trooper's car on the side and looked down to see he was going 75mph. At that moment, he noticed something "to his left" (east)out the window. Thinking it first a shooting star, he quickly noticed it was "really bright green" and moving "extremely fast" in a straight trajectory. He then wondered if it was a missile, or perhaps an F-16, but he realized that this object seemed to have a "propulsion system" that had a "weird bluish-green glow", like a firefly. He described it as "flame-like", but not the it was necessarily flame. It seemed to "turn off" this "propulsion system", first pulsing and then dimming out. It then "disappeared" away and under the tree line. Witness also thinks in the initial moment of seeing the object, he "may have observed a second, larger object" from which the green object had "come out of." Witness stated he is vague on that aspect of the sighting. Witness added that he was "wishing it was an airplane going to crash", as he "could not deal with what I was seeing". Witness states that he was in an intense emotional state during the sighting, so that he pulled over and "cried" for several minutes. He described the experience as making him feel "fearful and helpless". Although he arrived at his friend's house after about 15 minutes, he was too emotionally upset to practice music. He shared his sighting with his friend. About an hour later, his friend reported to him seeing a helicopter in the general vicinity of the sighting, with a spotlight shining down as if "searching for something.". The witness himself did not observe the helicopter, being too distraught at the time.

The witness is an articulate, polite and normal appearing individual. He appears sincere in his recountment of his experience. Appearance and characteristics of object as reported not consistent with any conventional craft. A follow-up interview is planned with this witness, as he appears to have a history of unusual experiences, including possible implants. [Thanks to Dennis Hawley, Tampa Bay MUFON, WUFOD Data base.]


ORLANDO -- A very large dark UFO with two red lights hovered over the Deseret Ranch, just east of the city on Thursday night, March 28, 2001. According to the eyewitness, "I observed two slow-flying red lights that appeared to be hundreds of yards away, just above the tree line. The two red lights were moving very slowly from east to west." The lights moved in a very exacting detail, as if they were connected to each other, which would have made it one extremely big object if we could have seen the superstructure." " The object made no sound as it passed. This was observed at the Deseret Ranch, just east of the Orlando International Airport." The Church of Jesus Christ of the Latter-Day Saints, also known as the Mormons owns the ranch. [Thanks to Billy Dee and Filers's Files #17]


On Wednesday, April 11, 2001, at 8:45 p.m., Denise Koppel was outdoors when she saw an oblong UFO fly over from west to east across the sky. ""It was an oblong UFO," Denise reported, "The thing had no lights. It was approximately 2,000 feet (600 meters) above us. The (street) lights across the road made the underside of the object glow. No, not really glow but shimmer maybe. It had globes all over the underside of the thing. Sort of blended in with the sky. It was traveling at maybe 70 miles per hour." [UFO Roundup]


Nokomis, FL. April 4, 2001, 8:15 P.M. I was commuting from Sarasota to Venice for band practice. Riding with me was my dog. I had just started listening to a demo cassette. Just before the event I passed a dark highway patrol car on the left side of the road. I checked my speed, it was 75. About 1 minute later I looked to my left and saw a bright green object streaking across the sky, which seemed to be not only leaving a green trail but a glowing pulse, shimmering. Like sparks almost. It slowed down and turned slightly, and it's engines shut off. Judging from my speed and my distance from it (within a mile), it must have been moving 150-200 mph. at least. It moved from 9-11.5 o' clock in a matter of about 3 seconds. Trees came between me and the object and I could no longer see it. I got extremely scared and began to cry. [Object descended to treetop level over a wooded area. This sighting  from  the WUFOD data base will be investigated.  See below.]


SARASOTA March 11, 2001-" I live in Bradenton, Florida, have been a letter carrier for thirty years and I am currently 53-years old. I was an Air Force dependent and spent three years in the US Army 1966-69 serving a year combat tour in Vietnam. On the morning of Sunday, March 11, 2001, my wife and I took four of our dogs to Sarasota. I was about 50 yards in front of my wife, when I heard the noise of a small plane overhead and looked up. I located the plane another object caught my eye at 9:45 AM. This object was light gray and circular. Seagulls are common here but it did not waver or move erratic as they do. It was obvious this object was moving in a direct line westward. I then noticed another object of the same description in what appeared to be about a quarter mile a part traveling same direction and speed as the first. Other than the small plane's engine, there were no other sounds of aircraft. However, my years around all types of aircraft left me with the certainty that these two objects were not normal aircraft. There were no distinctive markings, lights, or other features; just to very light gray circular objects. "  [Thanks to Peter Davenport, National UFO Reporting Center.  See below.]


SARASOTA - A couple was driving on Highway I-75 between Bradenton and Sarasota just after noon on February 16, 2001. The witness indicates his fianc was driving, when he looked out the passenger window at the clouds and saw an object dart across the sky very fast west of his position over the Gulf of Mexico. The object looked far away, yet he saw it clearly. It was round and bright white in color and flew into a small puff of cloud. The cloud was only a few miles off the Gulf coast. The object stayed in the cloud for about 5 seconds, reversed trajectory and flew up at around a 45 degree angle to another small cloud, stayed there for another ten seconds. It then shot off at a right angle to another cloud EXTREMELY fast. The object then remained in the cloud and did not come out. It just did not look normal. Thanks to Peter Davenport, National UFO Reporting Center


OCHOPEE, FL. February 7, 2001 The first witness was contacted by e-mail on February 2. He said that the light appeared to move very smoothly and in very straight lines, never appearing erratic or taking a curving path. That was what first attracted his attention. He was convinced that it was not a meteorite, a satellite in orbit or reentering space junk. It disappeared when it made its final move to the south and simply "went out", as if someone had flipped a switch.

The second witness also contacted by e-mail on February 2, 2001, said that her friend saw the light first and then alerted her. She confirmed his description and added that they were in a secluded part of the Everglades where there was no "light pollution".

Neither witness had ever seen anything similar to this moving light.[WUFOD]


ASTATULA, FL. November 11, 2000 Two men and a woman saw a massive black object described as a boomerang or crescent shape which passed overhead for a duration of 6 to 10 minutes.  The object moved from south to north under a cloudy sky at an elevation over 500 feet. Astatula is in Lake County, Florida.  Investigation in progress. [WUFOD}


SANTA ROSA/GULF BREEZE  January 10, 2001. " I was driving home with my almost 8 year old son on Hwy 98 from Gulf Breeze to Navarre, FL, suddenly I noticed two bright white yellow ( butter colored) elliptical lights, close to each other to my left in the sky. It was about 7:50PM, left Life Center ( Rec area) on way home- arrived home 7. I didn't want to look away but had to check the road, there was no fading, shrinking, moving- when I looked back, they were both gone. I felt calm, my son began to ask questions, I assured him they were more peaceful/advanced than us and would not harm us. I did not feel fearful but a loving calmness." [WUFOD data.]


CORAL SPRINGS, FL. December 23, 2000.    Three witnesses observed a saucer-shaped  lead grey metal-like object moving back and forth in the sky about 500 feet from the ground.  Witnesses agree that the object had a dome shape on the top.  Sky conditions were clear and a dog seemed fearful.  A picture, reportedly blurry, was taken.  [WUFOD data.]


ORLANDO -- On December 9, 2000, a 49 year old manager stepped outside to let his dogs out and spotted two bright star- like objects moving together from the southwest to the northeast. It was a very clear night with an almost a full moon in the eastern sky. The witness reports he saw two star-like objects moving across the sky and ran inside to grab his binoculars to look up at them. It still looked like stars moving. The light from them was extremely bright. One was right behind the other. (Example ' ' ) They disappeared behind some tall trees and that was the last I saw of them at 16:32 hours. It lasted about three minutes in total time seen. The objects were glowing brightly and were last sighted in the northeast. Thanks to the MUFON Worldwide UFO Database


NORTH MIAMI BEACH - At 6:42 PM, on November 28, 2000, the witness observed an object like a plate with an upside down cup in the top. The disk had yellow, white and red lights at the bottom. Some of the lights were steady and others were blinking at the top. The witness stated, "I just remember seeing something around the object, but not too close. They looked like stars to me, but they were following the object. There were at least three of these little things." I watched it thru a window. It was bright in some parts. The lights also had some kind of movement or perhaps the object itself had some kind of rotation. The disk was north of me and it was moving west, when I came out of the apartment to see it again, but it was gone. Although, I saw it for only 35 seconds I can still see it in my mind's eye. Thanks to Peter Davenport NUFORC

Riverside, FL, November 19, 2000, 2:30 AM., clear skies.  Object was seen at treetop level for 1 hour.

1) I was up at 7E0230 on the couch in our living room. 2)I noticed a bright star or light in the sky but it appeared to move. The object appeared as a point of light or star throughout entire sighting. 4)When I noticed obvious movement, I notified my husband. We sat in patio chairs on our pool deck and watched the object. We viewed object through binoculars (Bushnell 4x30)and noted lights, color changes and sporadic movement. He used a compass and noted relative motion across horizon between 180 degrees (at 0230) and 200 degrees(at 0410). 5) The object appeared as a point of light or star and changed colors sporadically 3B no pattern was recognized and sometimes the object elongated. 6)When the object moved behind a group of trees in the foreground, we lost sight of it. We immediately filed this report after we could not observe object anymore. We feel no different but are intrigued. [From the MUFON database.]


MIAMI, FL. On August 22, 2000 Elsa witnessed a green fireball moving horizontally  about 100 ft. in elevation as she was sitting on her front porch in North Miami at 10:30 P.M.  The beautiful green ball was so large it  could be covered by a dime as it moved from South to North over some treetops in a nearby park to the east of Elsa's house. 

The following night at 1:30 A.M. Elsa was sitting on her couch watching TV when she heard a bumping noise on the porch.  Looking through the vertical blinds, she saw a whitish shape of a head with big dark eyes.   Immediately she ran out of the room,  but didn't mention the event to anyone until another day had elapsed.  On the day of seeing the being on the porch she was "drained" and her friend remarked that he saw "sparkles" coming out of her head.

TAMPA -- Skywatch reports that a lady notified them that on August 7, 2000, "I have just seen the most remarkable site when I saw three rod-shaped craft in a huge triangular formation with the largest in the center." I do not believe they are stars because you can see stars beyond them. The stars are not nearly as bright and colorful. They are not rod-shaped and are not anywhere near as large as these appear to be. They appear to be over Tampa with the central and largest object facing north. There is a misty cloud cover to the west of them and there are what appear to be two of the other, smaller rod shaped vehicles just to the north of the large triangular formation. These two are also quite elongated and bright. They do not appear to be moving at all." I watched for a full five minutes. They still haven't moved and I have never seen any stars in the Florida sky that are elongated or truly rod-shaped as these are. They look like skinny, colorful vertical bars. There is no noise. The streetlight behind my house blinked off an on the whole time I was standing there, never fully lighting up or sustaining light. At first I saw what I thought was a shooting star, but it appeared as a very THICK band of white light shooting from north to south just east of the large triangular formation. It wasn't falling down -- it crossed north/south." Thanks to: DRxDON Skywatch International, INC.

"This is a p.s. --- I forgot to mention how many helicopters I've heard over the house in the wee hours since that sighting. There's been at least one flapping its way over my rooftop early early every morning since I noticed the very odd formation. Of course, I'm in the Tampa Bay area, so they could be Baylifts (paramedics) or Coast Guard, or even the minions of L Ron Hubbard (although they usually travel by bus!) It's just that the big birds are not usually so active around here in the wee hours."


DESTIN -- Bob Fiske writes, "I want to report a sighting that a friend of
mine had back on March 21, 2000, along the Gulf Coast. He went out on the
beach at 10:00 PM and observed seven bright white lights appear near the
horizon. They then climbed to about 45 degree angle in the southern sky.
They then went rapidly to the south, fading from view. He had them in sight
for about three minutes. What made his sighting very interesting was that a
couple minutes after the objects disappeared, he heard jets overhead, and saw
the flames from the afterburners of two jet fighters going after the objects.
Eglin Air Force Base is close by and they must have picked up the objects on
radar. I have been interested in UFO's ever since the late fifties when I
saw a V formation of round objects fly over my house one summer's day back in
Chicago. I have had a strong interest in UFO's recently since buying a
computer. Thanks to Bob Fiske


TALLAHASSEE -- We were just lying down on the trampoline in the backyard on
May 29, 2000, at 4:00 AM when we saw this light that looked like a moving
star. It was too fast to be a plane and too slow to be a shooting star. It
flashed and then another one came and then others, all going in different
directions. They were not flying normal airline routes. We decided to get
the binoculars, and we were able to see saw two of them. They looked like
your classic saucer only turned vertical so it looked like a bubble. When we
looked through the binoculars, we saw that the light was a dome on top.
Under that was a bigger dome with a long thing like a cigar beneath. We could
see a spinning movement that was spinning vertically. Thanks to NUFORC  and to Filer's Files #23, June 12, 2000.


A green fireball was seen on April 20, 2000 at 10:30 P.M. on Krome Avenue North of 184 St.  It was moving in a Southwesterly direction near the Florida Everglades.  It looked something like a meteorite but was green.  A check of space debris did not prove conclusive.  The debris could be any color. [Other Florida green fireball sightings below, April 21 and March 29, 2000.]

BRADENTON -- Chip Eggerton writes, "I was talking to a fellow nurse this afternoon, who reports to me that late Friday night May 12, or early Saturday morning, around 1:30 AM she awakened and looked out over an area of wetlands near her subdivision. She saw an absolutely still and silent distinct, orange, capsule or lozenge shaped light hovering. It was seen to fade out and then reappear at least one cycle. She was convinced it was not any conventional craft. It left her feeling 'obsessed' to see it again and she's gotten up several nights since, but has not seen it again. She lives about a mile east of I-75 off State Route 70. Thanks Chip Eggerton REggerton [Filer's Files #20 May 22, 2000]


About a month ago, the specific date I am not sure of,
[December 1999 or early January, 2000] my girlfriend and I
went outside of my house and that's when we saw it. It was around 9:00 pm
and the sky was pretty clear. As we gazed into the eastern horizon we saw
this white light. At first we thought it was a plane or even one of those
big towers with lights on it. After looking at it for maybe ten seconds we
knew it was something unusual to say the least. It started out at first as
a strobing light, then 3 sets(of two) of strobing lights moving in a random
pattern. I said to my girlfriend " that's no plane or helicopter...stay
here I'm gonna go get my dad". As I said that it started swirling like the
classic saucer motion. From our viewpoint it looked huge, I mean if I could
put it in perspective, it looked as tall as three jumbo jets standing nose
to tail in the sky. As it was rotating and swirling we could almost see the
body of the craft behind the glare of the lights. I went inside to get my
dad. He came out and saw it and said "what the hell is that, I've never
seen anything like it". We all watched it for about 20 seconds and it
started to descend behind the trees slowly. It disappeared then came back up
above the trees, then back down but to the left, then back up and then down
to the right and that was it. My dad said, "let me go get your mom". He
went inside and I turned around to follow him into the house. As I stepped
onto the porch facing due west I saw a flaming orangish-reddish ball hurling
our direction from the western horizon. Just as I said, "what the F@#$^^ is
that", my Dad walked out on the porch and said, " what the F@##@$ is that".
It was coming over the hill getting darker red in color the the closer it
got, then all of a sudden it turned away and disappeared. Where we live at
is in a very rural area known as Duette. It is southeast of Tampa and
northeast of Sarasota. I cannot explain what I saw, I look into the sky
every night looking at stars & planes wondering if it could be a UFO and I
have never seen anything like what I experienced.I have told a few people
about it and they seem to think I'm making it up or exaggerating. Living out
there you see a lot of things in the sky and you know the difference between
what is supposed to be there and what is out of the ordinary.


NAPLES -- Scott Klein captured on video a comet-like object moving across the
sky at a snail's pace above the Gulf of Mexico in February. So far,
authorities have not been able to identify the ball of light he captured in
the night sky. Scott Klein has captured something extraordinary on his home
video camera. In fact, Klein has seven minutes worth of the object on tape
as it sailed across the night sky over the Gulf of Mexico before disappearing
behind the tree line. Klein's young son, Lucas, was the first to spot what
he calls a slow moving "big ball of fire" as he played in the family's yard.
He then told his father, who began recording the object immediately after he
saw it. The Klein's were excited about spreading the word about what they
saw in the sky, but the family was leaving on a trip to Colorado the
following morning. They felt certain that others had seen the object, and
expected the news media to explain the sighting. They returned a week later
and realized that the media had not covered the story. Scot Klein quickly
contacted NBC 2, as well as the National UFO Reporting Center, which is now
seeking more information from Kline. [Filer's Files #17, May 1, 2000]


On Friday, April 21, 2000 a man traveling south on I-75 along with his wife and adult son witnessed a large fireball which passed close to the car and appeared to go down in the nearby woods just south of Tampa.


SARASOTA - Television host Malcolm Hathorn reports that on March 15, 2000, his first caller, John, started out by saying that he was a skeptic about UFOs, but he went on to describe a very interesting UFO sighting he had about a year or so earlier while driving on a road very close to I-75 near Sarasota, Florida. It was late at night and John and his wife noticed a hovering object about a mile ahead. As they approached the object they realized it was very unusual. It was approximately 100 feet in length with three small lights underneath it. The object was dark-colored and its shape could not be discerned. It was only a 100 feet above the ground. As John and his wife got closer they realized the object was moving very slowly and that it made absolutely no sound. A truck had been ahead of them on the road and the driver screeched on his brakes and came to a stop. The truck driver got out of his vehicle and stood on the hood of his truck and looked up at the now hovering object. John and his wife kept driving, but very slowly. Later, John admitted that they had about one hour of missing time associated with the experience. He said he had rarely ever spoken about the incident to anyone. Later in my TV show another caller, Abraham, stated that he had seen the same object around the same time of year as the first caller, and he described it the same way. He had been driving on I-75 near Sarasota and came upon the slow-moving craft. He slowed his car to about 30 mph while in the passing lane and was holding up traffic as he looked up at the UFO. Apparently most of the other cars didn't see it. The was cigar shaped and about 75 feet long. He said the three lights on the bottom of the craft were bright white lights. He had no missing time associated with the event, as far as he knew. This second caller said he had been reluctant to call but felt he had to because it was important to verify the other man's sighting. [Thanks to Malcolm Hathorn, and Lorraine Gerber director MUFON's Tampa Baywatch Newsletter for April; Filer's Files, #16 Georged Filer, April 24, 2000]

Miami-Dade Fireball

March 29, 2000.  SW. 217 Ave. & SW 384 St.
At 7:37 P.M. Rick saw a green fireball with a short tail at the 10:30 position and due west.


SAWGRASS -A woman driving south on the Sawgrass Expressway (I-75) saw a huge
light hovering just east of the highway on March 2, 2000. The light was in
place for several seconds before moving at 10:14 PM. Once the object began
to move, the intense light dulled and she realized it was not one large
bright object, but two. The objects were just underneath each other. The
objects started to move and the first object climbed straight up in the sky.
The second object followed at close range.

AVON PARK -- "Driving east towards Avon park on Highway 98 on February 8,
2000, I looked up in the sky and saw a burnt-orange fireball. It would fade
out and glow back in another position in the sky. As I reached hwy 27 at
5:15 PM I turned south and saw toward the eastern sky three (same color)
fireballs. Theses three fireballs would be as far apart from each other as
two miles and as close as 200 feet. The last one I seen that night was at
8:45 PM south of Lake Placid. There is an Air Force bombing range nearby,
but I know of no activity going on there at night. It is mostly a reservist
base. I also hunt the land there through their lease program, and I never
have seen any activity at night. Also two years ago when a friend and I were
going to go hunt there, we saw the same thing (two orange fireballs) east of
Wauchula, but nowhere near the bombing range. I think this in my mind rules
of any kind of military flares. I am a truck driver so I headed south
towards Miami, and did not see anything else."
Thanks to Filer's Files #11, March 21, 2000 and Jeff Bloom, UFO Disclosure Net

Miami, FL. January 27, 2000. At SW 112 Street and 87th Avenue at 6:30 P.M. a man saw a large green fireball that moved horizontally.  [Preliminary report]

Miami, Fl. January 26, 2000. Olga saw an orangish cigar-shaped object, wider in the middle, at about 5:00 P.M. as she was traveling west near 147 St. and 97 Ave.  The object was at about 45 degree in elevation and about the altitude of a small plane (3,000 to 6,000 ft.).   She stopped her car and went to find an additional witness, but when she returned about two minutes later, the object had disappeared. 

On January 30 Olga saw what she believes is the same object shown on CNN Headline news January 30, 2000.  This UFO was seen over Shanghai, China "late last year". 


Moving Star Plus 6

Lantana, FL. January 22, 2000. A man working on his back patio at 10:00 PM looked at the night sky and saw what seemed to be a "moving star" which was traveling in a straight line and was followed by six airplanes.  The planes were traveling faster than a commercial airliner, but much slower than the UFO.  

The witness, an engineer, has been observing aircraft of all types as well as iridium satellites for several years.  The UFO was estimated between 80 and 120 thousand feet altitude and the following craft were at 60 thousand. 

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