MUFON State Section Director, Field Investigator, STAR Team

Lakeland Crescent, Jan. 10, 2015

January 10, 2015 On the evening of Jan 10, 2015 my friend and I were sitting in my back yard gazing up at the stars. The evening was quite cool and clear with some light wispy clouds at high altitude. We were sitting quietly when my friend told me to focus on the area just west of Orion's star Mintaka. Within a few minutes a translucent type of cloud appeared just southwest of the southern star of Orion's belt Alnitak. A moment later a craft appeared "very clearly to me" as a crescent shaped remarkably beautiful ship/craft (sketches attached). My friend and I both observed the craft at about 60 degrees above the horizon move silently across the sky from east to west. The total time of viewing was about 8 to 10 seconds, at an approximate 60 deg field from start to finish. The backyard viewing location is a cement slab with no trees to obscure our view. Orion's belt was clearly in view and we had been outside in the dark for over a half an hour so our eyes were well adjusted to the night. There were no acquisition lights on the craft, which is very odd since the flight path was due west toward the Lakeland airport. With the sighted craft approximately 500 to 1000 feet in altitude, this is quite dangerous as there might be other small aircraft at that altitude with a potential collision issue. If this was a military craft it would have had some type of lights on it or if super secret it would not have flown this path. It appeared to me that the craft was illuminated from the urban city lights below therefore it must have been a shiny. When the craft first appeared it was almost a translucent look, silver in color, but changed to a pale rose color before it disappeared. The craft had a clearly defined shape and I could see some details on the underside.

Cape Coral Triangle Oct. 31, 2014

 October 31, 2014 at approximately 8:25 pm I was in my back yard letting my dog out and smoking a cigarette. I had my whole house lit up inside and had all my sliding doors and windows open. I was casually looking around outside when something caught my eye above the tree line and power lines that run all the way down my neighborhood. When I first witnessed it, it appeared to just be coming out of a gradual and smooth right turn. It seemed to almost hover for a second and continue south when I yelled for my wife to come outside. She ran out in a matter of 5 seconds and I said "what is that, do you see what I see?" She looked up and at that time it was straightened out and heading south, appearing to be above the tree line by a couple hundred feet. The object looked like a boomerang or triangle shape and almost faded into the night sky and was lit up by the moon (once it got closer to the moon, we could see it a little clearer). It glided effortlessly with no apparent sound and no lights that we saw. It was a clear night, not a cloud in the sky. It was well lit by the half moon. This object appeared to be gray/black but seemed to change like a mirage and we had to focus to see it until it went too far into the distance we could no longer see it. When I first saw it, I quickly tried to rationalize this to being a large flock of geese or large turkey vulture or some sort of large bird. I even thought it may have been a hang-glider. This all went through my brain within 2 seconds and once I dismissed all of these possibilities is when I yelled for my wife to come out which is when she saw it too. Neither of us have any explanation for what we saw in that short 20 seconds or so. We both felt confused, baffled and excited! I have also felt a little bit of anxiety.


Palm Harbor, Sept 12, 2014

 Sept. 9, 2014.I was lying down in the middle of a soccer field watching the sky when I noticed something out the corner of my eye. It began to be come more visible and I jumped up to get a better look at it. It flew a straight line path and was darker in the front and gradually got lighter in the back. It appeared to be both transparent and metallic but it is very hard to explain because I have never seen anything like it. It was dead silent and I only saw it by absolute sheer luck. It was huge and flying at less than 20,000 feet. If I had to guess it was over 500 feet wide and long. It not only appeared but also disappeared. It was incredibly stealthy and smooth. I attached a picture that I found resembled the object I saw the most.



Delray Beach 2006 Entity

Feb. 6, 2006. It started 5:30am in Feb 2006. I was suddenly awakened by a strong feeling of some presence in the room. The room was very quiet, so no sound woke me. I was lying on my back and I turned my head to look at the clock and it said 5:30 am and I remember thinking , that I had just 1 more hour to sleep until I had to get up for work. Then while my head was still turned I noticed this fairly large irregular 3 dimensional shape on the wall behind my alarm clock, it was pulsating with red turning to orange and then yellow continuously without any sound, I was scared but fascinated and as I tried to move I couldn't I was immobile, and then I felt this strong presence on my chest, but there was no weight to it, and I tried to turn my head back to see what it could be, I kept trying , until I finally was able to move my head back but it took a lot of effort. When I finally managed to turn my head back, this is when I saw the entity, it looked right into me, It had large black shiny eyes almost like glass and the skin was a dull matt grey , it looked like clay with folds in the skin, the nose was just two pin holes with a very small mouth, it had a flat expression, this scared me so much I let out a scream so loud, and the entity then reacted with putting his very long finger on the left side of my temple and a flash of light, like electricity went through my temple and as this happened the entity disappeared like it never existed. By this time my husband at the time who was sleeping next to me woke up, he heard me scream, and I asked him if he had seen anything or felt anything and he said no. The whole day at work, I was thinking about the experience. I was embarrassed by my experience that I only told a few close friends and family, but even some were making fun of it. So I did not speak much of it anymore. However ever since I have had that experience, a month later I started getting these terrible headaches. I have been to many specialists and neurologists and brain scans, no one knows why I have these headaches, and 8 years later, I am still with the headaches. [MUFON CMS]

Two Black Objects Near Tampa

April 29, 2014. While sitting in my home around 3:45am on April 29, 2014, I began to hear a chopping type noise like helicopters, but much more quiet than any helicopter I've ever heard, outside. Naturally I went outside to see what was going on. This is when I saw the first craft, which was a saucer like object, heading towards the west. It was completely black and I wouldn't have been able to see it if it did not have it's Red and White lights on the sides of it. It moved with ease, and performed what appeared to be somewhat of an air show. Performing banking circular turns and moving up and down in altitude while hovering. After viewing this for a few minutes, I heard another chopping sound similar to a helicopter but again the noise was muffled and dampened. I will note that this object had a higher pitch to it's sound which I used to differentiate between the two objects. I then saw what appeared to be a cigar shaped craft, which looked very similar to a drone but with no wings visibly on it. I want to be very clear, even though I heard the sounds of helicopter blades, I saw no blades on either object. So I'm standing looking at the cigar shaped object, moving again towards the west, it then reversed it's direction and started to move towards me. It lined up with my vision and appeared to be only two red lights floating in the sky, I then got the sensation that it was staring right at me. It kept coming towards me, while still being above the tree line. As it got closer, I began to back up, thinking it was heading for me, it then stopped and hovered for a few seconds, still pointing at me, only to perform a U-turn and head back west over the tree line. At this point, I ran inside to grab my camera which I had left inside unfortunately. Coming back outside I could still hear both objects, and could still see the saucer like craft hovering above the tree line. This is when things got confusing to me. I saw the Saucer craft hovering in the distance but didn't have a view on the cigar shaped object, yet it sounded as if the cigar craft was moving back to the South East, the direction it came from. I heard it overhead but saw absolutely nothing, no lights, no silhouette, just the sky above me. I know the technology exists to project sound waves in certain directions. And I can't help but think that whatever this craft was, it knew I got a good look at it, and it didn't want to be seen again, so it could've possibly either turned invisible, or used sound technologies to fool me while it went a different direction, but I never saw it again. [MUFON CMS]



Ormond Beach Object on Photo

June 6, 2014. I shot 5 frames toward the Atlantic Ocean because I was bracketing for a commercial shoot of a house, the subject frame is the second # 136, I am sending you 3 frames, the first does not show any object in the sky, the time of the first frame # 135 time is 11:42:22, the second frame # 136 time is 11:42:28, the third frame time is 11:42;30 I didn't know of the object until I edited the photos the same afternoon. How is it possible for the object in the sky to vanish in 2 seconds? that is the interval between the frame 136 and 137.

Homestead Red Glowing Sphere

April 28, 2014. At approximately 23:30 hours, while taking my dogs out in the front yard, I observed a red glowing sphere traveling from the east sky towards the west and suddenly making a 70 degree angle and changing course towards South west sky. The object left a sonic boom that scared my dogs to the point I had to get them inside the house. While the object traveled towards the Southwestern sky I noticed a jet liner travelling from north to south. I could distinguished the approximation of the red object altitude. Jet liner wad about 32000 feet, the object was approximately 500 to 1000 feet above ground. The duration of the sighting was about 15 to 20 seconds.

UFO Seen From Plane

December 2, 2013, Plane Between St. Thomas, VI, and Atlanta, GA.. I was on a flight from my home in St Thomas USVI to Atlanta, GA in December of 2013. I hadnt flown in several years, and being excited to go home and see my family and friends, I was randomly taking video of the clouds and ground. Yeah I know ...korny. Bear with me. I didn't realize until I got home from my vacation 10 days later and was watching all my videos and reviewing pics that I had captured something that I cannot explain. It is very large and seems to be moving from left to right in the top of the screen. It was at a great distance away...Id say 20 miles out...and had to have been miles across to be visible at that distance. I have flown with the Navy and all over the US and Caribbean for many years. This is simply a huge object. I posted it on face book to some close friends and several thought it was exceptional. The reason I am sending this to you is that I happened to see a show on H2 (UFO Hunters) today [episode original airing 02-04-09] and two different pilots (A British guy and a French) seemed to have seen the same thing I did. The difference is that his object seemed to emanate light while mine seems to be very black. After watching the video several times I also noticed a flat contrail from the top right of my video that appears to lead right to the object in the distance. This could just be an old jet-contrail that spread out over time, but if so then a jet would have had have passed right by this thing at some point. It is moving very slowly from left to right, then speeds up and crosses the contrail by the end of the video. [MUFON CMS] 
[The FI believes this effect is the result of shadowing from a contrail. Therefore the sighting should be classified "IFO - NATURAL PHENOMENON".]

Miami Blinking Light Above Houses

Miami, Feb. 28, 2014. It was a Friday. Last day of February 2014. I was driving home from park and had kids sitting in the backseat. As the sun was going down around 7:15-7:30 to the left down 8th Street and 42nd Ave. I noticed a single light orb floating over commercial buildings. I was curious. I had time. Had the kids so decided to drive to it. But traffic began to build. I can see it going from one building top to another. Low. When I couldn't get around traffic. I looked to right and noticed another set across street. This one was flicking in three set pulses and also low. Above homes. This one was in my residence area. I turn in quickly and followed. I managed to get some video at dusk as it flicked low and silently above homes towards the northwest. I had kids with me so after video I called off the tracking. MUFON CMS

Margate Object "Too Close for Comfort"

Margate, February 28, 2014. Wouldn't believe what my boyfriend and I saw tonight. I was watching a glowing light which seemed to appear as an airplane and for a while I noticed it was just stationary so it was weird for a plane to hover like that. The more I stared at it it then started swaying side to side and all of a sudden it started coming closer to me and within seconds it was too close for comfort I immediately called my boyfriend over because of how fast it was moving ...we ran out to my driveway saw the airplane. heard the "airplane" but that all faded when it completely transformed and morphed and started to descend fast and drop towards the ground in a vertical position and it turned into a light bluish teal orb that looked like a distorted pixilated plane. At that moment the thing was literally ten to fifteen feet away from us it darted towards a baseball field in the area I kept thinking about what I had just saw and before I could do anything i looked to my right and he was gone. my bf darted after it recording. Thankfully I was not the only one to see this happen. A couple of minutes after I ran after him and noticed 15-20 planes that had passed by as soon as we saw it.. it was the strangest and most invading immense feeling in the world it was as if we were both being completely surrounded after 10mins the air was silent and still and there was not a single plane in sight ..what we saw gave us mixed emotions of both positive and negative.  [Witness drawing below.]  MUFON CMS

  St. John's County Possible Abduction

February 13, 2014. We believe abductions run in our family. My mother has memories of seeing UFO's when she was younger, as well as memories of dissolving into walls, waking up in places other than where she originally fell asleep, etc. Her father (my grandfather) also has memories of seeing UFO's in his backyard in rural Ohio. Interestingly enough he worked for NASA for the majority of his career. As for myself, I have remnants of experiences pop up in dreams, including medical procedures. Just recently I saw an interesting orb like sphere outside my home. Between the two of us, we have lots of experiences. Several weeks ago my mother woke up and noticed she had a puncture wound on both her left and right palms of her hands. She has no recollection of receiving them and is certain they were not there the night prior. The puncture on her left palm quickly healed and is now gone. The puncture on her right palm looks as though it is infected. After several weeks it is still noticeable. It causes my Mother slight pain when touched. She says it feels hard beneath the surface of her skin. I am including a photo of my mother's right palm and the interesting mark on it. [MUFON CMS]

Blue-Green Object Separates into Two

Islamorada, Feb. 2, 2014. From my balcony I witnessed this pulsating blue-green object hovering, rising slightly and finally moving from Southeast to the Northeast over the Atlantic Ocean. I was able to capture a few images of the object. It traveled without sound and split into two distinct objects before moving to far away to photograph any longer. The color changed from shades of purple to blue-green and white. The outer area was emitting a glow that grew and shrank during its movement. The timing of the pulsating was not fixed, more of a random pattern. This is very similar to an object I saw last year in the same area only that sighting was over the Gulf of Mexico instead of the Atlantic.


Manatee Disk in Clouds

Jan.24, 2014. While staying at the Orlando World Center Marriott Resort in Orlando I stepped onto the back porch to make a panoramic photo of the sunrise. While taking a series of 3 photos I noticed a curving brighter line in the clouds. I assumed it was part of a contrail and paid no further attention until it came time to process the 3 photos into a panorama a day or two later. [MUFON CMS]



Davenport Object on Cloud

August 25, 2013 I was leaving my sister's home in Florida during the late afternoon, and traveling West on Ridgewood Lakes Blvd., near HWY 27. I saw an interesting cloud formation, North, that looked like a dragon with razor sharp teeth, and took 4 pictures. When I loaded the photos on my computer, I noticed the "spots" on two of my shots. I noticed that the angle of the "spots" and shade of them were different in both shots. When blown up, they seem to be darker on the bottom than the top. The car was traveling about 35 MPH, but "spots" were blurry, trees nearby were not. My thoughts: object was traveling slow enough for camera shutter to catch it ,but too fast to get a clear shot. [MUFON CMS]

Cutler Bay Orange Object

Miami Jan 7, 2014.I went out side to walk my dog last night around 11 pm. I look up as this huge orange translucent object is heading my way. All of a sudden I found that thousand of thoughts and emotions flooded my brain as I tried to make sense and justify what I was seeing. I could do nothing but yell out to my son to get out side. I was feeling frustrated that he was not coming fast enough to the point that he and his mother ran out to see if I was OK. When they looked up it was still very visible and they could not make sense of it either. My son pulled out his phone camera and could not get it to work. I grabbed it from him but my nerves had me fumbling with it as well. Finally he snapped a picture as it was several miles away. This was not military as if it it were, they would not fly this over a populated area. It was not although it was the size of an airplane it could not be as it flew to slow and would fall out of the sky at that speed. It was not a helicopter as it was to big and did not make a sound as it passed by. As it flew toward me it appeared like a round to oval orange translucent object. As I caught the side view it looked more cylinder shape with several smaller orange objects in a straight line in tow. File 1 is of the object as it faded away. [MUFON CMS]

Ft. Myers Recurring Object

Ft. Myers, Oct. 8, 2013 This object has appeared on multiple nights, always between 7:15 PM and 8:30 PM, always in the WSW sky, and remains visible for approximately one hour. It does not deviate in altitude. It changes between two forms, seemingly as it slowly rotates. It is either a triple light or a single orb, always white, and changes in intensity. I have watched it through binoculars and when it disappears, it quickly dims and just "goes out". It does not set. It does not fly away. First the outer lights begin to dim, followed quickly by the center light until it is no longer visible. I have never seen it reappear the same night. There have been three adult witnesses to this and we all agree on the description. First, we believed it to be Spica, then Venus. But planets do not "dim away" nor do they have three distinct lights. We first observed this in September and filed a report at that time. I have contacted our local control tower as we are a few miles from an airport, but they could offer no explanation. After so many subsequent sightings I have decided to file an updated/new report for tonight's sighting. Tonight's pictures are the best representation I have been able to capture, to date. All three witnesses are responsible, non-drinking adults who would really love to know what it is that keeps appearing in our sky!



South of Sunrise

Broward County, August 26, 2013 As I was driving south, I took this picture of the object. [MUFON CMS]

Miami Eleven Objects

Miami August 12, 2013. This looks like a very bright point of light, a point like object. I observed it with binoculars and still it was a very bright point of light, very low, very close to the Florida Turnpike in area code 33176 or 33186. Very visible around 8:10pm, but later after dark it was really bright, like a very high street light, many people should have seen this. I manage to get many minutes of footage from a HD camcorder on a tripod, amazing view. I have seen this object many times before, this is sighting number nine since 07/22/13 [MUFON CMS]

Miami Heights Copper Ball

Miami Heights May 13, 2013  11:00 AM.  A strange ball (sphere) with the color of a luminescent copper had an irregular path ascending in the area of 33177, Miami Florida. The surface seemed wrinkly instead of smooth. Seen in the morning.... [MUFON CMS]


Homestead Object Becomes Three

 Homestead, August 7, 2013. I am a United States Air Force dual qualified Weather Observer/Forecaster and was on duty at Homestead Air Reserve Base when I decided to go outside to have a cigarette by the flightline; I noticed a glowing light to my NE, initially thinking it was either a Satellite or a Meteor. It was moving to slow to be a meteor, so I thought it to be a satellite glowing due to the sun angle and apparent height of the object (I often watch satellites at night). The object created a bow wave *) in front of it then broke into 3 distinct parts, 1 large and 2 small with the large in the front. The large object remained illuminated whitish while the 2 small objects appeared to blink off and on in a red/orange-ish color, opposite of each other yet with a regular pattern. Continuing in a North to South route the objects created another bow wave *) as it appeared to slow. By this point the 3 objects were due East of my location, the bow wave *) subsided as the objects reached a SE direction from where I was observing and appeared to stop momentarily before proceeding E and out of sight. A glowing Noctilucent cloud remained where the object initially appeared to enter the atmosphere and create the first bow wave *), I stayed for 15 minutes as the Noctilucent cloud slowly dissipated. I have never observed anything like this before. [MUFON CMS]


  Miami, August 7, 2013. Saw this very glowing blue cloud like, wasn't a cloud cause it didn't move as the rest of the clouds around, didn't make any sound, it just faded in 5 min .... I managed to take a few pics and used my telescope to get a better view but only a blue gas was observed. BTW the pictures do not make justice to how big , glowing and even beautiful was this. -[ MUFON CMS]

Miami August 7, 2013. I was outside my house when I saw this star-like object that caught my attention because it was emitting a bow wave in front of it, there was another ship behind it following the main bigger one, and then the bigger one did this HUGE "spray" like bow wave in mid air (looked just like the China sighting in 2010) as soon as this happened the other ship behind it divided into two smaller ships and continued to follow the bigger one....after a while they were out of our sight...but there was an electric bright blue cloud in the sky much more different than the rest that disappeared a little bit after the ships were gone. - [MUFON CMS]

Jupiter Web Cam UFO

Jupiter Jan. 25, 2013. While looking at the local Jupiter Inlet web cam, I ended up on January 25th night shots and noticed the cylinder object in the image and it was crystal clear. It also appears in the images an hour later and I have now spotted it in several images in the months following and the past few days. While I did not see it first hand, I think it is one of the best photos that I have seen.


Weston Glowing Cloud in Dark Sky

Weston, May 24, 2013. I was fishing outside and looking at the sun set, as the sun set a beautiful moon appeared. When I looked up however I saw a clearly light up in glowing white cloud above me. It hovered there and looked like if a spotlight was stuck on it because all the clouds around were dark almost black. And I watched evaporate till nothing. I saw it slowly become smaller so I knew it couldn't be a light or airplane behind it or anything, it lasted a good 10 mins. The moon was a cross the sky and it would not be reflected light because again the clouds around were dark. At first i thought it was just static and made lighting inside of it continuously but as it became smaller it made me clueless. many people saw it with me,

Aventura Self Luminescent Cloud With Rotating Sphere

Aventura, May 24, 2013. On Friday May 24, 2013 at around 20:30 to 20:35 hours after dinner. I experienced with my family a very strange event that unfolding before our very eyes. At 20:15 we finished dinner at my mother-in-laws place which at Aventura Florida. I too live in the adjacent building within the same complex. Her building and view points almost due north between 350 to 355 degrees. We live approximately 1 mile south of the Miami-Dade/Broward county line or north Miami Dade in the city of Aventura. My family member calls me to the balcony at 20:32, shortly after sundown. Upon my arrival I noticed the "cloud" was getting brighter and brighter as well as larger. The brighter it got the larger it got or vice a versa. There was no external light pointed at this cloud and the truth is that this cloud was in fact self-luminescent. This cloud was almost due north at around the county line (1 mile) and at my estimate of 800 to 900 feet high and very low in the sky. I estimate this cloud was between 450 to 500 wide with a girth of 200 feet. I quickly ran for my iPhone at what I estimate the brightest point and started filming. I quickly panned the skies to ensue one more time no exterior lights where pointed at this "cloud." This "cloud" had a small [ ? ] that behaved in the same exactly the way. Another point that was barely viable with the naked eye was that the center had a define sphere rotating ever so slow clockwise with the cloud while at the same the cloud with no movement. The entire event took less than 3 to 4 minutes. The commentary in the background was that of my family members.

Video of event:    2013052420.35.50.mov                                                                                                                                  

Cylindrical Object over South Miami-Dade County

January 13, 2013. Witnesses saw a steady glowing, white, vertical cylinder with orange-red star shaped base fly low and slow, 500 ft or so over their neighborhood on January 1, 2013 at 9:00 PM, flying from the SSE. toward the NNW, ascending gradually then abruptly changed course and accelerated, darting toward the NW, at extreme speed in an upward path to great altitude till out of sight.

Miami-Dade Objects Over Ocean

Miami-Dade County, Nov. 13, 2012. Was standing on balcony 15th floor and saw an object hovering with bright flashing/pulsating lights on horizon over ocean. At first I thought it was a pretty large star because there were many stars in the background and then grabbed my DSLR with a 300mm lens. That's when I was able to clearly see the multi-colored flashing lights and the object which was hovering. It did not look like a plane, blimp or helicopter. The lights were multicolored and were not flashing in any particular sequence. Took approximately 30-40 photos but only a few seem to show something similar to how it actually looked when I was looking into the camera. The rest of the photos came out with a light blur in the background. In fact different colored light blurs. Photos attached. [MUFON CMS]

Orlando Circle of Lights

Orlando, November 4, 2012. I exited off 408 onto Challenger Parkway. As I drove towards Alafaya Blvd, I looked up and thought I saw a helicopter. Then I noticed yellow/white lights circling around it, revealing a disc-like shape. It was moving forward (away from me) but I kept staring at it because I was super confused. It was as low as a helicopter would fly but DEFINITELY not a helicopter, and moving smoothly away. I wrote it off in my mind because I don't believe in this stuff but the more I thought about it the weirder it got.

Lakeland Disk

Lakeland, Oct. 29, 2012. I was traveling on the Polk Parkway on Saturday night, 10/27/12, around 8:30pm. It was dark. My 2 children were in the back seat. I was headed toward I4 on the parkway and something bright caught my eye ahead. It was fairly low, but not dangerously low. Very bright. My first thought was that it was a plane with fire coming out of the engines or something. I continued to watch it and as we got closer I realized that it was not a plane and it was nothing I've ever seen before. I kept thinking I was going to see a pole or something attached to the bottom, like it was some sort of sign, but as we got closer I realized that this was no sign and it wasn't a typical airplane. It was disk shaped, tilted sometimes, level others. It seemed to have a light on top, with a skirt of lights all around the bottom. The lights pulsated and were very bright. We pulled over the car and took a few pictures. It did seem to be moving slowly, then would stay stationary, then move again. It wasn't darting around, just seemed to be loitering above. After about 5 or 10 minutes we continued on our way home.


Naples Lighted Black Boomerang

Venice, Oct. Oct 20, 2012. I was watching the sky looking west over the Gulf of Mexico from my parking lot here at home. I had been seeing some unusual lights in the sky for more than a few months so my brother and I were headed to the beach for some sky watching. I pointed a light out to my brother and he then pointed to another part of the sky and asked me if THAT was what I was referring to. When I looked in the direction he pointed to, I immediately noticed a boomerang shaped craft with six lights on what appeared to be the bottom of it. It was moving North/Northeast JUST above the tree tops. The first thing that came to mind was the Phoenix lights sighting in 1997 although this craft did not seem to be as big. As with the craft seen in Phoenix, this one was totally 100% silent. When we got to the beach, we observed a red orb/fireball pulsate in a magnificent magenta color and then just vanish. In addition to that, I saw a silver disc shaped object fall out of the sky into a backyard. The color/texture of the disc reminded me of a ball of mercury. My brother and I then saw a silver streak run through the sky east of the coastline. [MUFON CMS]

 [MUFON Investigator has identified the picture above as that of an advertising plane.]

Venice Lighted Triangle

Venice, Oct 10, 2012. I was letting my dog outside and I noticed some lights above the power lines in the distance. It was the shape of a "<" from  east, moving north to south. For a second, I thought it was a flight of aircraft flying in formation, but the lights stayed in the same exact positions the whole time, plus, If they were jets flying in a blue angels style formation, I would have heard it. Once the object got to the southeast of me, I no longer could see it. I don't know if the lights turned off or it faded away in the haze, but I no longer could see it. There was a strong smell of sulfur I noticed right before and now, I don't smell it at all. [MUFON CMS]

Pinellas County Bubble

Pinellas County, Sept. 13, 2012. This was witnessed by my brother and 2 of his coworkers. It floated above a swampy area; it appeared to get bigger and then floated off to the west. There are trees in the area  If it was a bubble, you would think it would pop, when it hit the branches. Maybe not a UFO, but something unknown. Is this what swamp gas looks like?


Daylight Metal Sphere Near Ocala

September 5, 2012. I was walking my dog and observed something come over the tree line ahead in the distance. At first I thought it was some kind of RC toy. I quickly dismissed that, as it was clearly a metal sphere and was further away than I first thought. I could tell that it had no lights but instead was reflecting the sun randomly. It slowly ascended and made a right turn and moved just in front of a lone cloud where it hovered. I attempted to take some video with my cell phone. While it was hovering stationary in front of the cloud it appeared as a solid black circle. It disappeared into the cloud. [MUFON CMS]

Pasco County Underwater Object

Dade City, Sept. 6, 2012. It appears to still be sitting where I found it. It is incredibly large also![ MUFON CMS]

Investigator's Report::  The FI believes that due to an inability to definitively eliminate either the natural causes or the UFO crash, one is forced to classify the result as UNKNOWN-Other. Although the probable result to this discovery is Natural Causes, the FI suggests that a direct investigation of the site be undertaken. Such an investigation at a minimum would include a sonar scan of the area to see exactly what the seabed looks like at the location. It is also suggested that a magnetic scan for ferrous materials be undertaken. Finally, if the previous scans reveal anything a decision concerning a dive at the site can be considered.

St. Augustine Beach Two Lights Flying in Tandem

July 14, 2012. My son and I were driving over the bridge to the beach when we noticed a rainbow. It was very odd because there was, nor had there been any rain. The sky was very clear with only one small cloud. I snapped a picture and noticed two objects that appeared to be flying in tandem. I thought it was dust so I cleaned the lens and took two more photos. In all three photos, the two objects can be seen flying closer to the cloud in each photo. They are two bright discs of light that flew straight, then appeared to arc up over the cloud if you follow their trail. Both left a distinct trail. The objects appeared to be very bright balls of light. I then had to pay attention to the road and lost them. [MUFON CMS]


Investigator's Report: 8/5/12 Received back photo analysis from a professional analyst who has the equipment to do proper analysis. The analysis shows solid objects in the center of each object in the last 2 photos. These are not birds, planes, reflections, etc

Pensacola Cylinder, Orange Object, Electronic Disturbances

Pensacola June 23, 2012.I was in the kitchen making myself an early morning snack, when the coffee pot in the kitchen turned itself on. The unit is not scheduled to turn on, and I checked. about a half minute later; the shop vacuum downstairs turned on, which it has never done before, as well as the main television unit in the living room. after turning off the electronics in the household, I went to check the time on my phone which I had on the counter. even though I had just taken it off the charger in my room, it had shut off, and was refusing to turn on for some reason. I heard an owl outside, or at least I thought it was an owl by the sound of it, I never saw what was making the noise, however, I went outside to check, when above me, I see what I though was the light from a car over my head, upon looking closer, it appeared more closely to four aurora like ripples across about a quarter of the sky. I had seen something like this on another night where I saw a craft I reported, however, I had discarded this fact as unimportant at the time, thinking that it may have been my mind playing tricks on me, however, after early this morning, I know for certain what I saw wasn't an optical illusion or a case of a mistaken identification. about 5 minutes after seeing the ripple, I spotted the first craft I observed during the early morning, it was a elongated, cigar shaped ufo, flying below the early morning cloud layer at a slightly awkward angle (about 10-15 degrees off from how you'd expect an object of its shape to fly) and it flew in a straight line from the NW to the SE of the horizon, taking about 3-5 seconds to completely cover the distance and vanish beyond my line of sight beyond the tree line. its apparent size was to narrow to be the of a bird or bat, and no wings at all made it have the wrong profile. after another 30 seconds or so, a second object became visible for a few seconds towards the SE of my location, this object appeared to be glowing golden orange, with a deeper golden orange straight line patterning upon its surface. this object in only what I could describe as blinking into sight, the object remained immobile and eerily still for the time it was observable, and just as it had appeared, the object seemed to just blink out of sight. I remember feeling a sense of curiosity and anxiousness, as I usually feel when I observe these kinds of objects, however, I did feel a bit alarmed with the electronics turning on and my cell phone refusing to apparently turn on. After these incidents, I stood outside for a while longer, hoping to observe more phenomenon, as dawn began to break, I went back inside, only to discover my phone was now on with the main screen waiting to be unlocked, as though it had never been turned off. after going through the house a bit more to see if any other devices were having issues, I came to discover the downstairs door, which was locked and dead bolted around midnight, was now completely unlocked for some reason, what relevance this may have to events is unknown. both my mother and father, who live in the house with me, slept through the entirety of these events, and the dogs we have did not bark a single time, even with the shop vacuum turning out right outside their doors. I found this incredibly odd, as usually the slightest noise during the night will put the dogs in a barking frenzy, yet not once during the nights events, did I ever hear a peep from them. [MUFON CMS]

Ft. Myers Dark Sphere with Lights

Ft. Myers, June 12, 2012. I was on the porch when I joined my boyfriend to watch a thunderstorm start. It was only thundering and lightening from a distance in front of us but not at our house yet. Then I was about to head inside and my boyfriend said "hey come look at this quick" and when I stuck my head off the porch and looked up all the way to my left I saw some odd object moving. It was dark and circular spinning and moving in a fast straight line over our building in our vision until about 8 seconds later when it was all the way to my right side and disappeared. It was below the clouds then towards the end went into them. I have never seen anything like this. It was so fast I wish I had my phone to take a video it was incredible. It was fast and the lights were crazy like nothing I have ever seen before.[ MUFON CMS]

Sarasota Cylinder

Sarasota, June 6, 2012. My brother and I were coming back from the movies driving south on Beneva around 8:10 pm and were commenting on what a beautiful sunset it was when we noticed and began watching this object in the western sky that was long and cylindrical in shape moving very slowly changing shape, then it disappeared, came back as a point of light, then elongated again...it was tilted at a very odd angle...we watched it for about 10 minutes, then it disappeared. During the time we were watching it greenish/blue tint on the ends was visible almost pulsating. There was an airplane higher than the object that looked dwarfed in comparison. we were both amazed at what we were looking at .... trying to rush home to get my binoculars by the time we arrived we could no longer see it in the sky. Awesome experience !!!!!!

Tampa Bay Orb Turns from Red to White

March 10, 2012. In town of Ruskin at a resort. Noticed 3 bright unusual lights over Tampa Bay that hadn't been there earlier in night or on other nights. My wife and I saw them while outside hotel so I went to room and filmed them from the balcony. Have no idea what they were. There is an airport nearby I believe but these lights stayed pretty much in one area above the bay most of the time (at least 30 minutes). I don't know if they could have been helicopters searching the bay but they didn't seem like that to us. I have attached a picture that came from the video. [MUFON CMS]

Vero Beach Five Connected Red Lights

April 5, 2012. Just witnessed 5 red lights in the sky above our apartment complex. They were flying in a straight line and looked as if connected by a cord. The second converged on the front one until they were indistinguishable from each other. The red lights on the front 4 turned to a light white. The fifth in line appeared to be a plane and fell back from the others, its lights now furiously blinking red. The front 4 (well we only actually saw the 3 after the front 2 converged) turned left in a 45 degree angle and looked as f they were descending. The back plane like apparatus did not turn but still followed. They all disappeared. The sky was light and the clouds looked frozen. Now the sky is black and cloudless. There was no sound emitted. [MUFON CMS]

Titusville Light Grows to Basketball Size

April 1, 2012. It was about 2:29 am on April 1st. I went out on my back porch for a smoke and was trying to identify some stars and constellations from memory. Out over the Salt Lake Wildlife Management Area I saw a bright light appear, bright like a shooting star, but flying at what appeared to be a constant altitude. It flew from over the forest to the west, over South Lake, and directly overhead. At about 40 degrees above the east horizon it suddenly disappeared. The duration of the flight was around 30 seconds, and I estimate the distance traveled to be about 8 miles. I spend a great deal of time hunting fishing and camping in that W.M.A. and know this landscape day or night, so my estimation of the distance is approximate. My house sits at the top of a hill overlooking South Lake and the Salt Lake WMA, so the path of the flight was completely unobstructed from view. When fist observed it appeared to be about the size of a bb. As it traveled towards me it grew in size to what appeared the size of a basketball, and then reduced again in size as it proceeded east and then disappeared. Although it was extremely brilliant LIKE a shooting star, it was traveling much too slow, was at what seemed to be a constant altitude, and when passing overhead appeared to be just a brilliant white solid ball. I have no idea of the actual altitude or size of the object, but from where I was able to see it when it appeared from my location, as an educated guess I would say around a thousand feet. The terms "bb + basketball" refer how they appeared to me visually from my location. [MUFON CMS]

Two Discs with Lights Over Miami-Dade Pasture

March 9, 2012. The UFOs were hovering in unity over a cow farm in Miami Dade County the crafts looked as fallows, 2 disc shaped objects with only white lights beaming down towards what they were hovering over. Each craft looked to have 6 to 8 bright lights around them. The crafts were still in the air no movement what so ever not to the left not to the right up or down just hovering. This continued for about an hour until police choppers suddenly appeared. When the choppers appeared the distant craft disappeared within seconds, the second craft closer to the earth moved slowly into the clouds and picked up a fast rate of speed and was also gone. Police choppers cased the area for about 30 minutes looking for something, a total of 4 to 5 choppers, then they retired and all activity was gone. [MUFON CMS]

Key Marathon Dark Object

Marathon, Feb. 25, 2012.  We were at the 7-Mile Bridge just before the sun set in the Florida keys.  As the sun neared being set I noticed a black grayish sphere hovering to the right of the 7 Mile Bridge. I pointed it out to my husband. We waited and watched for 15 min or so to see if it was a blimp or helicopter but it never moved! After the sun had set and there was still some light in the sky we walked back to the car.  The object was still in the sky. This was maybe 8 minutes or so after watching it for 15 minutes earlier. Darkness fell as we began to drive and when we looked for the object we could no longer see it. The bridge was full of people but no one seemed to notice. I stopped a jogger passing by and asked him what he thought it was...he shrugged his shoulders and said he didn't know either. [MUFON CMS]


Port St. Lucie Ten Fast Moving Spheres

Pt. St. Lucie Feb. 11, 2012 Driving north on Hwy. 1 we stopped in the left turn lane at Westmoreland Blvd. waiting for the light. We were the first car in line. My wife noticed three objects in the sky coming towards us from about a 10:o,clock direction. By the time the light changed four or five of these objects were out of sight to the left rear of the car with two or three coming into view. We turned the corner and pulled off on a side street and got out to look. by this time the last two spheres were still visible with one quite distant and the last over our position at an angle of about 75 degrees. The sphere did not have external lights or any external objects period. Four of us were there and nobody heard a sound coming from the spheres. The sphere was transparent in the upper half and a bright orange color in the lower section but not exactly half. The orange was in the center and tapered down to the left and right. The orange was not radiating or blinding or flashing but it did seem to provide a slight orange cast to the upper part of the sphere. It was obvious the sphere was transparent. After we got out of the car the last sphere was out of sight within about two minutes or less. Our first thoughts while stopped at the light was the bubble helicopters. We rolled down the windows but could not hear them. Before we turned the corner we did not think they were helicopters because we could actually see into the spheres, and there weren't any marker lights. After we stopped on the quiet street we knew it was something else. For me personally there was no noise, no external lights, no external structure and no visible means of propulsion. After seeing the above my comment was that our government does not have the technology to move a sphere through our atmosphere without control surfaces and a visible means of propulsion. My second thought was that we saw eight or ten (different opinions) personal transporters with no visible weaponry or external anything.  [MUFON CMS]

Drawing of sphere submitted by witness.

Tarpon Springs Three Orbs Combine

Tarpon Springs, January 22, 2012.Three orbs in sky, looked as though they were racing around each other in circles.. then two of the orbs combined to make a larger one, while the third one continued to race around the one larger one.. this was going on for thirty minutes, then the smaller one combined to the one larger one and disappeared.. [MUFON CMS]

North Miami Beach White Light With Tail

North Miami Beach Jan. 7, 2012. My boyfriend & I live on a 7th floor condo a couple of miles from the beach, our balcony faces southeast. On this particular Saturday just about 6:30 PM the weather was so nice we had turned off the A/C and opened all the windows and balcony to let some fresh air in. We had the TV on sitting on the couch with our balcony to our left. I don't know why but, we both looked outside to the sky at the same time, which is strange considering we were sitting on the couch really just watching TV. We both spotted this white round light which had a long white bright tail, both of us exclaimed "Wow!", it was so bright it actually lit up the sky (clouds) as it travelled south east over the ocean. After about 5 seconds it disappeared. We were left wondering what it was. We are very used to air traffic and recognize the blinking lights from airplanes but, this was a light with a long tail, quite large. To add to this mystery on the following night, again taking advantage of great weather... my sister, boyfriend & I were sitting outside on our balcony. We were telling her the story, again around the same time (6:30 PM), actually we were pointing in the same direction of where we saw this thing the night before and just as we are pointing up at the sky, my sister says "What's that???" and we ALL see this smaller round object and it streaks across the sky again in the same general direction. This one was a lot smaller. Was this a meteor, it certainly looked like it could have been, but what are at the chances of seeing something 2 nights in a row? After the weekend I returned to work and told a co-worker what happened. She told me that she & her husband were on the beach on Saturday night and they saw a large white light and thought it was a falling star and she "made a wish". I would sure like to know if others may have seen the same thing we saw... [MUFON CMS]

Seminole Object with Colored Lights

Seminole, Dec. 20, 2011.I went outside at 6:07 pm specifically to look for the object that has been in our western sky for the past 2 nights. As I looked to the position where it had been before it was again there. It did change position and moved slightly more west from my position. It has very bright lights in the center and pulsating red, blue and white lights around its edges. It appears to be round in shape. I did not ever feel threatened by its presence. At 7:25 it disappeared (like switching off a light).[ MUFON CMS]

Investigator's Opinion of Seminole Object: Witness ********  thought he was seeing a bright glowing star on 12/18/2011. It in fact was the Planet Jupiter. He is a very kind soft spoken man and said he feels he made the report just to be sure.

Seminole Horizontally Moving Star

Seminole, Dec. 18, 2011.I was walking with a friend and his dog at night about 7pm or so on Sunday, Dec.18, 2011, when about a block from returning home I noticed some stars above, not a whole lot, but did notice a star moving horizontally. It didn't move fast or far horizontally, but slow. I decided to get my cell phone and zoom in to take a picture, then also captured in video. I was astonished to see how this star was moving erratically side to side, up and down, disappearing and glowing. Well it may have been about 15-20 minutes that my friend and I was just watching the object when I went home to get my jacket and someone else to look at what we were looking at. It was another 10 minutes before we went home and about 10 minutes later we sought to see this object again, but by now it was farther out at a distance and hard to get a visual as we did previously. In addition, at the very same time on Monday, I noticed that same star in within the same area and after a half hour or so, it moved away far into the distance.[ MUFON CMS]

Seminole Triangle

December 14, 2011.I was walking my dog lad night along a dark residential street here by my home and suddenly lights caught my attention just above the tree line. I pulled out my phone and was able to shoot off a couple photos before the thing disappeared.  It was  a triangle ship with four round lights on the bottom. The biggest of the lights was in the front of the triangle and them THREE smaller round lights in a U shape inn the back. On my I-phone I am able to blow these up and they are very clearly a triangle ship. [MUFON CMS]

Investigator's Opinion of Seminole Triangle: It is my opinion that the report is a hoax. While the date of the report may have easily been confused from 12/12/2011 to 12/14/2011, the information provided does not appear to be accidental. In the initial report, the witness indicates "When I blew these up on my I-phone you can clearly see a TRIANGLE ship with FOUR HUGE LIGHTS". However, per the EXIF photo readings, the 'blow ups' were actually photos taken four days later in the afternoon with a different aperture setting, flash setting, and were 19 minutes apart. The initial report indicated 30 seconds. I agreed with SSD Teri Lynge, that these were likely photographs of other photographs. Had there been actual enlargements of the original photos, the EXIF information would likely have not appeared. However, if the EXIF information did remain intact regardless, the EXIF information would have all been consistent with the original photographs (photo1).

Seminole Lights in Triangle Position November 20, 2011

Seminole, November 20, 2011. I just finished work and got in my car. I sat there a minute to call my boyfriend. Looking out my driver's window I observed 4 flashing lights in the near distance towards the northeast, past the far side of a lake I was parked in front of. At first the lights were stationary and blinking, maybe about 200 feet above the ground but perhaps around a 1/2-3/4 mile from where I was parked. It was dark and I thought they were lights on a tower; but then one of the lights (it was blue) moved slowly under a red light and I realized there were four independent lights. I believe one was blue and three were red (the primary colors of each). They formed a triangle shape in the air with three on the left side and a separate one forming the triangle to the right. They hovered blinking and changing colors from red to blue, bright intense, glowing light. I was telling my boyfriend this on the phone, and of course, he didn't believe me. Even thought the formation was "stationary" the orbs/lights moved extremely fast in each small area they were "staying" in, and if I squinted, I could see beams or trails left where each one was moving within its allotted space without breaking the triangle formation. I briefly considered going back inside to get my co-workers, but by this time, the lights/orbs were moving away from me towards the northeast, at a fair pace. Not two minutes later, two helicopters headed in that general direction. By this time I was out of the parking lot and driving south, towards home, but saw the helicopters pass over me, going northeast. [MUFON CMS]

Broward Brilliant Orbs

November 26, 2011. Multiple brilliant orange orbs filmed by me on the listed date over Broward County (South) Florida. I am a former MUFON Investigator and this is not CGI. The below video link to the footage is on You Tube. It is worth a thousand words. [MUFON CMS] Video: UFO Footage South Florida


Sunny Isles Beach Cloudy Disks

Sunny Isles Beach June 28, 2011. I took two pictures with my I-phone from a meeting room in a hotel in Sunny Isles Beach Florida to send to a client, interested in renting the meeting room for a conference and wanting to know the view of the room. a few months after I was looking for those pictures to send to someone else and by accident I zoomed in the pictures and noticed these 3 oval shapes that look like clouds but once you zoom in them they are in a very particular shape and there is one inside one of the clouds to the left. the only way to see this you must zoom in the pictures. I have no idea what they are and I am not suggesting anything however they are very interesting and everyone will need to make their own conclusion. [MUFON CMS]



Opinion of Photoanalyst: These are classic reflection photos of the recessed ceiling lighting as seen reflected as a virtual image in the window through which the photo was taken. I have seen the same photo artifact in images taken in airport terminals and hotels in addition to the one from which these pictures were taken.

Homestead Blue Light


                                                 Original Picture                                                                                                 Close-up of blue object

St. Johns UFO

St. Johns November 8.2011. Last night November 8, 2011 in about 12:56AM. again, I witnessed something in the sky that put me in shock. Over the Atlantic shores of St. Augustine an unknown bright object in a BALL shape with orange, purple, green and red lights and surrounded by black balls were drifting to the right in the sky for 25 minutes and then stop and turn into a large white bright ball with a light tale. The object did not make any noise but the intensity of light changed every 10 seconds. [MUFON CMS] (Click for Video.)   UFOORASTERODIINFLORIDAUSA2011_11_08_09_53_16.avi

Hialeah Lakes, Hovering Light

Hialeah Lakes, Sept. 17, 2011. I was lying in the backyard when I looked up an noticed a strange bright object high in the sky.. It moved from the west to the east hovering and then back to the west... It moved away from the clouds disappeared and then returned. I have no clue what it was and would love to find out... I have actual video footage of the event.. It lasted about 10mins.. When we zoomed in on the camera it had a dome shape. This was an amazing sight. [MUFON CMS]

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