August to December 1999


"How can we get the ideas we need to formulate a truly fundamental [unified] theory, when this theory is to describe a realm where all intuitions derived from life in space-time become inapplicable?" [Steven Weinberg in Scientific American, December, 1999]One Plausible Interpretationirling design."    [Thomas Buyea, Miami, FL.]

Miami, FL Sept. 30, 1999.  Eric was out walking his dog at approximately 3:35 AM when he saw a V-shaped formation of dim red-orange lights course silently from SE to NW for about 5-7 seconds.   He estimates that that 10 airplanes could fit inside the "wing span".    Eric lives in Southwest Miami and  is accustomed to seeing airplanes coming into Tamiami Airport, but no airplanes were visible at the time of the sighting. 

Miami, Fl. Oct. 24, 1999.  Again Eric was walking his dog at 3:40 or 3:45 and saw a peculiar formation, of five circles in a semi-circle passing directly overhead, heading due south.    This formation also had a reddish orange color and passed out of sight in 3 seconds.  [Thanks to Peter Davenport, UFO Reporting Center, for initial contact and report.]

Eric has also had a sighting in Pensacola along with two other people in 1994 when he first saw a small triangular formation of red-orange lights moving silently through the clouds.  He felt that this may have been a military craft; however the sighting was followed by "sleep paralysis" and sleepwalking. [Investigation in progress]  

Unknown Aircraft

Ocala, FL. October 30, 1999; 11:42 AM. A corporate pilot for a Georgia aeronautical engineering firm was piloting a Piper PA-34-200T at 7,000 feet enroute to south Florida.  About 24 miles NW of Ocala, he observed an unknown aircraft which had a space shuttle like shape but was smaller and shorter with a dolphin-like nose, no cockpit, windshield, windows or door.  The craft was 75 feet long with a 50 foot wing span in straight level flight.  Both the  pilot  and his aeronautical engineer passenger were unfamiliar with this aircraft.  MUFON's Earle Blanton Jr. will investigate.  [For complete report see Filer's Files # 45, Nov 12, 1999]

Deerfield Beach, Fl. Sept 11, 1999, 8:45 P.M. This beautiful orb, nicknamed "Big Red" was photographed by Dennis with a Sony Mavica FD81 digital camera on a clear dry night facing north with the camera angle at 45 degrees.   Dennis believes that this and many other orbs he has photographed are friendly ET life forms.

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Coral Springs, FL.Oct. 24, 1999 at 9:35-9:40 PM.  A stockbroker saw a huge perfectly shaped V formation of silvery white "ships", "the color of a cloud at night"  The object(s) were moving in the direction of the almost-full moon and disappeared after about 8 seconds.   The witness describes himself as "interested in UFO research but a huge skeptic."

Orlando, FL, Oct 18, 1999; 11:45 P.M. A man and his wife saw a strange triangular object which they followed down a 2-lane road and watched as it hung motionless in the sky, then moved left and right quickly.  The object had lights in all three corners and in the middle had a darker round shape.  The lights were not blinding and the craft moved slowly, so the couple got a good look at it as it glided  slowly out of sight. After this they returned home and  the wife saw the large triangle above their house.  She called her husband and they both watched until the object disappeared.   Then they each drew similar pictures of the craft. [E-mail interview] 

Casey Key, FL. October 10, 1999.   A large triangular shaped craft flew from horizon to horizon as observed from the stern deck of a motor vessel at 10:30 PM.  The witness is a Vietnam vet, pilot and captain of the vessel.  "When sitting on the stern deck  of my motor vessel I observed a black triangle craft pass over and through my field of vision.  Five bright white lights were visible on each arm aspect on the craft. The size and shape of the craft was evident as it continued to cover clouds and star fields.  No noise was heard.  The sighting lasted 30-60 seconds. [Thanks to NUFORC and Peter Davenport and George Filer, Filer's Files  Oct 22, 1999]

Tampa, FL. Sept 7, 1999. A UFO sighting was shown on Fox Channel 13 and a fair appraisal was given by the two anchors. State Section Director Lorraine Gerber had some military personnel examine the film and they felt it showed a triangular craft banking in a turn.   [George Filer, Filer's Files, Oct 22, 1999]

Pembroke Pines, FL. September, 1999. A law enforcement officer and his wife were driving East of I-75 near Barnes and Noble book store when they saw a round metallic ship which seemed to be connected to another ship by a bar.  The two appeared to be rotating around each other. One of the craft was reported to have a "crumpled" look. [Preliminary report]

Lantana, FL. Sept 9, 1999 5:13 A.M.   As June was driving north on Broadway between Hypoloxo Rd. and Lantana Rd, out of the sky popped a white light.  Then the object "turned on" its lights.  It appeared to be a 20' disc flashing red, white, blue, and green lights around the perimeter.  It was at first heading east and then seemed to become "aware" of her presence, so it suddenly changed course, coming south, right at me.  June stopped the car, took pictures through the windshield. [Trees at right of pictures.]

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The UFO changed course again, heading east toward Ocean Ave, two block north.  Once again  the object changed course and headed back south  toward the witness who lowered the car window and took this picture. [Note "triangular lights" behind and above the UFO.]


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Zephyrhills south to Ft. Myers; September 7, 1999; 5:05 AM. A massive UFO sighting was reported by people along the Florida west coast.  MUFON's Lorraine Gerber is investigating  a report that a mother and son in Seminole saw a large object hovering 300 ft. from them on top of the trees, producing a cloud covering around itself and then moving straight up. Fox interviewed the family and may include their findings in the Tampa Bay area broadcast on Sept. 8, at 10:00 PM . 

NASA announced that the object was a Russian Directional Booster coming in on a trajectory that took it over the west coast area.  Meanwhile, more reports are coming in from Ft. Myers.  Updates will follow. [Thanks to P. Goggan and  to Lorraine Gerber, ASD, Tampa area]  Click here for News Article from Lorraine


North Broward County, FL. July 31, 1999.   The picture below was taken at 6:00 A.M. The slow-moving craft was visible for about a minute as it moved south at about 15,000 ft. and then disappeared. It appeared as large as a dime held at arm's length.  It seems to be surrounded by an energy field. [Thanks  to Team Cavallari for technical assistance with this  and the "orb" photo above. ] 

orb731.JPG (33612 bytes)

Ft. Meyers, FL. July 31---August 1, 1999.  At 11:30 PM a young man and his friend went out by the pool and noticed 3 blinking lights very low on the horizon in a symmetrical line, changing color from white to red to orange and back to white.   After   getting binoculars they saw the lights  stop blinking and then start again.   Sometimes two lights would blink in unison and then stop.   The observers saw the bottom light come up to the middle one and stay by it.  At one point they saw a fourth light come up quickly from below and disappear back down again.  

After midnight at 12:25 the three lights formed a triangle, sometimes blinking unison with a fourth and fifth light coming from the east.  It seemed to move east slightly, just above the tree line.

Additional witnesses please notify

Deerfield Beach, FL. July 20, 1999.   At 8:10 P.M. a woman driving home from work saw a "large silver rod-shaped craft" at Military Trail and S.W. 10 Street.

Southwest Miami-Dade County, April 14, 1999.  Yogi A. was driving to work between 7:00 and 8:00 P.M.  when  he saw something "shooting" in the sky which he thought at first was a meteor, but which didn't sink to the ground.  Suddenly the object stopped still in the sky and Yogi stopped his car  at S.W. 184th St. and 137th Ave. to look at it.  The strange object  appeared orange, oval-diamond shaped, and "cut the clouds in half".  As the young man aimed his Minolta compact camera, the UFO "stretched" and then immediately after the picture was taken, disappeared toward the N.W. 

The object appeared huge: "larger than a blimp"; the estimated  elevation was about 4,000 ft.  and the speed was "faster than a meteor."  Sighting time was 1 to 2 minutes. 

Several other people stopped their cars to look at the UFO.

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I-75 north of Miami, FL, July, 1998.  As Sarah was driving north at 1:45 AM an oval-shaped orange light appeared about 50 feet from her car and over an overpass.  The light first came from the west and then darted very quickly east, under the overpass.  It seemed to be moving at about 65 mph, but then slowed and seemed to hesitate.  Speeding up again it bolted east  behind the overpass and the trees.

Miami, FL. July 2, 1996. Edward Slayton took these pictures with a disposable camera as he watched the jetliners landing at Miami International Airport.  Later that day when he picked up the developed pictures he was surprised  to see two saucer shaped objects near a jet.  Edward notes that the two objects are in a deliberate formation above and behind the jet as though they were hiding in the planes' radar blips. 

                                                          Slayton1.jpg (20317 bytes)



Slayton2.jpg (5542 bytes)  Slayton3.jpg (19469 bytes)                                                                                      

Enhancement shows structured objects.

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Edward's fascinating book: The Illusion; Building the Perfect Beast and a sighting at Gulf Breeze can be seen at


Raul Garza's cigar-shaped craft, Monterrey Mexico, August 26, 1999

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