Skyscan January to June 2004



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St. Petersburg  FL.0range Sphere and Bouncing Balls March 14, 2004 Florida Sighting
Possible sighting of Bouncing Balls on Cape Cod  March 14, 2004 Florida Sighting

April 14, 2004 Tumbling disk near Tampa  WUFOD1
April 3, 2004 Strange Object near St. Pete WUFOD1
March 31, 2004 Son and Mother See "Rocket" near PensacolaWUFOD1
April 12, 2004,  "Bleeding" Light near MontverdeWUFOD1

Ft. Myers Hovering Sliver April 17, 2004Florida Sighting

Golden disks in St. Augustine April 9, 2004 and Orlando  April 16, 2004Florida Sighting

Confirmation of Sighting in Ft. Myers

I can confirm a sighting from the story listed below. Titled: "Ft. Myers, Jan 4.2004"

I too saw an object as I was leaving a department store (Wal-Mart) with my wife. We exited the building to the east and walked into the parking lot. The sun was setting so we were in the shadow of the building. We unloaded the shopping cart and before we entered the car I noticed an object floating in the air to the west. At first I thought it was a weather balloon because it was puffy and it just bounced along at 500-1000 feet, but upon second glance I noticed it was more rectangular or even square. I said to my wife "What's that"?, but she kept reading over the shopping receipt. I said "Its a UFO", but she thought I was kidding and ignored me. When I looked back a third time it was gone. I scanned the sky in all directions, but it was gone. This is my first experience and first time writing about it. I've been a weather observer and aviator since 1984 and I have never seen anything like this before.

MAX. Ft. Myers FL.

Original Sighting

Ft. Myers, Jan. 4, 2004. An object appeared almost the size of the full moon as it flew over at 2:30 P.M. according to the witnesses who had a very clear and "razor sharp view" of a very thin disc.  The bottom surface appeared shaded, and the upper surface was highly reflective and showed a wide low bulge nearly filling the diameter.  It was definitely a disc, said the witnesses, and definitely nearly flat on its  upper and lower surfaces.  It behaved like a balloon--drifting and turning, climbing and dipping, bobbing weightlessly, in a more or less easterly direction.  It did not appear to be under "control" or "doing" anything.  It was big and definitely "hardware", and not a cloud.  Nearby airfields are Paige Field and SW Florida International Airport. This occurred in or near the landing path for some of the air traffic.  The disk had a bulge on one face, was 30 feet across, reflected sunlight, and bobbed around at 3-5000 feet.  [Filers's Files, thanks to Peter Davenport, UFO Center.]


Attention Miami Residents!!

Have you seen this?

Southwest Miami, FL May 26, 2004 I actually did see something unusual last night. Well, actually four unusual things-four bright lights that looked like moving stars, only much lower. If you were asked to use dots to draw the four corners of a large square, that would sort of describe the formation. They appeared very suddenly, I was actually looking at that very section of the sky, pointing out how pretty the sky looked to my daughter, when they just appeared out of nowhere. The lights flashed on and off-all 4 simultaneously, and the formation moved very fast. I am always out walking my dogs at night and looking at the stars. And since I live near Tamiami Airport, I know how long it takes for a plane to leave my line of vision. This took a fraction of the time. As an aside, it was very unusual that I was out at that time with my daughter. We had gone out to eat, it was a little bit past 9:30 pm when we returned home-a bit late for 4 year old. Normally I would have rushed her into the house to start the dreaded bedtime routine-and at on the way home I had told her a couple of times we had to hurry and get her into bed, but for some strange, and pretty uncharacteristic reason, when I pulled into the driveway, I asked her if she wanted to go for a little walk and look at the stars. She of course was thrilled, and she saw the lights as well.


Miami Experiencer Dr. H. Click here

Below --strange Circle in Dr. H's yard below bedroom window. See Dr. H.


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