Skyscan July to December 2005

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New Sightings

Orlando UFO Seen by Five April 18, 2005 Click here

Palm Beach Couple Sees Glowing Object Outside Window April 20, 2005Florida Sighting

Ormand Beach Beach Black Diamond May 23, 2005 Florida Sighting

St. Petersburg Floating Grey Circle May 27, 2005 Florida Sighting

Coral Springs Dancing Circles May 25, 2005 Florida Sighting

Satellite Beach Saucer June 1, 2005 Florida Sighting 

Clearwater Star Shoots Downward July 18, 2005 Florida Sighting

Teardrop Sighted in Panhandle June 19, 2005 Florida Sighting

Port Richey Huge Boomerang, Sept 28, 2005 Florida Sighting

Mysterious Fireball over Ft. Pierce Sept 20, 2005 Florida Sighting

Delray Beach Three Lights in Triangular Formation Nov. 11, 2005Florida Sighting

  Gainesville Black Triangle Oct. 20, 2005 Florida Sighting


Strange lights photographed  by Floridians near Area 51.  August 2005

Nevada5.jpg (10695 bytes)
Click on picture for details and more photos.


Navarre White Lights November 7, 2005  Florida Sighting

FLnavarre.jpg (6634 bytes)

UFO Sighting in Coconut Creek, Florida

February 12th, 2005

"I had the opportunity to get my hands on some UFO video footage that a friend of mine (Paul Cohen) got out in Coconut Creek, Florida on February 12th of 2005. The object was apparently hovering over his back yard for about 20 minutes or so that morning at around 11:35 a.m., and he captured about 5 minutes of it with his MiniDV camera, a consumer-brand Sony camcorder. There are 3 other people known to have witnessed the event, including Paul's Girlfriend, Gina, who was with him at the time.

After having seen the video playing on Paul's laptop, I insisted on getting a copy of the original DV footage from him so I could do some more comprehensive analysis. What I encountered during that process was, to say the least, entirely unexpected."

[For complete text and video clips go to UFO Sighting in Coconut Creek, Florida and


UFOBokTower.jpg (44121 bytes)
UFO near Bok Tower in Lake Wales, FL Investigation by Wm. Puckett

Couple Take Photo of Two Triangular Shaped Objects in Daytime - Lake Wales, Florida - September 11, 2005       Florida Sighting


Cooper City Triangle, Nov. 22, 1989

UFOCoopCty.jpg (55808 bytes)

One evening in 1989 (month not remembered), my wife and I were sitting in our open back yard patio hoping to observe the fire trail of a launching at Cape Kennedy, which could be visible unobstructed, as we reside on a lake. For reasons unknown, we did not see the flame tail and were returning to the house. Suddenly, my wife became very excited and pointed towards the Eastern sky.

Approaching us east to west from the ocean/Fort Lauderdale area, was a strange flying vehicle. It was moving very quickly at a low altitude and turning southwest directly towards our home. We both observed a very large triangle, or arrowhead shaped craft, surrounded by a haze at approximately 3/4, or a mile, altitude. As it passed above us, it made no sound. It was completely silent. Clearly visible were circular white lights, seven in number, on the underside, beginning at the nose, and evenly spaced towards the rear. It disappeared from view, going towards the Everglades. I build model aircraft as a hobby, and this vehicle was not shaped like anything I have ever seen, including the stealth F-117, or the B2 Bomber.

My wife and I mentioned this incident to several of our friends and neighbors immediately; however, they expressed no interest. We did not contact any official agency for obvious reasons. I hope that this information will be useful.

Please keep our identities confidential, as my former work in Law enforcement raised certain hostilities.[For the complete report to NUFORC go to:]


Bright Orange UFO Seen by Seven in Gulf July 3, 2005

FlahertyUFO.jpg (173686 bytes)
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Second sighting of Object over Experiencer's home!  August 2, 2005

Flahertyyard1.JPG (24744 bytes)
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Sarasota, July 21, 2005 UFO with "Stadium Lights" passes over cars
Click on picture for details.

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MIAMI - Experts believe a meteor was visible along a large section of the Florida coast skyline Thursday night, September 30, 2005 although NASA officials have not confirmed what the intensely bright, fast object exactly was. The glowing orb was spotted around 7 p.m.; some who saw it called county and state officials to ensure that it wasn't a crashing aircraft. Residents from the state's Space Coast region all the way to South Florida reported seeing the object, officials said. A meteor is a momentary flash of light produced when a space object penetrates Earth's atmosphere

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From Other Places

PHOENIX -- My wife and I were at South Mountain watching the moonrise at 8:25 PM, on May 23, 2005. With all of the pollution in the air the moon looked like an orange fireball in the sky. As the moon moved higher we saw three dark, tear-drop ships fly in front of the moon, moving from the west side to the eastside of Phoenix. They did not look to be in our atmosphere, but between Earth and the Moon. The Tear Drops filled a huge area of the face on the moon. From the West to the East of the moon, the Tear Drops took about five seconds for them to pass from one side to the other. A Spanish couple next to us had also witnessed this event. They pointed to the moon, rattled something in Spanish. I went to talk to them but our English and Spanish were not working with each other to talk about what we had just witnessed. It was amazing. Thanks to Peter Davenport Director

AZphoenix60505.jpg (7654 bytes)

Editor’s Note: [George Filer] A series of videos and photographs are now under analysis showing possible unidentified flying objects. A series of sonic booms are also being reported. One spectacular but controversial video can be seen at


Huge Triangle in Puerto Rico Dims Airport Lights

UFOPuertoRico.jpg (29126 bytes)

For Details go to: Huge Triangle Dims Airport Lights In Puerto Rico - Photos


White Triangle Morphs over Kaufman, Texas-10-22-05

WhiteTri.jpg (11865 bytes)

White Triangle Morphs over Kaufman, Texas-10-22-05-UFO Casebook Files


Massive UFO Fleet Filmed Over The UK

UFOuk.jpg (5411 bytes)                           UFOuk1.jpg (21101 bytes)

On October 27 Gene Harley photographed this fleet with his cell phone camera while traveling on the M 25 Moterway with some friends.


MMET.JPG (51896 bytes)
MUFON Symposium July 22, 2005






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