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Is Bigfoot real?  Does it have a language?   Did Robert Carter Sr. and his granddaughter actually feed and communicate with the creature and its family?  Does it leave markers of bent and woven saplings in the woods of Tennessee? Can it still be contacted?

This book by Mary A. Green answers these questions and more.  Contact Mary at
Also see Mary's Hominoid Research site

new1.gif (2364 bytes)Mary's new book "Bigfoot at My Door" is Mary's true story.  $15.00 & S & H

Sept 1, 2003 Bigfoot Researcher Anita in centralTennessee says..

"We have been having so many new things happening here in our area. Some of us have learned some of the bigfoot calls that Janice does, and we are having a lot of success doing this. I have even been getting rocks thrown at me when I do them. We are saying things in their language, and it get's those big critters all stirred up... "


South Florida Resident Relates Abduction Experiences

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Sandy Nichols, author of Different Child.

New sighting by Sandy August 27, 2003

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