Bright Orange UFO Seen by Seven in the Gulf of Mexico


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Thomas, a witness reports, "The object was just above the the water on a tilt and it stayed there for about a minute, then slowly went horizontal.   Its color was a bright orange; the light looked like it was spinning--it looked almost alive with color.  This was on a fishing trip and  I was on the starboard side when I and six others saw this object. It was 2:48 AM. I noticed the object when it just appeared in the dark night sky. It's  really dark out on the Gulf of Mexico at night; it was like instant light that appeared,  a very bright orange beautiful colour. It was not an oil rig, space shuttle, plane ,blimp or other vessel;     I know what they look like out there at night. I reached for my camara to take a picture but the batteries were dead.  They were new and I had 12 shots left on the roll. After that about a few seconds went by and it just blinked out....gone. The batteries on the camara were brand new from the tackle shop. When I got them they were only in the camara for a few hours and worked untill then,even the lights on the boat dimmed before the object blinked out. I am still beside myself about this; ever since this sighting I feel different."

The lights on the object rotated left to right.  The object was about a mile away and  could have been covered by a tennis ball at arm's length.

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Sunset from the boat

  Some fish were caught on the trip, but none were caught at John’s Pass on July 3 where the object was seen, and according to Thomas there were no dolphins around the boat as there usually were.  The UFO appeared about 50 to 80 feet above the horizon and cast no shadow.  At the time of the sighting the florescent lights on the boat dimmed and the metal railings felt "tingly". 

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