Unlike many experiencers, Anita does not have memories of any unpleasant experiences with the aliens, nor does she fear them. She says that she has always felt that she does not belong on Planet Earth. She sees an entity which comes and gives her information but she cannot remember it later.  One year ago an extraterrestrial approached her bed at 2:00 A.M. and then disappeared.   The next night the being was outside the bedroom window.

On a trip to a chiropractor Anita was X-rayed and when the chiropractor reviewed the X-rays, he shook his head.  Finally he said "You're strange! Nothing in your body is where it is supposed to be.  You have an extra vertebra.  Your organs and spine are not where they are supposed to be." Jokingly Anita said. "I'm extraterrestrial." 

Anita recalls a clear dream in which she was off in space with other people.  She felt she was given profound information which will come forward when she needs it but when she awoke she could not recall the information.  She feels protected and does not oppose "negative" people because she believes that they are here for a reason.  She sometimes sees people who have died.  On one occasion while she was traveling to see her husband in the hospital, she arrived there nearly an hour sooner than  the trip ordinarily would have taken.  (An abduction could have taken place at this time, but there seemed to be no other evidence than the contraction of time.)

When Anita is "told" intuitively to do something, she does it without question.  Her niece, Christine, had an incurable disease and had to have blood transfusions.  Anita went to see her and found her asleep.  Anita sat next to her on a chair.  Christine awoke and saw that the blood bag was empty and screamed that she was going to die.  Anita took her by the hand and asked whether she believed in God.  Anita told her about "the tunnel and the white light and the kind beings".  Christine fell into a coma and died two days later.  At her home Anita heard Christine's voice saying "Aunt Anita..." Anita looked up at the ceiling and saw a light shadow.  She said "Christine?", the shadow said "Yes, thank you for helping me over." About a week later as Anita was meditating when suddenly she saw a door and Christine was there and opened the door.  There was darkness on the other side.  The two went down a hall and came to a table with three "Masters" or beings with light above them.  She was told to go in front of the table.  One said to the other, "Should we tell her?"  The other said "No, she'll be able to take care of what is going to happen."  After that Christina opened the door and let Anita return. 

Of her lifetime of strange experiences, Anita says "I don't know what to make of me."

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