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Petite and a little shy, Beth almost never speaks of her experiences with unknown entities, but she has a lifetime of material to relate.  

One of the strangest events took place in Miami, Florida in 1996.  At about midnight Beth was sitting on the couch when she became aware of a small rectangle of light that came in through the closed window, rotating as it moved toward her edgewise.  As she looked into the rectangle she knew that she was looking into another universe.   Suddenly there sprang from the rectangle a being dressed in a bronze or amber suit, wearing a tight helmet.  Although she was unable to recall other facial features, she did remember the being's eyes which were huge and looked directly into hers as it bent over her.  Beth was terrified and unable to move. It seemed as though she was falling into his eyes.  "I felt that he took my soul", she said later.  When she became conscious of her surroundings again the time was 5:30 A.M.


At the age of 9 Beth saw a "ball of fire" destroy the side of a mountain near her home in Puerto Rico.  Her father warned her never to speak of this.

When she was 34 years of age Beth went to a doctor because her eyes were swollen.  The doctor was puzzled that one so young should have cataracts; he was still more mystified, when during eye surgery to remove the cataracts Beth was found to have had a "previous operation" at which time "tissue was taken out".  Beth had never consciously had any operation or procedures done to her eyes.

At another time Beth awoke and felt extreme pain on her face and in her mouth she found metallic debris.  Since she was a caretaker for her ailing mother, Beth did not go to the doctor immediately.  Still later, under regression, she remembered waking up to find a military dentist working on her left lower molar.  She became very angry at this intrusion and bit the dentist on the hand.  At this he pulled her back by her hair and slapped her hard. Speculation about the reason for the dental work leads to the possible removal of a previously placed implant by military personnel. 

At her home in Puerto Rico Beth heard loud a "Boom !" several times and then saw an entity in the house.   Ironically, she dropped back to sleep and remembered nothing until after 4:00 in the morning. At that time she heard her grandson crying that there was a "coqui" on him.  Beth saw nothing, but tried to comfort the child, reminding him that a coqui was only a tiny frog that lived in trees.  The boy insisted that this coqui was huge and sat on his chest while looking at him with big dark eyes about two inches from his face. The same day, when Beth  was attending to her daughter's baby, Laura, she noticed what appeared to be a puncture wound on the baby's head.  Beth tried to minimize the mother's fears by saying that the puncture was probably only a mosquito bite.  At age 21/2 Laura was found outside of her parents' locked house at 5:00 A.M. The toddler did not seem fearful and said that she had been "playing with her friends"although there were no other children around at the time.  Her brother, who had complained about the "coqui", remains very afraid of the dark and sometimes complaines of "people" in the room looking at him.

In 1992 Beth was traveling in North Carolina on the Blue Ridge Parkway to Boone along with her friend, Wendell. They encountered so many unusual situations that Beth calls this "The Strangeness Trip". One night in a motel Beth awoke to see two military men in the room, but inexplicably went back to sleep.   The next morning she and Wendell went to a nearby restaurant to have breakfast.   As they entered the waiter looked at them strangely and said "Did you forget something?"  When they answered that they were just coming to breakfast, the waiter insisted that both of them had just been there, had ordered breakfast and proceeded to elaborate that Wendell had eaten pancakes while Beth had scrambled eggs.  He also said that the "first" pair looked exactly like Beth and Wendell and had been dressed identically to them   Amazed, the two ordered the same food as their "counterparts" had eaten.   After leaving the restaurant, they again drove on the Blue Ridge Parkway and felt that there was "something" overhead, but could not see anything. Near Blowing Rock a black helicopter flew over and still farther on there were 4 military men standing by the helicopter on a concrete slab by the road.   When Beth and Wendell stopped at an overlook, a small Japanese car was there and a man and two girls were standing by the car.  It was as if they were waiting for Beth and Wendell, for when the two got out of their car, the girls turned around, took two photos of them and without a word, got in their car and left.

Two days later back in Miami Beth and Wendell went into a Chinese restaurant on S.W. 137 Ave.  As they entered the waiter said, "Are you going to order now? "  He explained, "You were seated here and then went into the restroom saying that you would order when you came back."   They tried to explain that they had just entered the restaurant, but the man looked so confused that they ended the discussion.  Before ordering, however, they did check the restrooms and found them empty.  Two similar strange occurrences in two days left them wondering whether there was any connection to the military presence in the motel and on the Parkway.

In the summer of 1993 Beth and Wendell had watched a TV program at Wendell's house in Miami. They left shortly after 9:00 P.M. to go to Beth's daughter's house, an easy 1/2 hour drive south on the Florida Turnpike extension.  As they drove along the normally busy turnpike, they noticed that there were no other cars on the road and that the road was eerily quiet.  Beth observed  that there was a "bridge" across the road and the next thing they both remembered was that there were cars on the road again, but when they arrived at Beth's daughter's house no lights were on and it was after 12:00 midnight.  They had "lost" at least 2 1/2 hours.  The next day Beth wanted to see the "bridge" again, but there was no bridge at all on that section of the Turnpike.  What was the long thin structure that crossed the road in front of them?  Where had they been during the missing 2 1/2 hours?  These and many other enigmas continue to perplex Beth and Wendell.

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