This woman and her husband have been in contact with me since 1994. They live in Miami, FL. and are normaly functioning members of society with a good sense of humor. However there have been many strange experiences......

As a child Dollie sometimes had the feeling that "the mattress was swallowing her." At first she was afraid, but then she began to enjoy it. She had the same feeling of the mattress swallowing her once as an adult.

As a child growing up in the Carolinas, one of Dollie's chores was to ring the dinner bell. She grew to dread this task because she said "the man in the dinner bell talked to me." Later she composed songs that she said were given to her by the "man in the dinner bell."

In 1988 Dollie and her husband, Rusty, were vacationing in their mobile home in central Florida when Dollie saw "a group of V's" the size of stars pass over. Then a big round ball the size of three stars broke away and made a huge circle in the sky.

In 1990 The couple saw a herd of deer and marked on their map where the deer were and rose at 3:00 AM to hunt. The night was cold and dark and Rusty was complaining about about the uncomfortable conditions when suddenly the woods lit up for an instant and a round ball appeared, moved up and down and then disappeared. The next thing Dollie and Rusty remembered was that it was daylight.

In 1991 the couple saw a silver object in the daytime. They thought at first that it was a dirigible but as they pulled off to look at it, it instantly sped off to the horizon, a maneuver that no balloon or blimp could accomplish.


On April 8, 1994 Dollie and Rusty had gone to central Florida to hunt. While out in the field facing west they saw on the ground a large dark UFO with what appeared to be lighted windows. The craft rose off the ground and hovered, then moved east toward them, stopped, and hovered again. Six lighted objects shot off, two at a time, to the south.

(On the following day, Rusty drew pictures of the UFO.)


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After this, the couple calmly proceeded with their hunt as if nothing had happened and set up blinds at some distance from each other. At this time, Rusty saw a "large rabbit" come out where it could easily be seen. He was surprised that he had made no attempt to shoot the rabbit. Later the couple found they could not account for 30 minutes between 8:30 and 9:00. They felt weak and exhausted afterward. Dollie noticed a blackish-blue heart shaped mark on her left upper arm with a needle mark at the top. She also noticed a pinched bruise on her right upper arm. Rusty had a mark on his right forearm similar to Dollie's and a bright red spot on the same arm. There were pictures taken of these marks.

Four days later Dollie found three red "needle marks" on the inside of the bend of her arm

Two weeks after the event at the turkey shoot, Dollie notied that her "belly button was bright red."

(Rusty frequently recalls seeing the rabbit. He says that it was very large and seemed to stand upright. Rusty, who has artistic talent, has experienced a change in his style of painting since the experience at the turkey shoot. Formerly very realistic, his pictures are now abstract. Embedded in them two large black "eyes" can often be seen appearing in rocks, clouds, or vegetation. When questioned about them, Rusty shrugs and says "They're whatever you want them to be."( He seems barely aware that he had painted them.)


In May of 1994, the couple sat down to dinner at 7:15 P.M. They took a few bites of food and then noticed that the time was 10:49 and their dinner was sitting cold in front of them. Neither of them felt like talking or finishing the meal. Rusty went immediately to bed. Dollie smoked a cigarette before retiring and then noticed that her arm looked "scalded" and the three "needle marks" were bright red.


On Sept. 24, 1994, Dollie had gone to bed with her dog Harry by her side while Rusty slept in a separate bedroom because of a back problem. Suddenly the dog got down from the bed which caused Dollie to look up and see a figure about 18" tall sitting on her bed. Dollie could see a large head and thin body, but no facial features, due to the semi darkness of the room. In a effort to defend herself, Dollie raised her hand to strike the creature when she heard a "giggling"sound which seemed to come from two sources on the opposite side of the bed from where the creature sat. At this, the entity on the bed touched Dollie's wrist and she slowly fell back on the bed, unconscious. She remembered nothing after that, but the next day felt sharp pains in her lower left side. She also noticed a straight thin scar of unknown origin which extended diagonally from her collarbone down her right breast. The scar was plainly visible in December 1994 and in January 1995, but by February 1995 it could not be seen.


On March 25, 1995 Dollie awoke to hear Rusty yelling from his bedroom,"Damn you, get away from me! I see you! Get away from me! Uh, Uh, Uh, Uh!" There were a lot of shuffling noises and when Dollie went into the room, Rusty was lying on his stomach on the floor, apparently not breathing for about 30 seconds. Then he breathed heavily for 30 more seconds while Dollie waited. Finally he got up from the floor and both of them went back to bed as though nothing had happened. (Later Dollie thought that this was a strange reaction to the situation.)

The only thing Rusty remembered was that he had said something out loud and had got up from the floor.


The next day after Rusty's nocturnal scuffle Dollie missed her personal phone book. She searched for it, moved furniture, and asked others but was unable to locate the book. Two weeks later, on the morning of April 8, 1995 she found the bright yellow book in plain view on top of the speaker to her recorder. Dollie was sure she could have seen it had it been there before. She questioned Rusty as to whether he had played a trick on her, but he said that he knew how upset she had been about losing the book, and certainly did not hide it from her.


On Sept 19, Dollie noticed that a small vein in her arm was bright red and one of the small "needle" marks had also turned bright red. Nothing else was seen or remembered.


Dollie reported something under her skin in the upper arm that was the shape of a "watermelon seed" which appeared after the address book was found. She said that at times this little hard knot had produced a high-pitched sound similar to a hearing air on low battery. She recalls hearing this sound twice and immediately going to sleep.

Early in November of 1997 Dollie dreamed of a "big black ant" and soon after this dreamed of a needle with a black handle.  After the second dream she woke with a puncture mark on her arm about 1 1/4 " from her elbow. 


On November 22, 1997 Dollie was in bed at her home in Miami.  At 11:25 PM she was resting facing a window with mini-blinds that wer 3/4 open.  She saw a fog form outside and roll into her room.  In the fog she could see three beings with large eyes floating above the floor.  She also saw a face near her head at about her shoulder level.  She remembered an oval head, small shoulders, and almond-shaped eyes.  Suddenly all the beings disappeared and Dollie got up, went to the bathroom, and then went back to sleep, forgetting the entire incident until the next day.  She did not look at the clock when she got up, so she did not know whether any time was missing between the beings' appearance and their disappearance. 


Dollie's daughter, Rena, has experienced strange events in her life also. Once she awoke standing straight up, naked and ice cold in her front room. She did not know how she got there as she had gone to sleep in her own bed. Rena seems to remember seeing the alien beings. She said that they were soft and had "no muscles."

Once the door to her house flew open and a rush of cool air came in. Rena and her girl friend ran outside to see what had opened the door but saw nothing. On returning to the house they both saw a little ghostlike girl sitting at the table.

Rena's telephone cord has spun around, the fan has come on byitself, TV lights have turned on, and a vacuum cleaner cord has moved by itself.

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