February, 1999


A Naples resident was sleeping soundly when at 2:00 AM she was awakened by a whining sound. Thinking that it could be an animal, she arose and went out into her carport where she saw a ball of light about as large as her "two hands together". It flashed four or five times in front of her , then suddenly appeared 100 to 200 feet away. She noticed that there were no "nature sounds" and her dogs didn't bark.

The investigator's uncle who lived near the woman said that he had seen three lights near the woman's house as he went out to have a cigarette at 2:00 A.M. He said that the light "strobed" several times as it flew off at treetop level. The man also noticed a "dead quiet" and then a "THUMP THUMP" as one of the lights dropped down and disappeared.

January 25, 1999. The uncle again saw one white light.

The two witnesses live in a rural area with three lakes in back and cattle to the west. No scorched areas were found.

[Thanks to Rick Grootveld for the report.]

Steven Shepard writes: On November 16 I organized a few of my friends and anyone else who wanted to come along to the center of the everglades for an overnight camp out and to witness the Leonid Meteor shower. Three of my friends showed and we all brought lawn chairs and binoculars. We watched from the suggested times of 2;00AM EST-6:00 AM EST. We were actually disappointed at the show, nothing nearly as spectacular as what was hyped. So around 5:00 AM we packed up our lawn chairs and headed to our huts back at the campground.

Out of nowhere this huge streak appears above our heads seemingly very close based on the size, and a bright almost instantaneous flash of white light envelops our entire field of vision. What impressed me so much was the level of light when it exploded (?) or burst above our heads. The flash lit the entire area as if stadium light at full blast were turned on for a split second. I had never witnessed anything so spectacular in my life. We were all excited jumping around pointing at the green trail of pixie dust that was left lingering in the air for about 30 seconds or so, when another incredible thing happened. Now before I explain it I should mention that it was a fairly cloudless night. ....We could also see horizon to horizon with the exception of the treeline facing us.

Then the second phenomenal event took place.

From horizon to horizon in the clear thin air....these white lines almost completely straight faded in to view and were moving in a linear pattern above our heads from North to South. They got brighter, too.

These lines were HUGE! I mean as if we were tiny fish under the water and we were witnessing this sort of wake or water ripples above our heads. They had this brightness and a tubular look, like a spotlight beam, only linear in shape not conical. They were running parallel to the Earth's surface, East to West.

We kept asking out loud "What the Hell is THAT?" None of us could figure it out. It looked a little like pictures I had seen on TV and in books of the Aurora Borealis but these lines appeared to be perfectly linear and grayish white not organic and colorful like previously documented. These lines were moving at incredible speed. They were going 1,000's of miles per hour not 100's. They were somewhere between the cloud layer that was somewhat visible and the Earth, I couldn't tell what altitude. They lasted for about 30 seconds then just simply faded away!

We basiclly came to the conclusion that what we witnessed was the electromagnetic properties of the atmosphere reacting to the meteor as it hit creating a shockwave of sorts.

I'm not so sure any more. I have been following the ELF radar anomalies that Richard Hoagland from the Enterprise Mission and others have been studying and it just hit me! What we saw could very well have been a ground's eye perspective of this exact same phenomenon.

I am an Animation/Designer and I do broadcast television and print design work. So I figured rather than just tell people about it I would re-enact the event visually as best I could. It is really darn close except for the timing/speed.



[Thanks to Steven Shepherd for this report. See further details of this sighting and more of his art work at: http://www.zaxis-animation.com/meteor]


Lake Buffum, Polk Co.FL. Jan. 11-12, 1999. Bright balls of fire that filcker, appear, disappear, and change sizes have been seen in the sky for two nights. Some of the orangish-yellow balls seem to have smoke trails. Two of the balls were seen to split off from each other. Movement was generally downward, but most of the time stationary. Videos and still pictures were taken.

The Avon Park Bombing Range was called although it was thought to be too far away from the lake, which was 20 miles away. Mr Pierson from the Bombing Range said that they had aircraft arrive from up north and they were doing some drills using high-intensity flares over the last several nights. The flares were used to replicate moonlight so that the pilots could use their night vision equipment. The flares were on parachutes, which made them appear stationary. This does not completely explain who the lights moved at different speeds; the video and pictures will be sent in for analysis.



Seeing lights in the sky? Before you conclude that they are UFOs, check the data on Iridium Flares.

The Iridium satellites are relatively small telecommunications satellites in a low Earth orbit. They are part of a world-wide system for mobile communications operated by the Iridium LLC Corporation. When complete, there will be a total

of 66 satellites in 6 orbit planes. Each satellite has three main mission antennas which are flat, highly reflective surfaces that can reflect the Sun's rays to an observer on the ground.

To view videos of the Flares and to find when and where they can be seen from where you are, go to http://members.aol.com/uwereimann/ir45.htm


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