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DELTONA -- Michael Hitt reports, "My mother drove the family down to my grandparents on July 15, 1969, to watch the Apollo 11 space launch. We were staying overnight so I went to bed, and was looking out the window at the clear sky at Pegasus. I observed a reddish colored point of light appear from one of the stars. At first I thought it was a comet as it moved quickly northwest. The object as bright as the stars, quickly changed course and flew back in the opposite direction flying in a zigzagging pattern. Michael started yelling and his two oldest sisters, his Mom and grand Mom all came to the window and observed the erratic flight. The object started moving up and down and the light turned off. The next morning was the Apollo 11 launch. Five persons saw the strange flying object. Thanks to Michael D. Hitt and Tom Sheets of MUFONGA


May 6, 1999, 1:30 to 2:00 A.M. I live in Brevard County Florida, and am curious to know if these mutilations of the cattle took place in Rockledge/ Viera on Dudas ranch. I am interested in any info that you have about that or any UFO sightings in the area. I kinda came upon the subject by mistake on the net tonight, but I grew up about 2 miles from there. I live about 15 miles from there now, up by the cape.

A couple of years ago about 1 am my children and I were coming across that dark ranch and saw a strange flying object in the sky. I always thought people saw these things from far away and maybe they were mistaken, maybe they were aircraft, but this was huge right over my car, and there is no doubt about what we saw. It followed my car, I floored it I was taking these curves in the dark of night at 80 and don't know how I didn't loose it. My 17 year old and 8 year old daughter were watching it. The 17 year old was saying looook...... loook at it, and I was screaming don't look at it!

I thought it was going to crash into the car and if it did I didn't want her to see it coming. It had 2 almost square bright lights, the brightest I have ever seen, we could see them in the sky for about 3 miles before we got to it. They were over the ball field [Marlins Stadium] and I assumed they were lights from the field. When I got beside the field the lights turned straight up and it looked as if you could see for miles into the sky, through layers of clouds, my daughter said what is that I told her it was clouds and that fast this thing moved vertically in a straight line from the field and was over my moving car, which needless to say is moving veeeeery fast by now.

It is very dark out there, and you could barely make out the shape of the object itself because it seemed almost as dark as the sky which is why we couldn't see it coming down the road when the lights were shining toward us. Once the lights turned upward we could see it was dark and oblong shaped. I am guessing it to be about 300 ft at least from end to end. It was crossways of the road  about 10 feet above my car.  My older daughter said when she was looking up at it she could see what looked like a round window right in the middle and a figure sitting in it.  She could not see a face or tell if it was human.  It was dark, but apparently there must've been enough light from the car headlights or something for her to be able to make that much out. 

The faster I drove the faster it went. I could look up and see it out the windshield not more than about 10 or 15 feet above my car. It stayed right with me. Finally it shot up all at once and out toward the southeast and seemed to disappear. That is the direction of Patrick Air Force Base about 15 miles out, so I thought it was probably some kind of something they had out there.

I thought for a minute and I said there's no way it can be any kind of air craft because it never made a sound. What could power something that large and make no noise no rumbling no nothing. It was hot and my windows were down I never heard a sound.

It did not resemble any type of air craft I have ever seen, nor have I ever seen one that could move the way this thing did. I don't know what it was, but I know it was! There is no mistake here, its kind of like standing next to a battle ship and someone telling me I don't see it or it isn't there..................Yeah right..............Maybe I wasn't supposed to see it but too late dudes................I SAW IT......................................

Just curious if this sounds like anything you have heard before, or if you have heard of other sightings in the area. We told my family and a few friends but not many. They didn't call us liars but I don't think they believed us either, and that is okay because if they had told me a wild story like that I would not have believed them either. Never did before, but that night on that ranch made a believer of me.

Last year my kids came home from church and told me a boy in the youth group asked everybody if they had heard there was a UFO on the ranch.  I asked my son it he told them about it and he said "No, I acted like I didn't know what he was talking about and just listened.  I didn't want them to think I was crazy."  He was in the car that night with us, but he was asleep and was very scared when he woke up and heard us talking and did not want me to mention it to anyone. 


February 6, 1970, Polk County, FL. I was enroute to my father's house at 7 PM. It was already dark. I turned off the main highway onto a rural road and at once noticed blue, revolving police lights in my rearview mirror. Thinking that I must have made a traffic violation, I pulled over, stopped and looked rearward. I saw nothing, no police car,nothing. I then looked west to my right and saw an immense object just sitting there at less than 200 ft. above ground level. It was well illuminated and I got the impression they wanted me to see it. I took one long look and left the scene. I looked back and it was gone. I have never told this to many people knowing that I would not be believed. I know this sounds absurd, but this really happened to me. I have no evidence to support this at all, but I will never forget it. I was never really scared, just apprehensive. It was so close, that I could have hit it with a rock. [WUFOD data]


My husband was released from the Marine Corp. in September of 1971. We moved from Jacksonville, NC, to his hometown near Jacksonville, Florida. His family owned a plot of land about 3 miles east of town. They lived in the primary house on the property and loaned us a very small home about 150 yards away. "Sam" had been an Aviation Electronics specialist, so we were both familiar with a variety of military aircraft and had even seen the new Harrier, the jet that could stop in midair. So we were always watching the sky and discussing the aircraft that we observed.

The Saturday before Halloween, I stood on our small screened porch waiting for "Sam's" young niece who was coming to "Trick or Treat." It was twilight, not yet completely dark, but the cars passing by had switched on their headlights, and I could see the lights of my mother-in-law's home to the East. Light was shining through the windows and large outdoor lights, mounted on tall "powerline poles" shined on the house.

I turned, looking to the West, toward town, and felt an odd, almost electrical sensation on my back, and turned back the other way. There, in a space of just seconds, was a triangular aircraft, flying very low and approaching at an incredibly high rate of speed. This grabbed my attention. I had never seen anything move that fast! I yelled to my husband and he immediately stepped out on the porch.

In the space of that few seconds, the craft had come to a dead stop about 200 yards away and just above the highway about 30 feet off the ground. It had a triangular shaped body, metallic looking, with a round cap in the middle. Around the cap were "portholes" that seemed to project different color lights; red, blue, yellow and green. The "portholes" seemed to be spinning around the circumference of the circular cap. As the craft stopped, the spinning slowed, almost as if the speed of the spinning had some direct relation to the speed of the craft.

Neither my husband nor I could say a word. The hairs on our bodies stood up, like they do with static electricity, and it seemed that I could really feel a powerful electrical "charge" even at that distance. The craft slid sideways and hovered directly over my mother-in-laws home about 150 yards away, not more than a few feet from the top of her roof and stopped. Every light in her house immediately went black, but the outdoor light continued to burn, reflecting off the metallic body of the craft. It appeared to be about the same size as the house (approx. 1200 sq. ft.) with the tips of the equilateral triangle extending just beyond the square house by maybe 10 feet. The tips of the triangle were tapered to a point in depth, and the central part of the craft with the cap maybe 12 to 15 feet thick. The bottom of the craft appeared flat, with the top angling up and the cap dead in the middle.

It hovered there for what must have been just a few minutes, but could have been as long as 5 or 10 minutes. I know that when I walked onto the porch it was 8:00 PM, and when I went back inside, it was 8:17. We were transfixed, and I lost all perspective of time. The craft then rose slowly straight up until it reached a height of about 200 or 300 yards, then flew off at amazing speed toward the Southwest. There seemed to be no gathering of speed, but achieved full acceleration from a dead stop!

We could only look at each other for a time, confirming in each others faces what we both knew; there was no aircraft on earth that moved and looked like what we had seen. Steve's mother stopped by later and asked if we too had experienced a power outage. We knew we could not tell her what we had seen. She would never believe it.

We watched the newspapers closely, and finally about a week after our sighting, we saw a small note in the Jacksonville, Florida paper, The Florida Times-Union. Someone near Cecil Field, ( a now defunct Naval Air Station, about 40 miles Southwest of our location) sent a question that was printed in the"Call Box" section. They described sighting a craft just like we had seen. The newspaper had contacted the Navy, and though I don't remember the exact response, I seem to remember that they tried to attribute it to weather balloons or something equally ridiculous.

This brief experience has caused me to watch the skies for the last 30 years. I'm not sure if I "want" to see another UFO, but I have never again seen anything to equal that craft.

The witness continues, revealing possible alien contact:

My mother-in-law, whose house seemed to be the "target" of the craft that we sighted, is still living, but has experienced some odd health problems over the years. She has had extreme migraine headaches, which no amount of medication seems to help. Unusual growths on her hands and feet, and strange scars that she seems to accept without any explanation.

My husband has been deceased now for about 10 years. He was a very unusual person with some odd characteristics that have been the subject of long standing family "jokes." As a young man, on several occasions, he woke up in the woods several miles from the family home, naked and cold. It was always attributed to sleep walking. I was warned before we married that I should be careful sleeping with him. Many times if I touched him in his sleep, he would jump to his feet instantly, standing on the bed, in the fight or flight mode. This was very alarming, considering that he had never served in a war zone, nor experienced sexual abuse that I was aware of. There really was no logical explanation for this reaction.

There were other odd things about him. As a teenager he played high school football, and he played with a passion. On one occasion he had several teeth knocked out, but when taken to the family dentist, the dentist reported that a third pair of front teeth were in the gum and did come down to replace the missing teeth. This was not baby teeth lost, he was given excellent dental and medical care as a child, his mother was a nurse. This was in fact a third growth of several teeth.

This was not the only thing odd about him. He had amazing healing gifts. He was an outdoorsman, and as a result came home every week with cuts and scratches from breaking through brush, or butchering the animals that he hunted. Scratches, some very deep and bleeding would be gone by the next day and cuts would completely heal in two to three days leaving no scars. On one occasion, he nearly cut off the tip of a finger and refused to go to the doctor. We taped it up, and in three days he pulled off the bandage and it was almost completely healed. Our children, a daughter now 30 and a son 28, seem to have inherited this healing gift.

I am not trying to be dramatic, but on many occasions he expressed the feeling that he somehow did not belong on this world. He had a very high IQ, and was very much what you would call a tortured soul. We were married for 7 years, and thought I loved him deeply (still do); I just could not live with him. He was just too strange. He died in a very questionable hunting "accident."


In April 1990, I reported an incident to Walt Andrus; my letter has since been given to Gregory Avery, Louisiana Director. About two months ago while having a casual conversation everything that happened that night, that I have not remembered now for 10 years, came rushing back to me. For two days after that I can hardly function normally - now, where before I was scared and afraid I might be crazy - now I am mad and determined. I will not rewrite the entire event - MUFON has it already. Let me add what I remember now. I have told this once to Mr. Avery in person - after the green light lifted out of the water, I was frozen in fear, the beach lit up in a circle around me in a yellow and white glow six or seven alien beings were in a circle around me. I can send you detailed drawings of them. I have been drawing them for twelve years. I looked back for Joe and our son Joey. Joey was gone, Joe was at the edge of the circle of light - I could barely see him - some black figures were holding on to him, I tried to scream but could not - one alien that I somehow recognized, kept telling me (in my head) to "calm down you know it is useless to fight" It seems they took me into the light in the water. I was in a room filled with white fog, I thought "oh God I'm on the ship again" I was crying - there were two men behind me, we were all naked, one of them kept screaming "I don't do this" then I looked at the wall and noticed I could see where the wall reached this ceiling - that didn't make since if I was on a ship - I looked at the floor it was very shiny but by looking very hard I made out floor tiles. This scared me worse than being on a ship - at the end of a long hall there were two stainless-steel doors. Now I was truly scared and crying hard. I was afraid to lift my eyes up. Standing in front of me I saw a pair of brown shoes and the bottom of legs dressed in green scrubs. Now I was so scared I could not breathe, I kept screaming in my mind "where's Joey - where's my baby" I made myself look up, there was a human doctor there. He had pale skin with freckles everywhere, reddish hair cut short and glasses-he was dressed in scrubs, there was blood on them, if I ever see him again I will know him. Next to him was a gray, only he was a dark gray, as tall as me, he was holding a container of fluid, it was murky and a tube ran out of it and attached to his neck - I hate him, I started to shake badly and scream (in my mind) and cry. I said, No! No! Please no! Please don't make me, no! The guy behind me what crazy, screaming no! I don't do this! The doctor showed no emotion, the Gray was cold, more than any thing in my life I did not want to look in that water. But of course I had too. In it was a tiny baby, big head, pencils for arms and legs, the tube was attached to it. I cannot believe anyone can be as scared as I was then and live, the next second it seems "I was on a table something was either on my head or over my head, a bright light. My legs were bent at the knee's and covered with a white sheet. There were other people on other beds. The doctor was standing behind me to the left. The alien was in front of me between my knees with the container, the alien told me ( in my mind ) "don't fight it, go with the pain, go with the pain". Then I was back on the beach, it was dark - I turned around and way down the beach I could see Joe (barely) and between us was Joey.

The rest MUFON already has. We lost three days this trip, later we saw a triangular shape stop over us and I was burned on my arms.

I have told this to Mr. Avery, along with our other experiences, I have shown him pictures, drawings, the alphabet they taught me, my daughter and husband have told him their stories. He said he was looking for an interpreter for daylight pictures of the UFO that needed "no explanations ". We thought through MUFON we could meet others who shared these experiences, I even agreed to be hypnotized to prove myself.

In September of 99 we had a third encounter, we have a ticket for parking in a no parking zone, dated, and signed to prove what were there and below is something moving in the water. That time we walked around a sand dune and "saw " a huge gray ship, after seeing it I cannot remember. In May of this year a triangular ship that made no sound circled over us for about 40 minutes and tracked us back to our car. You (MUFON) received the picture via net of our last trip. There is a lot more to these experiences than I have written here of course, but to be honest I am tired of telling our story. Maybe these are mundane to MUFON, to me they are mentally draining and even physically tiring. All of these things happened on the same stretch of beach in Navarre/Gulf Breeze. That is why I am trying once more with you, things happened here in Louisiana, but never that dramatic, to me my daughters life has been hell. [WUFOD Data ]   [This case is under investigation and hypnosis may be tried.   Reptilian-like entities seem to be involved and a footprint has been found. MMZ]

Miami Co-pilot saw UFO

1975-1980.  A Miami resident who was a co-pilot for Airlift International Cargo Airline recalls seeing a UFO en route to Kennedy Airport from St. Louis, MO.  The plane was flying at 39,000 Ft, but the starlike object was much higher and at an altitude of 70 degrees.  It moved North to South, then as the witness looked away, changed position and moved East to West for 10 seconds.  After this it became stationary for about 2 minutes as the plane neared New York.   In all, five members of the crew saw the UFO, but the captain chose not to report the sighting.

Erratic  Flying Object Near Venice, FL.

November 15, 1998; 3:07 A.M.

Witness reported seeing a silent, very low altitude erratic flying object while driving on 1-75 at 3:20 a.m. south of Venice, Florida. It was first seen at approximately 45 degrees above the horizon at a distance of about 500 feet. The object had a varied surface and its basic color and shape were muted (there was some fog), but it reflected the lights in shades of beige, yellow, orange and brown. It had a beam light with a yellowish aura.

The object was first sighted coming from a northwesterly direction and last observed moving to the southwest. Its movements resembled those of a falling leaf. The witness has spent years in the Marine Corps and knows flight dynamics so he wondered how any aircraft could move in this fashion. At one point the vehicle appeared to stall because it decelerated and stopped, then started again.

The closest distance the witness was to the object was about 200 feet, when it came down and hovered over a vehicle parked on the highway. From this distance it appeared larger than a camper but not as large as a truck. At this point the witness said his own vehicle stopped and he had to start it again. He rolled down the window and all sounds seemed to be muted. Witness said his automobile was in perfect condition and had never stalled before.

The duration of the sighting was less than a minute although it seemed much longer than that. Witness has experienced no adverse effects. He expressed his appreciation to MUFON for collecting this data.  Investigated by Polly Bryan Sarasota County.[WUFOD Data]

Tampa, FL 1998

Greg was at his home in Tampa, FL. In February of 1998 at 5:30 AM it was still
dark when he went out to get the morning paper. He then saw a bright light about
1/4 to 1/2 miles away at about 25 to 30 degrees. The light moved up to 45
degrees and turned a different color, possibly red, (Greg is color blind) and
started shooting up into the sky. Greg called to his wife to ask her to turn
off the house lights so he could see better but when he looked back the object
was gone. He had thought at first that he had seen a helicopter, but there was
no noise or beam of light shining from it. He described the size as being that
of a quarter at arm's length.

Several days after the sighting, Greg visited a 95 year old woman who lived "a
couple of blocks away". The woman, now deceased, said that she had seen a light
shining through her window and the light made her feel "so good". The light
that the woman had seen appeared at the same time and in the same position as the one
Greg had seen.

Saga Bay, 1998

In February of 1998 two witnesses, interviewed separately, report seeing strange blinking lights at about 3:00 A.M. northeast of Homestead Air Base.  The woman had seen the lights for "many nights" as she walked her dogs from 2:00 to 3:00 each morning.  She called her friend who joined her at that time of the early morning..  Together they saw a group of three lights about 100 yards away hovering over the tops of the pine trees behind some apartments.     There was one blinking light on top, two blue lights on the side and a flashing red light on the bottom.   One of the witnesses said that he could see a white circle "like plastic" about 250 ft across between the lights. The soundless object seemed to come from the ocean side and hovered over the trees for an hour. A second similar group of lights followed the first one.  The two witnesses left while the objects were still hovering. 

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Mike Harman reports this sighting:

Arlington Texas
April 6, 2000
9:35PM Central Standard Time.

This is the sighting I had that was similar to Jack's...            [   http://home.gzinc.com/mmz/jack.htm ]

Two, bright Green Lights, traveling at High rate of speed with an orange companion dancing around the   lead object

What a treat... What a birthday present !

This is the first time I have ever seen anything like this. Did anyone else see this strange sight? If you saw it please email me.

I had gone outside to observe the stars for a while before going to bed, I was standing facing south and looking at the Orion Nebula, when something caught my eye coming over our house.

Looking almost directly straight up and just slightly south, I observed a bright green light, the green was the same color as the green of a traffic light and about the same brightness. The size was about the same size as Venus looks in the night sky. The green object was traveling at a very high rate of speed.What looked like about four times the speed of aircraft passing over the same area. This object took about 12 seconds to go from almost straight up and about 10 degrees south to completely out of sight over some trees down the street looking north.

When I first saw the green light I noticed that there was another object just like the first one also green in color, same brightness and also traveling the same direction and speed. This object was just to the right of the first object, and slightly behind it. I remember thinking, "is this a low-flying aircraft?" "It sure is moving fast for an aircraft". Then I grabbed my binoculars to try to get a better look at the objects, When I viewed the leading object through the binoculars, I noticed that I could see the clouds behind the object and that there was no body or wings visible.  The clouds were illuminated by the city
lights, which made it a rather brightly lit evening, especially for 9:35PM. I could clearly see the clouds contrasted against the object as it moved under them. The clouds were patchy and scattered, and spread out evenly across the sky except for further north, where they were denser. You could also see many stars between the clouds.

These objects did not look anything like stars, since they were moving at a high rate of speed. I also noticed that there was nonsolid object attached to these lights; they seemed to be traveling by themselves.

There was one aspect to this sighting that I thought was a bit strange, the objects seemed to be gaining speed rapidly, just prior to dropping down and disappearing behind the trees, which were about a quarter of a mile away.

Early in my observation, when I first spotted the leading object looking through my binoculars, I noticed an orange much smaller light or object that seemed to be dancing very rapidly back and forth going past the green object in either direction, not a tight zigzag but a much more exaggerated movement, and quite rapid, more so than what would be expected for eye movement or movement of the binoculars. I could see the green object at the same time as the orange one and could tell that it
was moving past the green one in a rapid movement. I was also able to pan the green object fairly easily allowing me to view the orange object as it danced around or back and forth by the green object. The orange object otherwise kept pace with the leading green object as it traversed the sky. There were no sparks, or tails visible and there were no flashing or strobe lights visible at any time on any of these objects.

This whole episode caught me totally by surprise, as I had gone out to do some star gazing, not UFO gazing. I had not planned on looking for anything strange tonight. This has left me totally spooked and quite excited, definitely High Strangeness. This is the first time I have ever seen anything quite like this; it truly made my night.

What I have described above was not the planet Venus or Jupiter, or a star. I was able to see both planets during this sighting.

It also was not an aircraft, balloon or a helicopter as there was no sound at all, emanating from this object., and it moved much too fast and smoothly.

Mike Harman

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"Beth" from Avon Park, FL.

I was looking on your website to see if anyone had reported what I'd seen in
Florida as a little girl . I lived in the littlest of hick towns called
Wauchula, and when I looked on your site I saw a sighting called "Avon
Park". This was *really* close to Wauchula so I read on, and what the
trucker described was SO close to what I had seen.... I was with a friend
and her Mother one afternoon...

. Her mom had to stop at the bank [8:00 to 10:00 PM], and as we were sitting in the
car waiting for her, I saw an red-orange sphere hovering over the bank in the
sky. Not *right* over, but in the sky above the bank. It seemed to be
slightly oval and changed position in a tilting side to side dance. Everyone
said it was a weather balloon... but as a kid, I wasn't convinced. It seemed
to stay there for 10-15 minutes or so, and looked (like the trucker said)
like a fire-ball. At first glance I thought it was the sun.... looked around
to find the sun... looked back at it and thought "what the hell!?" This was
probably 1979 - 1980 ?? When the gentleman mentioned "Wauchula" in his
sighting I got chills! It's not exactly a hopping hub of excitement... It
was nice that someone else saw the same thing in the same area so I know it
wasn't a dream!

"Carol of Clearwater" answers Beth and the truck driver in Avon Park:

Beth...you are not crazy...the year was 1980. My husband and I saw the same "red-orange sphere" hovering over the lake known as "Lake Placid". The roads on the north end of the lake are quite hilly and as we came to the crest of one hill the lake was in view along with this giant orb. As we crested the top of the next hill it was gone. Neither of us were quite sure if we had seen it although we knew we both couldn't have imagined it.

From "S.B."

I'm in central Florida, Polk County, and for the last two days [January 11 & 12, 1999] we have seen
bright balls of fire in the sky that seem pretty far away. We got digital
video footage of them and still pictures. they have weird characteristics and
do not seem like anything explainable to the 8 people (7 in my family, 1 a
friend) who saw them. We have spoken to other people who have also seen these
from a great distance and tell us that they have been seeing them for several
days. they flicker, appear, disappear, reappear, they change sizes
drastically, and through binoculars some seem to have smoke trails. not sure
at all what they are, and heard that channel 13 up here did a piece on them,
but no one seems to know what they are.

"CHFHCH" says:

My dad and mom were both excellent observers and were both involved in
the aircraft manufacturing industry in the 1950s and beyond. In other
words, they were very familiar with the appearance and performance
characteristics of both military and civilian aircraft.

In the 1960s...probably 1964, my mother used to drive my dad to work to
his job at the Miami International Airport in the early A.M. (i.e.
before sunrise) from extreme south Miami-Dade County.

They told me the following when I was a boy:

As they were approaching Sunniland along US1 northbound (then a fairly
rural area),[in Miami, FL] they noticed a very brilliant white light to the north and
straight ahead over Miami at some distance. as it appeared to be
stationary for some time, my dad rationalized that it was a commercial
airliner travelling straight toward them with its landing lights on. my
dad then leaned his head out of the car window to rule out the unlikely
possibility of some form of reflection on the windshield... it wasn't.
The light appeared to remain in place in the sky and intensified in
brightness to resemble what he described as a large white magnesium
flare, almost too intense to look at directly. after approximately five
minutes, the object shot off from its apparently stationary position to
the west with such velocity that it appeared as a streak of light and
was completely out of sight in a split second. I think that we can rule
out any conventional aircraft, atmospheric phenomenon or meteor. they
said that it was very impressive and unlike anything they had ever seen.

I've seen some interesting objects in the sky, but unfortunately they
didn't exhibit flight characteristics which unequivocally showed them to
be unconventional. I think that most people jump the gun with unusual
lights because of their apparent color which can vary based on typical
atmospheric conditions. for example, white objects will become redder in
appearance with distance based on atmospheric refraction and the shape
may be contorted due to temperature gradients such as exhibited in
mirages. the point at which I get interested in a distant object is
when it moves in a manner inconsistent with known objects. my parents'
sighting easily fits this criterion.

"Don" writes:

It was the night of Jan 3/69, just north of Naples.[FL]
The road was totally devoid of traffic other than our car. I was with a
buddy of mine and we were returning to Canada from an Xmas trip.
The sky was perfectly clear with no moon. We were approx. 3/4mi. north
from the Shell station where we gassed up. As passenger, I dozed f or
the duration of one song on the radio. I opened my eyes just as he
announcer was naming the singer, and ahead about the distance of 2
telephone poles away was a circular cloud forming (like pouring pancake
mix into a pan) Instantly behind, was another. I told my friend to pull over
and let's go take a look. Rather odd, because there was a large sign
across from the Shell station advising not to get of your car unless of an
emergency. We got out, walked forward about a 100 feet or so.
we looked due west at 3 circular clouds in the clear night sky.
( 75 -degree angle) At that instant the 3 clouds "popped" like a flashbulb into
3 reddish/orange ellipticals. They started to slowly move. I  remember
thinking then, how long am I seeing this? 2 seconds, 22 seconds, 2 -
minutes?? Then, they went straight up so FAST, I've never seen anything
like it! All that was left were 3 spidery fine white lines going straight up.
The time it took place was about 11:30 to midnight. About 35
miles later we came to an Esso station. (we were going north -northwest -
towards Tampa/ St. Pete.) I think, but can't be sure, that the time was
later than it should have been. I can't be sure of this. In 1978 - 79, I got
very interested in UFO's and got involved with research up here
in Canada. I did have a strange experience one day in the country, by
myself. I felt there was something there, but after examining the area,
could find nothing. like maybe something invisible was nearby??

This, from "Bob"

On a night around 1969 I was with two other friends sitting in this small park by our houses and it was late, aprox. 1:A.M. and we were just sitting talking, having had a little pot earlier. (no hallucinogenic drugs were taken)
We were talking when I "felt" a funny feeling, as though someone was watching me.
I looked up and there was a UFO of a round and glowing type over our heads, it seemed low, I could not judge if it was huge,and far up, or small and low, but it was there. There were bulges on it's bottom like some equipment was there but the bottom could not be seen well because it was not glowing, and was rather dark.
As soon as I noticed it my friends became motionless, in some kind of stasis, or conversely maybe I was speeded up till it looked as though they were. A greenish or green blue light shone down on me but not a "solid" light but a light I could see through. Then I remember nothing till I "came out of it" and my friends were animated once more. I started freaking out and crying and I asked them if they had seen it. They said "No". I have never told anyone about this except two close friends. It made a believer in UFO's out of me.

For more sightings, click below:

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