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There is no doubt in my mind that UOFs exist because I saw them twice and they are recorded in the Bible.
First time I saw them was in late 70's in a southern coast city in China. One summer
afternoon, I suddenly had urge to go outside of the house and looked up. I saw two metal gray
color big ball hanging in the clear sky. There was typical summer afternoon ocean winds
blowing, but the two balls with a distince between them were not moving a bit. The size of each
looked like the size of a basketball. Approximating from the distance above me, I'd say their
actual sizes might be as large as a football field. They were still in the sky. I kept looking
at them until my neck got tired. I didn't have any camera at that time. I went back into the
house. I was going to call the newspaper, but somehow I thought anyone in the city,who looked
up into the sky would certainly see them and I expected the next day's newspaper would carry
the news about it, but it didn't. Later on in a UFO documentary film, I saw one of the UFOs
recorded in Mosco looked exactly like the ones that I saw.
The second time I saw it was two weeks ago (mid Dec. of 1999) in Clearwater, FL. At about
11 pm, I was done fishing and left the Clearwater bridge fish dock, heading for home. Suddenly,
I saw a light flied very fast through lower night sky in front of me and disappeared in a
second. The shape of light looked like a cigar shape, but I think  its actual shape may not be a
cigar shape, but a round object. When a round light object flies every fast, it may look like a
cigar shape if I am right. I remember I saw this in another UFO documentary film. It didn't
look like a meteor, because it flew parallell with the horizon and very low near the earth.
So I bought myself a digit 8 camcorder this Christmas, hoping to see if I can catch any UFO
pictures in the future.

"Neil" from South Wales:

Around about 1970 (I was around the age of 14) I was woken up in the early
hours of the morning by an intence orange light that flooded my bedroom.
After a few moments of trying to figure out what was causing this light I
got out of bed and opened the curtains and was amazed to see a large solid
ball of orange light hovering in a stationary position about 3 or 4 metres
paralell to my upstairs window. I would estimate the objects size at about 3 metres in diameter.
After a minute or two of staring at the object I ran to my parents' room
and knocked on the door shouting about what I had just seen. My Mother got
out of bed and followed me back to my room (my Father wouldn't come as he
thought I was just dreaming) and also witnessed the object that was still
in the same position as before. My mother and I both stood and watched the
object for some minutes untill it moved away at an unbelievable speed in a
zig-zag motion. At no point did the object make any sound that I was aware
of, nor did it have any distinguishing markings.
This sighting occured in Abergavenny, South Wales, GB.

"Mike" recalls this from when he lived in El Salvador.

I had an experience years ago when I was about 15 years old and we were
spending vacation in El Salvador. My Aunt invited me to go with her to
check on her coffee plantation. We took off sometime around mid afternoon
and stayed out till dark. The thing I most remember was looking at the
stars in the sky and being so amazed as to so many stars. I remember seeing
what I first thought was a star moving very slowly. Then it started to
increase speed and slowed down and almost came to a stop. I kept an eye on
it because I didn't want to loose track of it. Then from the corner of my
eyes I saw another object moving toward the first object and the first
object also moved toward the second object. My Aunt asked what I was
looking at and I told her and pointed out the objects to her. We watched
together and the objects started moving in a new direction and moved kind of
fast and sort of zig-zagged together and opposite for maybe a minute or so.
They changed direction, if I remember right, it was toward the left and they
moved even faster and then they both took off in different directions at a
speed that made them look like shooting stars and disappeared. That was cool!

Another year in El Salvador my cousins and I was going to my Grandfather's
ranch near the coast. We went with the intention of going rabbit hunting at
night. When we got there it was already dark. The entrance to his land is
cobble stone and is up hill all the way. Half way up we saw what we thought
was lightning flashes. It was a real show! When we finally got up to the
house, the horses, cows, chickens and ranch hands were running all over the
place like if were the end of the world. My oldest cousin who is a big man
grabbed one of the ranch hands and had to slap the guy a few times to get
his attention and then asked him " what the bleep is going on?" They guy
said that lightning hit and a ball of lightning shot around the house a few
times and into the stable and out into the woods and scared everyone and the
animals. The house had scorches at its sides so we knew something happened.
Some 15-20 minutes later everything back to normal. That was weird!

A childhood experience from Joshua.

When I was a young boy (around 4 o/ 5) I was driving with my family
home on O'Donovan road near the small community of Creston. I remember
seeing a long luminescent cylinder in the sky. When I pointed it out to
my mother she saw it and became agitated. As I continued to view the
object it suddenly exploded in a flash and a large cloud (I thought the
cloud looked like the hand of a giant deity) appeared to engulf the
place where the object had been. Vandenburg Air Force base is about 80
miles away, but there is a large quantity of unused(?) government land
in the vicinity. Any similar encounters sent to me of San Luis Obispo
County would be of interest to me. Notify me at
Joshua P. Grace

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