In September, 1968 Kevin, a 25 year old commercial pilot, was asked by his friend Dennis to get an airplane to go to an air show at Kissimmee to see the Blue Angels and other jet teams.  Kevin called his friend Dave and obtained a new airplane, a Cherokee 140, on which the landing light was not functioning. Since this was the case, Kevin promised that he would not return after dark.  Kevin and Dave flew from OpaLocka airport to Kissimmee the same afternoon.  After watching the air show, the men prepared to return to Miami but many visiting airplanes (50-100) were preparing for takeoff, so they taxied over to the Fix-Base operator to try to buy a landing light for the plane.   None were for sale, however, so the men got back into the plane and prepared for takeoff, but by this time darkness was approaching and the runway lights were on.  Kevin took the plane up, made a right hand climbing turn and leveled off at 2500 feet.  As he and Dennis were preparing to smoke a cigarette and put the plane on automatic pilot, Kevin saw a light off the nose of the plane at 4 to 5 miles distance.  As the light approached in the span of 15 seconds it changed color from white, to pale orange, to darker orange, to vivid orange, and finally to bright red, finally coming around to 40-50 feet off the plane's left wing.  Kevin described the light as "a contained fire within a difinitive area with some licks going outside of it."  He also said that it looked like a cigarette glow, in which different shades of crimson inside the light could be seen.  About the size of a car and ovoid in shape, it turned whenever the plane turned.  This lasted for about a minute, but when Kevin turned away momentarily to look at the instruments and then looked back, the object had disappeared.  Dennis called Cape  Kennedy (now Canaveral) to ask whether they had sent up any satellites, but they said that they had sent up a Tyros satellite at 6:00 P.M. ; it was then 7:30 P.M.    Kevin estimates that when he saw the light he was flying 25 miles southeast of Kissimmee, FL.  He concludes "Believe me, whatever we saw that night was right there!"



In 1952,  when  he was at home on leave from the Marine Corps, Don went to a dentist in his hometown of Lancaster, PA.  The dentist introduced him to a young lady named Kathy who accepted a date with him to play miniature golf in New Holland.  On the way home Don was taking a short cut down a dark country road and had pulled over to talk to Kathy.  Suddenly the car started to have a bluish-purple-green light in it.  He said,“The moon must be bright tonight!”  She stiffened and pointed over Don’s shoulder where a “spaceship” was hovering over the top of the corn about 20 feet away.  Don, being a Marine had no fear.  He said, “Let’s go see it!” They walked up the lane with the girl behind Don, scared and shaking.  The craft was saucer-like and had oblong “windows” near the top.  Don tried to wave for the saucer occupants to come down; the girl yelled, “Don’t do that!” but Don continued the gesture.  Then Don walked underneath the craft that was hovering about 15 feet above the top of the corn stalks.  The tassels of the corn were laid back in a clockwise direction in a perfect circle from the “energy” of the craft, but the corn stalks themselves were unmoved.  As Don stood under the noiseless craft, he noticed that it was concave on the bottom.  He wondered how anyone could stand upright in such a small space.  The diameter was about 20 ft. and about 10 ft. high, but the concave portion reduced the height by at least three feet.   

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The two stood and looked at the “ship” for fifteen minutes, then turned to go.  Suddenly the craft moved rapidly off “toward the moon”, leaving a white streak behind it. In about four seconds it disappeared from sight, moving at an angle to the right, still with no noise.

Don still has many dreams of the event and has contacted Kathy to confirm the sighting, but she feels that if she speaks about the experience she may be ridiculed in the small town where she lives.

Today, while Don is driving in his car, streetlights overhead often go out.  He estimates that this has happened at least forty times. This has been witnessed by Don’s sister and  by his girl friend. One time he was traveling north on I-95 when the lights came on in the daytime.   Sometimes cash registers malfunction when Don is near them.


Don has been in the water filter business in Ft. Lauderdale for 25 years and is a loyal church member.   

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