In 1990 Jack, who was 25 years old, worked as a conductor on the South Central Florida Railroad, a small shortline used mainly for U.S. Sugar. Many of his shifts were midnights in the canefields of south central Florida, near Clewiston. At this time he was witness to some spectacular sightings.

As conductor of the railroad, Jack also carried the duties of the switchman and brakeman as well as his own duties which included keeping paper work organized.    He often had to get on and off the cars all night long, sometimes walking half a mile to check the air in the cars.  The main runs for U.S. Sugar were on midnights, which found Jack deep in the middle of sugar cane fields in the middle of the night.


Jack himself tells the story:

"They say that life comes down to a few interesting moments; the following are undisputed in my life."

"Before my very first sighting I noticed orange/amber balls of light hovering over the cane fields and on one occasion, I saw what appeared to be a "juggling act" of small balls of red."

"On the night of March 13, 1991, I was involved with what the railroad calls a 'shove move'.  It is when the engine is actually shoving the train cars backward, sometimes for a  great measure.  Always the conductor will  ride on the front car, which is actually the last car, staying in communication with the engineer via radio transmissions.  On this particular move my engineer was approximately 30 to 40 cane cars back.  It was just after midnight and our shove move found us between two of our work stations, about one half mile to a mile between them.   The stations were Evercane sugar and the Ritta switch.  While in the midst of this move, I noticed what I believed to be a low hovering star, very bright and unusually low.  At one point, I felt that the hovering effect was being caused by the bouncing of the train, when all of a sudden this "star" fell off what seemed like flames and/or sparks were coming out of the rear of it.  Then it stopped its fall and started to hover in a very erratic distressful manner. As if this was not enough to captivate my curiosity, it suddenly began to escalate.     

Once the hovering motion stopped or stabilized,  the light turned bright red and into the shape of a triangle.  It then ascended straight up very fast to the heights of  normal plane traffic and started flying north.  When all this started I thought I was witnessing a shooting star, but obviously I was not.  I also was in communication with my engineer throughout   this sighting.  My engineer finally saw it as it was flying north, but felt it was a plane.  At this distance it did resemble normal air traffic.  This was the first of four sightings I experienced.                                          

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"On March 16, 1991, at approximately 12:50 A.M. 10 miles west of the first sighting, I spotted the same object moving high up in the sky, a red triangle.  It  suddenly stopped moving and appeared to be a star.   I asked my engineer (who incidentally was filling in for my normal engineer) to look at it.  He felt that it was just a star with cloud cover moving over it.   Again, at this point I was the only one to witness it move and then stabilize.   At 1:10 A.M. while throwing a switch for a car change, I spotted a craft quite close up.  This craft was a large triangle with three large white lights under it.   The lights were oval, like eggs.  They were quite luminous, yet not giving off any rays, if you will.  The craft made no noise; it moved through the sky like a sailboat.  At one point, two flickering lights started flashing on this craft.   I contacted my engineer and he saw this craft outside the engine window.  He stated that he did not know what it was.  This particular engineer was the railroad's       yardmaster.  He also thought there were different colors on this craft, although I noticed no colors.  I was mainly under the craft and he was positioned for a side view.


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On the night of March 17th, 1991, one night later between 11:00 P.M. and 12:00 midnight while waiting outside the U.S. Sugar train yard to bring in loaded cane cars, I spotted an amber light in the sky. Approximately 40 minutes later I witnessed a ball of bright white light shoot across the sky in a very erratic motion and at a spectacular speed.  I could hardly keep up with it. 

My last notable sight is perhaps the most interesting.  I do not have an exact date, but I feel it was about ten days later, around March 27.  While on the ground and walking to check the air on the cane cars, I noticed large orange/amber balls of light to my left, not seeming too high over the cane.  As I got closer to the end of the train, I noticed a craft about one quarter to one half mile in front of me.  This craft looked like the famous "cigar shaped" craft, but that part of it is speculative.  The amazing fact about this last sighting is that I could see very distinct colors and the changing  of colors, looking like the coals or embers in a camp fire. 

But the most amazing thing of all was to happen next.  A red ball of light came out  of the craft and went below the sugar cane, then floated back under the craft and up around to the top of it.   Finally the red ball and the craft floated away out of sight.  It was then that I remembered the "juggling act" of small red balls that I has seen before March 13.  It appeared to be the same thing that I saw floating around the long craft over the sugar cane.


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Jack has had nosebleeds and recurring dreams that produce sleepwalking throughout his life.  He feels that he has a mission to fulfill, and sometimes feels stressed because he feels he cannot fulfill what was expected of him.  He is very interested in the environment but gets depressed at times, knowing that we here on earth are abusing our surroundings.  He feels it is ironic that he now works for a chemical company.  


Here is a poem that Jack wrote:


I saw the ships sail across the sky.

What will they think at home? My oh my!

Fire ember balls of light

Listen closely, it's quiet tonight.

A skeptic's crow, a believer's delight

A sci-fi theatre in this sky tonight.

Points to ponder; a back shelf book,

Sometimes the strange

Needs a second look.



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