My name is Javier.  I live in Miami, FL.  Recently I had an experience that has left me changed.  It could just be a dream, but then again, I am not completely sure if it was.  I kept the memory of the smell, the touch, even the words I was told that I will NEVER forget.  This was a Friday night about 5 weeks ago.  [Approximately Nov. 5, 1999]  I went out with some friends and arrived at home around 2:30 in the morning.  I was very tired and simply went to bed.

It began with a dream (or was it)?  I was lying out in my back yard on a lounge chair, a chair I don't even own, mind you.  I was staring up at the stars not really knowing why in the world I was  out there in the first place.   I remember a couple of shooting stars.  I was startled by 2 glowing balls or orbs.  They were each about 10 to 15 feet from me, one on the right of me and the other directly in front.  They just suddenly appeared;  I never saw them approach me.  They hung there for some time as I just stared at them.  At some point I heard a soft but stern voice.  I was surprised not because of the voice, 'cause I felt rather at peace hearing it, but what surprised me was that I was not hearing it as one would hear someone else's voice but rather I heard it inside my mind.  It came from within my mind, in other words.  The voice said only three words to me.   "You are welcome."  I did not even have time to think what it meant as there was a sudden flash followed by the last word.  Once the flash subsided I found myself in a long line with hundreds of other people that I have never seen before.  It took me a while to rationalize why I was in this line.  I noticed after a short time that the line was leading into an enormous ship.  At this point I was somewhat close to thee ship and could see it rather clearly.  I then noticed people looking up into the sky as they walked.  I looked up and saw a platform of sorts, but at that point I knew it was not a platform, but rather another type of craft.  Some of the people who were near me were asking themselves what it was doing up there.  I turned and said "Oh, its up there to protect us from the military." I do not know why in the world I said this or how I even knew that.   I just knew.  As I watched the hovering object which was about 100 or so feet in the air above us, I realized then that it was in face being fired upon by what I made out the be F-16 fighter jets.  I do not know much about military craft so this is simply an observation on my part.  However I did notice that the ship had some sort of a shield and a slight arc could be seen as the shield itself was being hit.  At that point I had reached the entrance ramp to the ship and the hovering ship disappeared from view.  I entered the ship with all the other people as we walked inside a wide hallway and noticed that there were on each side of the hall embedded inside the wall a series of long rectangular lights.  These lights moved from left to right and back again.  Each side of the wall had these lights and them moved together at the same time.  The lights were of different colors (red, blue, green, and yellow).   There must have been about six or so of the rows.  They were almost as tall as me (6 feet).  Nobody seemed to question these lights much but I did notice that as we walked we were bathed in their emission.  I did not know why this was needed when I then realized that I felt as though my skin were being cleansed or something.  My skin felt tingly and cool to the touch.              

Once I passed through all the lights the hall opened up into a huge area where there were tables and chairs.  Everyone began to fill out these areas and others simply stood around or sat on the floor.  I found a type of porthole with a window and decided to look outside.  I saw the ground beneath us and looked at the sky.  I was overwhelmed with a feeling that something really bad was soon to happen and knew that I was leaving just in time before it all happened.  I never knew what was to come but did know for sure that it was not good.  In what seemed like 15 minutes I heard a voice again but this time it came from what I thought were loud speakers, although I never saw any.  Almost a minute after I felt a slight vibration coming from the floor.  I then noticed that the ground was no longer as close as it had been before but rather it was moving further with each second.  The rate at which this ship was moving was fascinating to me.  Before I knew it Florida was very small and in no time at all after that I was seeing the Earth from a distance in space rather then from orbit.  We never slowed down but instead picked up even more speed once clear of the Earth.  I can't even begin to tell you what speed we may have reached after that because the stars no longer looked the same.  Confused with how it   looked outside I decided to pay more attention to what was going on inside.

I looked around and noticed people talking to each other and doing other sorts of activities.  Something I took great notice of was that everyone that was there seemed rather happy and at peace with themselves.  I then got the feeling that we all knew why we were there and we were all comfortable with it.  It almost seemed like this was something we all knew was going to happen.  I then continued walking, looking around.  I saw a being from the side.  This being was dressed in very bright and vibrant clothing with colors of blues and greens.  Seemed as though it had a cloak with a pullover cap on its head, all made out of the same material.  I came closer to it to see what it was doing, 'cause it was making some people near it laugh and smile.  I came within, I'd say, two feet away from it when it turned to me.  I saw a being that was not human completely.  I say this because it looked humanoid.  I suddenly got a feeling that this being was female; I could not tell by the look on her face, though.  She had a pale look to her and her face was very smooth.  She looked as though she had some make-up on her face, but it could just have been a natural look to her.  She had eyes that are typically larger then ours, but not as large as the ones many abductees describe. 

She never spoke to me and did not move a hand or anything toward me.  She simply stared into my eyes and suddenly I felt a whirl or emotion inside me.  I felt an incredible amount of love from her.  She seemed to be able to reach within me and bring about the happiest moments of my life.  As this was occurring, I felt relaxed, happy, and then began giggling like a small child.  I don't remember why I laughed like that, but I remember doing it.  In that instant I knew she had lived for quite some time and had been to many places.  She made me feel VERY relaxed and joyful.  I realized then also that she was there to make us feel "at home", so to speak. 

She made everyone around her laugh and smile.  I never saw her say a word, though, which was quite interesting.  I walked some more and when I turned a corner, I ran into a close friend of mine.  I was somewhat shocked to find him there.  I asked him what he was doing there and his response to me was "What, you think I was going to stay behind?"  This friend of mine does believe in the possibility of other forms of intelligent life, but is very cautious about it (somewhat skeptical).  I did not think I would see him out of all the people I know.  I did not see anyone else I knew but my friend asked me why I looked somewhat depressed.  I answered by saying this: "Luna, they took me before I could get to Luna.  What will she do now?  Who will feed her?" (Luna, is my dog; I love this animal to death).  I remember saying that I thought they would not live long or even suffer because of what was coming.

I think I may have sat down after that, but awoke in my bed feeling relaxed but surprised to be back.  It was about noon.  I never sleep past 8 A.M. It does not matter what time I go to sleep.  The daylight wakes me as soon as it comes in the window.  Since this experience I find myself sitting on my front porch staring up at the stars almost every night.  I have this feeling as though I may have left a part of myself up there somewhere.  I have told only a couple of my friends about what I experienced and they all have different ideas about what it could have been.  None of their versions seemed right to me.

So, I bring this question to you now.  Have you heard anything remotely close to this happening to someone else?   What do you think?

June, 2001

For the last 5 days or so I have been living with a "feeling" of being watched. In some instances I have felt something in the house near me. It has not felt aggressive at all but rather calm and watchful. In the last 3 days I have found myself wanting to go outside and starring up at the stars at night around 9 PM. On Thursday of last week I was outside at around 9pm. I had a sense that I should be outside in my back yard looking up. I went outside and sat down. I looked up for a while but saw nothing but stars and the occasional cloud. I decided to send out a thought out to space asking them to show themselves. About 20 minutes later or so I was about to just go inside but something moving in the sky caught my eye. It was very small but bright like a star. At first I thought it was a star but noticed it was moving across the sky at a high rate of speed. I did not see any detail because it was so high up. Like I said it looked like a star cause it was so bright. It moved across the sky in about 1 minute or so. I kept my eye on it as it flew over me and passed me. It disappeared soon after passing over me. I did not see where it went, it just disappeared. I won't say I entered my house without a smile that evening.

Before I begin with the dream I want to say that in the last couple of weeks I have been experimenting with some new ways of using my abilities. One thing I have been doing is reminding myself before I fell asleep to remember everything that happened to me after I fell asleep. I have also been studying an issue I heard about a few years ago called remote viewing. I've studied on the techniques used and thought why not try it out myself? I am working on starting a session sometime this week. My roommate said he would take down what I see and also choose the target for me. I told him I did not want any prior knowledge of what I was to see. I'll let you know how well I do.

Jumping now to last night. I know for a fact that before this dream began I suddenly woke up because I heard a voice in my bedroom. Once I woke up I did not see anything nor did I hear it again but I will say that it was definitely a voice and it said "hello". The voice had the pitch of a small child's voice. I am 100% certain I heard this. In the "dream" I found myself already on a ship. I have no idea how I got there. I was in a large room that resembled a mess hall. There were many people there. They all looked human and were wearing dark colored uniforms. I was sitting down and began to take notice of my surroundings. I looked at the roof and saw strange markings spread out through the roof.  There were small areas that had what looked like windows and you could see out of them. In one instance I did look out of one and saw a huge canopy of trees moving by underneath the ship as it flew over them. I noticed two individuals talking to each other and something about them caught my eye. I somehow knew that these two people and man and a woman were the leaders or captains or persons that were in charge of the ship. They did not say anything to me or even looked at me at that point. In fact no one there said anything to me. It was like I was not there but I assure you it felt as if I was physically there (I'll explain that in a moment). These two persons were sitting at one of the many tables available and were concentrating on something on the table between them. I approached the table and noticed a blue print sitting on it. It was a blueprint of a ship that I believe is a VERY big ship. Somehow I don't think I was on that particular ship. After a moment I saw this image come up form the blueprint and begin to manifest about 2 feet about the table.  It began with a wire diagram and then it was covered up by a very strange material.  It did not look metal at all. It had a dark, wet, and spongy look to it. How I know this I don't know but you and I both know in the past I have had dreams where I somehow "know" things. Well upon looking at this I somehow knew that this covering over the holographic image of the ship was a layer of a biological material over the ship. If I had to take a guess I'd say that this particular ship is partially made up of living tissue of some sort.   Not long after I took notice of this I felt the ship make a sharp turn. I literally felt this turn. I caught me completely off guard but I did not fall to the floor or anything. I moved over to the window area and saw that the ship was VERY close to the ground and moving fast but as I continued to look I saw the ground drop away as if the ship had come away from a mountain or ridge. In fact I saw that we were still quite high in the sky. I saw the lights of a city way down below us. What city it was I don't know. All of this happened during night time. The ship was making erratic moves and on one occasion it tumbled one full turn and headed down at a fast rate of speed.. During this turn and fall I felt a force on my body like g-force. However it wasn't a g-force but just something I was not used to. It was an odd feeling of something like gravity. I took notice that everyone else just kept their seat quietly. No one was hanging on for dear life or anything like that. If anything I was the only one freaked out by it. I knew that the ship was making these maneuvers to move away from something that was nearby. More than that I did not know. After about 5 minutes of this the ship felt calm again and people began to move about. The female "leader" got up and summoned everyone to a nearby pedestal. Hovering slightly above it was a small ball of pulsating energy. It was very bright and white in color. As everyone gathered around she looked directly at me and motioned for me to come closer to her and the pedestal. No one else seemed to take much notice of me. I was about 6 feet away from her and she said to me these words. "You will live your dream". After she said this she passed her hand over the ball of energy and a flash of extremely bright light filled the place. I awoke after that thinking I should write it down as fast as possible so that I did not forget any details.


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