Delray Beach, FL. December 23, 1999 "I saw a VERY bright light heading straight at me from over the east side of the lake.  I decided to go over and get a good picture.  It was moving just above the tree tops at about 50 mph.   I was surprised to see the UFO had changed direction and was moving due west.   I gave chase.  I turned north and quickly shot one Long shot of the light passing between the trees and a house.  I took the picture out of a rolled down window.  UFO turned WSW and out of camera range."

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[The object(s) in the right foreground were not seen by June when she took the picture.]

West Palm Beach, December 29, 1999. " I saw another very very bright white light about 2 blocks N. of me.  I began taking pictures through my windshield and noticed that the UFO began to move south, nearly straight at me.   It made no noise and seemed to be taking on a shape as it came just over the tree tops.  I made a U-turn and pursued it south on N. Flagler Dr. As it passed SE of me, it "brightened up" its white light , then quickly "shut down" this light.  Then I could discern a triangular shape with 2 moon-colored lights on its tips. I chased it down Flagler  for about 8 blocks, but trees prevented me from getting more pics. Size 150', Viewed about 3 minutes."

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Delray Beach, Fl.   January 13, 2000 "Red and white flashing lights around the edge of the UFO; viewed about 2 minutes.   Distance from me -- about 2 blocks.  It was flying from NE to SW.  Clear Sky, no moon, about 25 ft across.

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January 19, 2000, Lake Worth, FL. " At 5:15 A.M. while sitting at a traffic signal on top of the I-95 overpass I saw a UFO near my car, but it was behind me.   At 5:21 A.M. as I was driving north on Federal Hwy. the clear sky lit up in a light orange color.  A few street lights blinked out, but came right back on again.   At 5:42 A.M. I was  nearing the base of the new overpass bridge right next to the Port of Palm Beach.  Once again a brilliant flash of orange lit up the whole sky -- flashing bright, then dull orange for about 2 to 3 seconds.  When I started up the bridge another brilliant flash of orange lit up the sky.

When I reached the apex of the bridge, I looked west, about 10 blocks away, and saw a white star-like object moving slowly north, about 40 MPH, altitude about 2,000 ft.  At 5:47 I saw a VERY   bright light with a hooked, elongated "tail" hanging down from the main body.  This light appeared to be 70 to 100 ft long and was just above the trees.   I sped west trying to get into position for good pictures, but the UFO was behind the trees.  Then I saw that the once bright white light had dimmed way down and was moving very slowly (10 M.P.H.) to the north.  I stopped my car and snapped a couple of pictures through the passenger window.  Then I watched as the UFO stopped moving, turned on a moon-colored light on one side and a red light on the east side, and a blue-green light on the west side.  Then it began slowly backing up and moving south.  After a pause it began a fast acceleration due east (300 to 500 M.P.H.)   No sound or other witnesses.  Sighting lasted 3 minutes."

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"It is hard for me to describe the shape of this object because it kept changing its shape.  I'll try to draw what I saw."

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