March, 1999


A report was forwarded from Peter Devenport of the National UFO Reporting Center. Following this, an on-site interview was done.

Miami, FL. February 3, 1999 7:30 PM. Dr. H. was driving north of SW 152nd St. on 92nd Ave when she noticed a round shiny object "like platinum" flattened at the bottom, flying very low at approximately 30 mph, and heading north. The object had a dome with a brilliant flashing light on top. A rim extended from the body and above the rim there were smaller white lights. Dr. H stated that she thought there were "windows" between the smaller lights, but couldn't be sure. Although the car windows were open, she heard no noise. It flew with the front part tilted slightly higher than the back. It appeared larger than a car. She said that the craft was majestic and she felt awe and elation at seeing it. She followed the craft for about 10 minutes and then turned south to her home where she and her son watched a bright light, possibly the same object, moving slowly away heading north west over Miami-Dade County.

Dr. H. estimated the height of the UFO to be no higher than the tower at the Falls Shopping center (estimated at 90 ft).


Sketch of the UFO according to Dr. H.'s directions.

Miami, FL. February 18, 1999, 8:00 PM. "Dollie" was in her home just north of the City of Miami when she heard loud helicopters flying back and forth over her house. When she went out to look, toward the southeast she saw a "flat round light that was not blinking" but was moving toward the west. She lost sight of it as it moved behind a large tree in the yard. She estimated the apparent size as 3". Dollie's husband who also saw the light agreed that it looked like the one they had seen near Melbourne shortly before they had missing time, strange "dreams" and triangular marks on their arms.......

Naples, FL. Feb. 15, 1999 11:45 PM. "Robin" reports a light that flickered blue, green, white, red, and yellow and appeared to zigzag in the sky. The light shot left, then right, climbing higher and higher as Robin watched it for 15 minutes, then noticed other smaller lights were around the first one, "almost as thought they were playing a game of tag. It was surreal". (Compare with Naples sighting in Feb. SKYSCAN)

Canavaral Groves, FL. Feb 9, 1999, 8:00 PM. Three men were working ona car when one of them saw a bright white ball "about the size of a quarter" go flying past. He looked southwest to see it stop, then move back and forth, and up and down. He said that it was too fast to be an aircraft and that it kept getting brighter and dimmer. He got his camcorder and filmed the ball as it moved in all directions. SKYSCAN is trying to obtain a copy of the tape.

Riviera Bch, FL. Jan. 28, 1999, 5:50 AM. A witness writes: "I was unpacking my car trunk when I looked up and saw coming right at me very slowly what looked like a pair of white car headlights at about 300 feet in the air. I stood and watched for a few seconds. I heard no sound even though the ship was east of me and the wind was blowing from E. to W.

I whirled around to fetch my camera from the house and a few seconds later I was back outside. I could now see the UFO. No white 'headlights' now! Instead, a complete V-shaped golden ship. It continued moving west over me, then changed course to SSW at about 65-70 mph. You can see the ship, the trees and the telephone wires. "



Germantown, MD. January 29, 1999. A young woman had a very clear sighting of a circular/saucer-shaped craft while driving northbound on I-270 between Germantown and Frederick. There were lights both on the bottom and around the circumference, some of which were pulsing. The witness noticed four planes flying in a large circle around the craft. After about five minutes the UFO moved upward and toward the south, stopped again, then after a few more minutes, pulsed brightly several times, (still stationary) and then disappeared. (Filer's Files #8, Feb. 25, 1999)

While we were in Maryland recently your editor was able to speak to the witness to this sighting. She has undergone some incredible after effects including extreme fatigue for several days, which caused her to miss classes and a doctors' appointment. She has had pronounced forgetfulness for five days, bruises on legs and forearms, and a purple scar in the back of her knee. Strangest of all, she "saw everybody's energy" like a light inside them.

The witness said that this was the third time she has seen a UFO, but she has had many paranormal experiences in her life. A "teaching" ghost "lived in her house "when she was a child, she is able to promote healing in others, and she sometimes receives "pictures" of events that come true.

She said she has always had a fear of mirrors and never looked into them if she could avoid it. When asked what there was about mirrors that frightened her, she said she didn't want to look into her own eyes.

I referred the young woman to a local MUFON group and wished her well....


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