SIGHTINGS March-April 1999

Coral Springs, FL. March 4, 1999, 2:32 A.M. Jeff 1 BELIEVER writes: "I was driving down Coral Ridge Drive and Wiles Road, about 1 mile from the Everglades when I saw three large triangles heading towards a bright light. Once they reached it, the light disappeared and the triangles took off in different directions, heading NNE. The triangles were larger than two or three busses in length. They were a little lower than a plane would be while coming in for the final approach.

Then, a few days later, I was driving home on Wiles again and I saw this HUGE ! ! ! ! ! white light that must have been going about 500 or 600 MPH heading down. The light went behind a tree and was gone....

Jacksonville, FL. March 15, 1999. A 37 year old truck driver who was heading west 30 miles from Jacksonville on I-110 saw a UFO at 9:45 P.M. As he drove he saw a "star" that moved upward and to the northwest then after a few minutes remained stationary. He watched the object for 15 minutes. [Filer's Files #11, thanks to John Thompson.]

Naples, FL. December, 1998 22:15. Lisa writes: I never thought to look at the sky at night here in Florida. However, one night a friend of mine filmed a strange object that pulsated and was visible above the cable company building where we both work. We had received a phone call from a gentleman who had been tracking this strange light and it seems the object had been hovering for a couple of hours without moving. Several nights later, I was standing outside my home when I decided to see if I could "see" anything. Was I in for a shock! There were at least 5 crafts that I could point out. Two seemed very far away and as I watched them they were moving at an incredible speed (it had to be, considering the distance they were from where I stood). I though at first these were regular airplanes, but as I continued to watch, I noticed that one of them seemed to jump around as it headed N to S. It pulsated blue, green, white, red, and yellow lights and seemed to "throw lights off itself." (That is the only way I can explain it.) ......Needless to say, I am amazed and a bit frightened.

In a later e-mail Lisa says it was just like DeVoy's video [SKYSCAN January, 1999] only it was in February and was traveling in a horizontal direction.



Boca Raton, FL. March 8, 1999, 6:30 P.M. A witness writes: "My friend and I were driving down Federal Highway in Boca Raton, and she pointed to this strange thing in the sky. She said it couldn't be a plane, the "tail" of smoke behind it was too long. At first we clearly saw the "plane" object. As we were driving it was heading towards the ground. It was keeping a fairly steady pace with us at about 30-40 mph, but the tail kept shrinking. As the tail shrank, the "plane object disappeared more and more. By the last time we saw it there was nothing more than a red-colored small streak in the sky, small enough to be hidden by a powerline as we drove by."

Orlando, FL. March 3, 1999." I was just outside locking my car when what should my wondering eyes perceive but an aircraft with a spray trail behind it, flying east to west, from the general direction of the Cape and Patrick Air Force Base. This was no contrail glowing in the moonlight. The aircraft was low enough so that I could discern the separation of beacon and running lights, I'd say under 10,000 ft. The trail exited the rear of the aircraft, not the wing tips. There are other aircraft in the area--we're almost under the base leg/beginning of descent on final approach to Orlando International Airport -- and none of them are exhibiting trails. Further, the trail shut off to the west or over the northern Orlando suburbs. This is abnormal to say the least.

If any of y'all out there are Floridians, please check the skies. I'm off for another look - but that was no contrail, definitely a spray trail unless it's a single engine aircraft with an engine fire masquerading as a jet." [Thanks to Ron]

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