In Palmetto Bay, Miami-Dade County, Mason lived in an apartment facing east where he had an unobstructed view of the sky. On December 14, 2004 in a southeasterly direction he saw a black, "squeaky" line about 40 to 75 feet long. Out of this line emerged a tubular shaped UFO, silver in color and "bulging" in the middle area. It was flat at the front and rear, no wings, tail or appendages. From the rear emerged brown billowing smoke. The movement seemed to be about 200 miles per hour.

Mason ran inside to get his camera. When he came back out the object was not visible, but a blurry,45 degree angled line was visible in the center of the photo.









On New Year's Eve, 2012 at 8:50 PM Mason witnessed a UFO over Homestead, FL. He first saw a spark-like light, then the light turned yellowish , dematerialized, and only a dark-grey saucer was visible under the cloud level. It reached a height of 400-500 feet, moved slowly in a West or West-Northwest direction. As the "saucer" flew over Fauslo Park, in Homestead, Florida, then literally right over Mason's head, he got a good look at it. The object began to emit from the rim, a slight yellowish light which reached 50 feet downward.






After the liquid, raindrop-like light appeared for about 2 seconds, a neon-orange sphere, "materialized" over Mason's head. It was about 10 to 15 feet across and looked like a "mini sun". It had a corona coming off of it, not flames. It seemed to bubble with an orange, yellow, and red corona at a distance of about 50 feet below the object. Inside the orange orb there seemed to be a rotating light at the center. There were two other objects following this one and all three moved westward, then turned north. Then all three ascended in the same manner. This incident happened approximately 10 miles due west of Turkey Point Nuclear Power Plant.









 In 2002, early in the morning hours, a being entered Mason's room. He estimates that it was five to six feet tall, dark tan in color, had a very pointy chin, and was a male. It had a "fish like" mouth and teeth. He does not recall its nose, ears, hands or feet. Although the entity was sinister-looking, Mason believes it to be friendly.


The entity's mouth had sharp triangle shaped teeth. The lips were small and fish-like.





The being touched Mason's legs and said "We're not supposed to interfere." and "We don't understand human feelings".

When he was six to eight years of age Mason saw a silver ball that landed on the ground. It was four to six feet across and shiny silver with little legs "like a pencil". There was a flap opening on the side of about 12 to 14 inches. When it closed the opening filled in so that it was invisible. Young Mason walked over and looked inside the "flap". The interior was dark with no lights and no instruments. The inside walls were about three inches thick. Although the inside was dark, there was a dark glowing green gel-like substance near the bottom and inside the gel were twelve or more black "ants" approximately twelve inches in size, with six legs. These "ants" were about twelve inches long and were moving, jumbled together. Mason did not notice any human features on these black "ants" who seemed immersed in the gel. Presently, Mason saw a larger "ant" which was on top of the others. 





The larger "ant" seemed to be a female. She was 12 to 16 inches tall. She had light pink human-like skin on her face and body, six black legs, vertical pupils in her eyes and ant-like features in back. She allowed young Mason to pick her up. He thought of her as the "Queen Ant". She seemed unafraid of him, but a message from the other "ants" told her that humans were mean, whereon she asked Mason to put her down. He then put her back and went to the other side of the object and a paper came out with a message. Mason was told to stand back, but he didn't. The object shot straight up into the air. He has not seen it or the ant-like beings again.


Mason has had several sightings in Miami. At age 13 on Coral Way at 2:00 AM he saw a huge white craft that zipped back and forth. At age 19 he saw a triangle with white lights. Looking south he saw a huge orange ball over US 1. He felt as though his feet were glued to the ground. At SW 112 St and US 1 he saw a red light and a low, black ball that dropped, turn and spun around "like a tornado".

Mason has had dreams of a brown creature walking by a table in a dark room. He also dreams of catastrophe. He has awakened with blood on his pillow and has seen ghost-like figures. He is now retired and lives in the Homestead area.




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