Mina, a woman who lives in Coral Springs took these pictures on July 14, 2006 as she and four friends were sitting around a pool.  All of them saw the object as it moved from north to south and disappeared behind a building.

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After Hurricane Wilma which passed through South Florida in October 2005, Mina woke up feeling as though she were a new person and it was a new day. She was forgetful of her past and felt as though she had been born again. She had headaches and sometimes when she was driving, didn’t know how to get back home. Sometimes she "went blank" and it took her much longer than anticipated to get to where she was going. Once she ended up in a strange place which had a lot of trees and was "morbid" and silent. She stopped her car, and tried to get back home; she didn’t know whether or not anything else happened. At night a heat energy went through her body. It seemed to come out of her head and so she took pictures of her body which showed some kind of energy around her body. Feeling that something wasn’t right, Mina had a CT scan which one doctor said showed a "cyst" in the back her head. Another doctor said that the "cyst" was activated by the magnetic fields of the hurricane. The doctors said that the "cyst" had been present since Mina was born, but she had had previous CT scans of her head and they had not showed a cyst being present. At present the symptoms have lessened.

About a week after Hurricane Wilma, Mina’s mother told her that when she was nine years old she was taken out of the window into a ship, but doesn’t remember anything else that happened. That same day Mina felt "de-energized" and very sleepy, but when she finally was able to wake up and  looked at her body she had a "map", of indentations. She took pictures of the marks which were on her left arm and on her back. She felt that inside her left elbow there was an indentation that looked like a grey. The next day she was watching the TV and saw codes which she felt were something horrible. She saw pictures which looked like events that were going to happen.

For a long time Mina has had something in her hand, but doesn’t know what is there. It could be an implant. She has seen beams of light in the living room toward her balcony. She sleeps poorly and recently took a picture of something like a face at her door.  [See lower right-hand corner of picture.]

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She once awoke with a raw feeling in her head after a dream of being in a white dream of her brother wearing a white robe and telling her that everything would be OK. Mina had a feeling of distrust and didn’t like the feeling of being in the room with him.

Mina is able to "read" people; she avoids doing this, however, because sometimes she can’t "turn it off." Once time she knew that her friend’s father was going to die, so she told the friend to buy sun glasses but didn’t tell her why. Mina knew that her friend would need the glasses for the funeral. She knew that her own father had cancer although he was diagnosed as having ulcers. She "saw" a black substance in her father’s stomach and that same day her mother called to say that the father had been hospitalized and was vomiting a black substance.  At one time Mina told her friend that she had to "stop what you are doing". Unknown to Mina the friend had been taking drugs and was found dead. Sometimes Mina has seen and talked to people who have died who appear to her as living persons.

Mina’s brother seems to be able to manipulate time so that when he and Mina were going somewhere and had only ten minutes, they arrived at an earlier time than when they started.

In spite of the strange occurrences throughout her life, Mina works at an office and lives a normal life.


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