Miami Man Remembers UFO in Tasmania


Nino Iugovaz was on his way to play pool at the recreation room for migrants in Tasmania in 1956 where he worked as an electrician in the power station on a government project .  It was 8:00 P.M. and a full moon was shining on the hills.  Suddenly an oval glowing object flew across in front of him from right to left, horizontal to the ground. It made a U-turn, then came back to the hills on his right and shot off so that he could not see it any more.  He proceded to the recreation hall and there found an elderly Italian man who had also seen the UFO and gave the same description as Nino.

Nino was able to discern definite edges of the craft which he estimates as 30 to 50 feet in diameter.  He calculates that the object was 1,000 feet above the hills and approximately two miles from him, at an elevation of approximately 50 degrees.   

Prior to seeing the UFO Nino had strange nightmares of being paralyzed and of something coming over him which he couldn't shake off.  A man sleeping in the next room experienced the same nightmare.  Both men underwent this strange experience many times on the same nights.

In Italy in 1954 Nino was working at renovating a hotel.  One night he had a dream of a German man riding a BMW Motorcycle and wearing a leather beret who drove up and asked about fixing some wiring.  They were able to repair the vehicle after blowing the fuses three times and the man gave him cigarettes with a picture of Fred Astaire and Ginger Rogers on them.  The next day this event happened exactly as Nino had dreamed it, even with the picture of the dancers on the cigarettes.  Nino says that he has had many dreams that came true. 


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