Sightings and Contact Near Cape Canaveral 1968 to 2007

By Jim Oglesby

In 1967, I worked for Bendix. I was 27 years of age. The Bendix Logistics, machine and electrical shops were located (and may still be) on the southwest side of the Vehicle Assembly Building (VAB).

Launch Complex 39, Pads A & B where the majestic Apollo/Saturn rockets launched American Astronauts into space, and enroute to their historic journey to the moon and back stood like giant sentinels in the background.

During the 1967 Christmas Holidays, my brother-in-law, Jon invited me to spend New Year’s Eve weekend with his family.

They lived in a mobile home on Sixth Street in Bithlo, Florida. Bithlo is located between Orlando and the Cape.

Back then, cattle and horses grazed amongst fields of grass, adolescent pine trees and clusters of Saw Palmetto grew in profusion.

December 30th. Shortly after dusk, Jon and I were in the kitchen sipping hot coffee, engaged in light-hearted conversation over one thing or another, while the family watched a Christmas classic on the television.

Sequence One – Ship Floated Silently Over Mobile Home Enroute To Landing Site.

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Suddenly, an amber flash of light reflected through the small kitchen window that faced east. I reached around, flung wide the front door and stared outside. I thought a meteor had hit the ground yet I heard no sound.

The brilliant ball of light swirled and spun, seemed to demonstrate electro-magnetic properties. The swirling mass of light remained contained within confined parameters.

Then, the orb vanished, or so it seemed, yet just prior to when the radiant light vanished, its amber color reflected off the underside and outer rim of an object, circular in shape, pewter metallic and measured perhaps 50 to 60 feet in diameter.

The unknown disk emitted no sound as it banked and headed east, and quickly vanished into the dark cold night.

By then, Jon and Sandy had moved up behind me and were peering over my shoulders.

I didn’t glance back to acknowledge their presence because my attention was riveted to a random spot out there in the dark where something quite extraordinary, and I would soon realize, not of this earth had vanished into thin air right before my eyes.

Sequence Two – Extraterrestrials Enabled Infra-Red To Spot-check Predetermined Landing Site.

2uforedbeam copy.jpg (262739 bytes)


And then, a beam of light, cone-shaped and deep red pierced the darkness as it moved swiftly, heading due east.

The red beam winked out, then on, then off again.

Sequence Three – Two Extraterrestrial Ships Converged Before landing In Circular Field.

3ufoconverge copy.jpg (177453 bytes)

Then a pattern of flashing red lights appeared out of the darkness in the distance and just above the shadowy tree line, in the same horizontal and vertical crosshairs location moments before the cone-shaped red beam of light had winked out.

I stood in amazement as I watched the configuration of flashing red lights circumvent the outer perimeter of the ship in a 6-5-4-3-2-1, 1-2-3-4-5-6 pattern. The flashing lights around the ship’s mid-section lined up between the two poles that flanked the driveway, as it had glided over the mobile home, banked and headed due east just moments before.

Moments later a second disk with an identical row of flashing red lights racing horizontally around its middle, then floated in from the left and moved alongside its companion. Both spaceships (and I’d like to reemphasize spaceships) just hung there in the air momentarily above the dark topography.

Then, the disk on the left rose and as if on cue, the second one descended, and then both ships reversed the process.

And in one harmonious rhythmic motion, the twosome floated and swayed back and forth, (like leaves caught on the wind) as they dropped effortlessly below the tree line.

Yet as both ships descended, the frequency of the red lights increased until both spaceships disappeared from view.

Although I wasn’t close enough to see them touch the ground, I watched the red flashing lights around both ships through the open space between the trees until they dropped completely out of sight. At that point I could only speculate that the two ships had touched down on earthly soil.

But an event was about to happen that would remove all doubt as to whether or not the two ships were solid constructs.

Sequence Four – Formation of Helicopters Approached UFO Hotspot.

4choppers copy.jpg (389132 bytes)

Thump! Thump! Thump! Blades sliced through the cold air.

Helicopters! Six of the metal birds moved in from the east in single file formation.

A strike-force had been dispatched from Patrick Air Force Base, I thought to myself.

Sequence Five – Choppers Converged On UFO Hotspot.

5choppersweep copy.jpg (347382 bytes)

As the Choppers drew near the UFO landing hotspot, they fanned out in an ever-widening circle. Bright beams performed aerial night surgery on the dark terrain below for several minutes before they resumed single-file formation and headed back in the easterly direction of which they had approached initially.

Thunderous sounds vibrated the windows of the mobile home and shook the wooden porch as two jets, I believed F-106s. They flew low over the general area where the two visitors had apparently landed. The jets banked, came back for another pass before they to headed back southeast on their way back to Patrick Air Force Base.

Obviously, the scrambled jets had been vectored to the area directed by radar contact.

I wondered why the helicopters and the jets had abandoned the search prematurely? Two spaceships from another world had landed on the ground and were probably still there?

The next day after I returned from a trek into the area where I believed the two disks had touched earthly soil. I plopped down on the front porch while gusts of bone-chilling winds whipped across the grassy fields across the road.

Why did the jets abandon or call off the search right in the middle of their special task force nocturnal operation?

Perhaps the pilots on board the ships had increased the vibratory rate or frequency of the electronic shield or field that enveloped their marvelous ships to the point of rendering the ships invisible, that is in the physical spectrum, until the chopper pilots had completed combing the terrain below with their bright beams, and coming up empty had returned to Patrick Air Force base?

Or perhaps the UFO pilots had activated cloaking technology. Who knows? Still. That particular event has remained a mystery too me too this very day.

As the thunderous roar of the jets faded, I forced my attention away from the area where the two ships had just landed.

And per my urgent request, Jon and I hopped into his pickup and took to the back roads and the general area of where the incredible incident had just happened.

However, driving blindly through an unfamiliar area at night proved futile at best. Dead ends and unexpected u-turns on private properties forced us to abandon the search, much to my regret.

New Year’s Eve, the following day, while exploring the area, I had come upon an open gate on the south side of State Road 420 that led too the circular field.

In our haste, Saturday night, we had driven right past the gate as we searched frantically for that very entranceway into the area.

We returned home and I manned my observation post on the porch, and resolved to stay up all night if necessary.

I had no doubt what I had seen that night. And when they decided to leave, I was going to be there when they departed.

Watching the two ships leave would be added proof that spaceships from another world had landed and probably were still out there.

I had just witnessed a spectacular event, and nothing could have dislodged me from my position on the porch at that time.

I estimated the time I stood there. From approximately 8 p.m. Saturday evening, December 30th until 1:50 a.m. New Year’s Eve, five and one half hours later, I maintained a steady unwavering attention out there waiting …

Sequence Six – ET disk Rises Above Dark Topography

6oneshipup copy.jpg (292974 bytes)

1:50 a.m. One of the disks began rising from the location that had harbored it for the better part of 6 hours.

The flashing red lights that circumvented the ships mid-section raced faster and faster in the 6-5-4-3-2-1, 1-2-3-4-5-6 sequence as it climbed steadily above the dark terrain below.

The ship paused and then a most incredible transformation took place. What had appeared as a solid object with red lights flashing around its outer perimeter began too change from a solid construct into a bright luminous glowing disk.

The luminous transformed magnificent vessel shot straight up, paused, hung there in the dark starry sky before it moved upward again, covering a vast distance in its final vertical climb.

Then the radiant craft seemed star-like in appearance as it just hung there from its lofty position, until moments later the eastern horizon exploded with a display of multi brilliant flashes of colors.

Moments later, a fiery object climbed swiftly above the cold Atlantic Ocean.

The Air Force had launched a Minuteman 2 missile from Cape Canaveral Air Force Station’s missile row.

Then, the hovering bright UFO zipped to the right, zipped to the left, performed a z pattern and all in one continuous flowing light, then floated down like a glowing snowflake before shooting left again.

It drew near the fast-rising missile before it darted to the right, paused then shot off to the south and vanished from eyesight.

I don’t know how long I stood there, not moving, frozen in place and time, as I gazed out into the dark, starry, infinite universe while images of the awesome spectacle lingered in my mind and heart.

Indeed! The mind-boggling and awe-inspiring anti-gravity feats displayed by the luminous disk as it zipped back and forth across the sky so effortlessly had left me spell-bound but the brilliant white glow (often referred to as corona discharge) that emanated off the celestial chariot touched me deeply.

In retrospect, I could understand the effect that a corona discharge emanating off a UFO might have on someone that happened to find him or herself in close proximity of the ship’s field that sometimes expands to considerable distances from the ship, but the transformed craft I had just observed, actually wasn’t an observation at all, quite the contrary, the spectacular event seemed more like an encounter therefore, I believe that the white glow emanating off of some UFOs could contain spiritual properties or spiritual in nature.

The aforementioned UFO incident leaked out and wound up in the hands of Dick Young, who was then a PR Representative.

Young wrote an article about the unusual event entitled UFOs Track Minuteman 2 Missile. The Orlando Evening Star ran the article (Special Edition) the following year in the Easter Sunday paper. Unfortunately, several more months elapsed before I got around to checking microfilm at the Orlando Public Library and the Orlando Sentinel archives in search of the article. When I came to the Easter weekend edition of the newspaper, the Special Edition had been removed. I was disappointed but not surprised. The cover-up boys had struck again.

The Cape leak that fell into the capable hands of Dick Young wasn’t the only viable source that had knowledge of that incredible incident. While gathering source materials for a book that I am writing about the sightings and personal experiences that I have had over the past three-and-a-half decades, I happened upon the website of an Aerospace Engineer.

The Space Pioneer told me that ‘his team’ was aware of that ‘chase’ as he worded it but not with the details that I had mentioned in prior correspondence with him.

The Cape VIP asked that I not mention his real name.

I didn’t know it at the time but life as I had lived and perceived it had changed forever for me the moment my eyes gazed upon the silent, metallic disk as it glided over the mobile home as 1967 drew too a close.

My daily routine. Man my observation post on the front porch by sundown each day. I remained at that position until 12 or 1 a.m. seven nights a week.

I never missed a night during the intense UFO activity that loomed on the horizon.

Part of the nightly practice, I scanned 180-degrees of the eastern sky bowl. I never felt the need or was drawn too include the western half of the sky bowl during the incredible UFO period.

I logged into the journal any/all air traffic that happened to traverse the night sky, such as single prop planes and/or an occasional jet. I also jotted down meteors and any other celestial phenomenon that caught my attention; yet, the ensuing six weeks beginning January one through February 12 revealed nothing that I considered unusual but I maintained the nightly sky-hawking religiously.

Beginning on February 13, 1967 thru September 15, 1968, I kept dates and times of thirty-one encounters and contacts with two extraterrestrial crafts, one cigar-shaped craft and a remote probe and/or the occupants inside the cigar-shaped craft.

Five of the above ET events did not involve me directly.

The extraterrestrials during, before and after two key Apollo Programs had several clandestine meetings that involved a cigar-shaped craft and a dark sedan.

The meetings took place near the shoreline of a kidney-shaped lake and at the back end of an orange grove in a remote area less than an hour’s drive from the Cape.

I had first-hand knowledge of those incredible events because I was there.

Beginning in 1969 thru 1994, I had 8 visual contacts of the crafts and or inner communications with the ETs.

In 2004, I had an unexpected contact with the ETs while I was engaged in ongoing email and phone call conversations with high-profile Journalist, Linda Moulton Howe.

The most recent contact with ETs happened twice over the course of the previous two weeks.


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