"In the summer of 1975 I was living at in an apartment complex at 8 St. and SW 92 St. in Miami, Florida.   This complex has a lake in the back.  One Sunday about 10:00 AM as I was sitting on the grass around the lake with a strong sun and no clouds, a green beam of light stronger than the sunlight illuminated my person for more than a minute.  Three weeks later I started to see three auras, physical, mental, and spiritual.  I got involved in a meditation group and stayed with it for three years, from 1978 until 1981."   


"In June of 1978   I wished to visit my daughter on her birthday. My Cuban-Mexican family invited me to go to Mexico City and asked what I wanted to see. I said  "Just take me to a pyramid of which the top is missing."  (About 3 or 4 weeks before I went to Mexico City, my Kundalini energy went up.) My family took my daughter and me to a Teotihuacan pyramid.   As I sat in a lotus position a tremendous energy moved inside of me, as a piston.   After this, the color of my hair was dark blue for 2 or three months."

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"In 1988, walking in the living room of my house, I received a telepathic message in English of a secret path inside of the pyramid of the sun in Teotihuacan.  A book will come which will have all the information I will need.  I should be there July 26.  Nobody knew about the path or the book, or even how to get there.  Three weeks later I received the book Mysteries of the Mexican Pyramids by Peter Tompkins.  You can get this book in English at the Miami-Dade County library. "


"The impossible became possible and I and about 25 persons got inside the pyramid.  In November of the same year, a group of Mexican Yoga teachers and friends who were with me sat in a circle as I sat in the center. They received the energy through me.  Persons 15 or 20 feet away felt the energy inside them.  An angel (Mexican symbol of Independence) materialized, giving 3 messages. She foretold that my ex-wife and I would marry  other people, that she would sign her name "Vicky"  and that my son would be born Sept 16, the Day of Independence in Mexico, or the Day of the Angel.  (It is like 4th of July in the US.) All of these prophecies came true."


After this experience Ramon gave psychic readings and was able to heal people and release pain.   He was also able to get rid of ghosts in people's houses, but he feels that these are not his true callings. In Mexico during a job offer on the 11th floor of a building he felt a tremendous energy; after leaving the building both he and his wife noticed that half of their face was red as though sunburned. [Shades of Close Encounters of the 4th Kind]. He took this as an indication that he should take the job, but the position did not work out.

In 1979 Ramon took 20 people from New York, Miami, and Mexico to the Temple of the Sun.  Tremendous energy rose and while the people were shaking they saw "people in white with gold crests on their heads"  while overhead an energy-like UFO radiated light.     

As a child Ramon often had Out of Body Experiences and saw "people in the air" watching him.   One of these he later learned was his sister who had died as a baby.  He perceived future happenings of which he told his father and which came true.  When he was in the third year of high school he began to write automatically.  When he showed these writings to a teacher she could not believe that he could write about such deep philosophy.

Recently (June 2000) a strange ape-like ET appeared and told Ramon that the blonde beings with blue eyes who once appeared in the US now are seen in Latin America only, traveling in triangle shaped craft. 

Once during meditation he found himself inside a UFO where he was shown different connections with galaxies.  The entities were human-looking but bald, slim, 6 ft. tall and dressed in white.  Ramon said, "I am from where they are; I never lived a past life on this planet."    


RRPyrUFO.JPG (42615 bytes)
UFO over Temple of the Sun. Picture taken by tourist but seen by others.



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