In  May of 1957 Miami resident Sherman and a friend were traveling north of St. Louis and St. Charles Missouri.  It was 3:00  A.M. and the two young men were driving at 80 to 85 miles per hour on their way to a cabin in the woods.  Suddenly they saw above them red, blue, and white lights which were moving rapidly but slowed down so as to keep pace with their car.  At first they thought that they were seeing a helicopter, but when they saw it move under some power lines, they knew that it could not have been a helicopter.  The men stopped their car beside the road and turned out their lights, hoping the strange craft would go by, but after a short time they looked behind them and there, on the ground, was the UFO.  They got out of the car and ran toward it..........

The next thing they remembered was waking up in the cabin 20 to 25 minutes later. They were each in the wrong bed and had boots, coats, and overcoats spread over them.  Neither knew how they had arrived there.  Stranger still, when they looked for their car it wasn't outside, but was on the top of a 35 feet high levee.  They had to borrow a tractor from a nearby farmer to retrieve the car.  [How do you explain how  your car got on top of a levee?]

Later, under regression, Sherman was able to recall being on a bed and seeing his friend on another one while a light with purple beams shone on them.  An "eyeball" device was on the wall and rays scanned their bodies.  Sherman fell asleep whenever he thought about this incident. 

Sherman has since devoted his life to the study of Yogi and paranormal phenomena.

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