Skyscan January-June 2006


Weston Three Balloon-like Objects, One Lights Up Nov. 24, 2005 Florida Sighting

Orlando Criss-crossing Objects Nov. 26, 2005Florida Sighting

Crawfordville Yellow Oval, Dec. 13, 2005 Florida Sighting

Dublin Orange Colored Star, Dec. 1, 2005 Florida Sighting

Ft. Lauderdale Orange Lights March 17, 2004  Florida Sighting

Winter Haven Crescent March 6, 2006  Florida Sighting

Weston Orange Ball of Light March 1, 2006 Florida Sighting

Placida Cigar Over Trees Feb 15, 2006  Florida Sighting

Panama City Object Chased by Fighters Feb 8, 2006 Florida Sighting

Boca Raton Tumbling Metal Object Jan. 3, 2006  Florida Sighting

Port Orange Barrel June 1, 1988 (Picture Below) Florida Sighting

wpe8.jpg (17253 bytes)

"Thomas" photographs UFO north of Tampa on November 19, 2005
For previous sightings by Thomas, click here

FlahertyPic1.jpg (44268 bytes)       FlahertyPic2.jpg (44205 bytes)        FlahertyPic3.jpg (45345 bytes)

FlahertyUFO4.JPG (44877 bytes)
Pictures being sent for analysis.  Other witnesses to this sighting please contact

Northport "Stacked" lights Morph into Ball, Submitted Nov. 14, 2005 Florida Sighting

UFOnorthport1.JPG (27174 bytes)


Floyd_Anim_Shot_1.jpg (28791 bytes)      Floyd_Anim_Shot_2.jpg (28499 bytes)
Pictures submitted by witness to sighting above. Finger points to tumbling object.    Investigator: Alex Lugones.
Click here for animation

Bartow to Winterhaven sighting submitted by anynomous witness March 9, 2006

BartowUFO.JPG (105708 bytes)

Sightings from other places

Engineer Taking pictures for a Supermarket finds Flying Objects on his prints. SEPT-16-2005, Zacatecas City Mexico.

Zacatecas1.jpg (73840 bytes)


Zacatecas2.jpg (52070 bytes)

Zacatecas3.jpg (77559 bytes)


MapUFO.jpg (45822 bytes)
UFO sighting map presented by Steve Reichmuth, MUFON Northern California SSD.
Map is based on MUFON CMS data base and NUFORC.
Note concentration of sightings in Chicago area.

MUFON Sightings Map for December 2005

MapUFO1.jpg (2601793 bytes)

Light Follows ex-south Florida resident home in Tennessee

Tennlight.JPG (55037 bytes)

Click on picture for the story. 

Humanoid Report for 2005 from Albert Rosales Click here


Nebraska Disk and Abduction

A trucker pulled into a gas station near Ogalala NB.  His wife was sleeping in the back of the truck while the husband went in for coffee.  Suddenly the wife woke and saw an object out of the front windshield.   She watched it for 15 minutes (or longer).  When her husband returned she showed him the object and he, without reaction ,drove off in the opposite direction.   The wife watched the object out of the rear window for 5 minutes, then lost sight of it. 

Under hypnosis the wife described multiple entities including adult humanoids and hybrid childred. Sketches below.


  ObjectNB.jpg (97924 bytes)                             EntityNB.jpg (29000 bytes)

Vatican Monsignor Balducci Speaks about UFOs
Many saints believed in extraterrestrial life- Vatican Monsignor


Florida Sightings from the MUFON Data Base

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