January to June 2007


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Davenport FL Nov. 26, 2006 (Picture above)Florida Sightings

 Ft. Lauderdale UFOs Dec. 4th and 5th.2006 Florida Sightings

Huge Light Comes Down Near Boca Chica Key Florida Sightings

Hollywood Rotating Sphere Decmber 27, 2006 Florida Sightings

Brooksville Objects Change From White to PurpleFlorida Sightings

Ft. Walton Beach Triangle January 10, 2007Florida Sightings

Miami White Objects Dec. 31, 2006 Florida Sightings

Miami Disk Dec. 15, 2006 Florida Sightings

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St. Petersburg Starlike Light at Noon Feb. 7, 2007Florida Sightings

Inverness Object Moves Back and Forth Feb. 2, 2007Florida Sightings

Jacksonville Silver Cigar February 13, 2007Florida Sightings

Miami Zigzag Light January 6, 2007 Florida Sightings

Hudson "Soap Bubble" Triangles, Oct 23, 2006Florida Sightings

Orange Springs Object Mistaken for Water Tower Feb 29, 2007Florida Sightings

Silver Triangle near Palm Coast Feb 17, 2007 Florida Sightings

Jacksonville Large Hovering Craft Feb. 13, 2007Florida Sightings

Tallahassee Triangle Feb 9, 2006 Florida Sightings

Okeechobee Red and White Light Flashes Back. March 7, 2007 Florida Sightings

Miami Pinkish Orb Near Airport March 29, 2007  Florida Sightings

West Palm Beach Possible Wormhole?  Florida Sightings

Jacksonville Triangle March 22, 2007 Florida Sightings

Miami Cone March 4, 2007Florida Sightings

Miami 10-Year Old Draws Alien He Saw
Click on picture for description

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UFO Photographed over Ft. Myers April 1, 2007


West Palm Beach "Lit Up Object" February 28, 2007 Florida Sightings
Graphic Image Below

UFOPalmBeach.jpg (9252 bytes)


Boomerang Moving Slowly near Wellington (Palm Beach) June 29, 2007 Florida Sightings

Triangle Flying East at Hollywood June 23, 2007 Florida Sightings

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Maine Disk

YORK -- On October 10, 2006, looking to the Eastern sky I saw what at first thought to be a bright star planetary object but as it moved closer toward the Atlantic coastline, I could see that it was a flying object moving at an even but rapid rate of speed. It was 5:40 PM, when I spotted the illuminated but not shiny disc with three large white to red pulsing lights on its underside following a path along the Atlantic coastline.

UFOMaine.jpg (7815 bytes)

In profile it appeared disc shaped with three large pulsing lights which changed from white to red. The sky was clear and the object was twice the length of a commercial passenger jet and appeared illuminated from within. Its path, was smooth as if being pulled by some force across the sky. The effect was somewhat hypnotic. Thanks to Peter Davenport Director


Mysterious Lights Spotted over Phoenix Again


Small UFO's "Sondas" Seen in Northeast Brazil 

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The "Sondas", ranging in size from a few centimeters to several meters in size are apparently remotely controlled.  They have been reported to enter people's homes and to react their emothions.  One of the devices exploded and  the fragments eminated light.(Below) Pictures were taken by a Brazilian communications engineer with his cell phone. [Thanks to A.J. Gevaerd, Editor Brazilian UFO Magazine.]


Pennsylvania UFO Tube Sighting


New Hope -- I was a skeptic until last night, January 23, 2007, I was outside walking my dog at about 10 PM, and happened to look up to the sky and I saw what looked like a thick "tube" of bright yellow/white light in the sky above me.

UFOFrCometa.jpg (9138 bytes)


This photo is part of the French Cometa Report and illustrates this sighting report.

At first, I thought maybe it was a low flying jet, but the light was more like a wide tube filled with light than jet headlights - and it was heading south west overhead away from me not towards me.  It was moving too fast and too low in the sky to be a jet. 

There was total silence for the moment that I saw the object. It basically streaked across a small portion of the open sky above me and then literally disappeared in the open and completely visible sky.  There were absolutely no clouds overhead - it flew over rather fast, then evaporated into nothing. Thanks to Brian Vike FILER’S FILES # 5 -2007


Air Force Colonel Reports Lights "Not of This World" Jan.17, 2007

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Lights Explained as Flares?

Airline workers and pilots say they Saw UFO at Chicago's O'Hare

Jeff Rense gives background information on the sighting.

Mysterious Lights Spotted over Phoenix Again

Louisiana Crop Circles

Twenty-five crop circles were photographed on May 10, 2007 at "Poverty Point"

CropCircleLA.jpg (25763 bytes)


   California UFO Over High School  


                    UFOCA061707.jpg (4387 bytes)                    

SAN PASQUAL – We have enlarged the image taken on June 17, 2007. My girlfriend and I were on top of the hill near the high school when we saw a bright star-like object approach from the East. As it came closer we saw it was made of a highly reflective gold colored metal. The bottom of the object was the color of dull bronze and didn't really seem to reflect the light. Luckily inside my backpack kit was my camera. It made absolutely no sound and it initially moved slower than any plane. As it approached us the object banked to the north and after about 30 seconds reversed direction revealing its side to us. We watched it for some time as it banked back and forth, then all of a sudden it tipped it's nose to about a 45 degree angle and quickly ascended out of sight. Thanks to MUFON CMSFILER’S FILES # 26


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