Skyscan January-June 2010


Englewood Multiple UFOs Jan. 2, 2010Florida Sightings

Palm Beach V-Formation of Lights Jan. 1, 2010Florida Sightings

Boynton Beach 6 spheres in V-Formation Jan. 1, 2010Florida Sightings

Deland Orange Ball of Light Dec. 31, 2009 Florida Sightings

Video and clips of UFOs near St. Petersburg November 9, 2009 Tampa Bay UFOs

Bradenton Triangle with White Lights Florida Sightings

Miami UFO Picture Found in Dumpster Florida Sightings

Miami V Formation  Lights January 22, 2010Florida Sightings

Tampa "Cigar" January 13, 2010Florida Sightings

Ft. Myers Fireball January 11, 2010Florida Sightings

Miami Triangular Lights March 22, 2010Florida Sightings

Tampa Tumbling Cylinder Florida Sightings

Hollywood Red Spheres Ascending March 20, 2010Florida Sightings

Homestead Sighting Feb. 28, 1020Florida Sightings
Double Click for Video NewUFOmovie.WMV

Ft. Walton Beach Orange Moving "Suns" March 12, 2010Florida Sightings

Cullowhee Strange Light Feb. 21, 2010Florida Sightings

Miami Orange-Red Glowing Orbs June 20, 2010 Florida Sightings

Marco Island Round White Object May 27, 2010 Florida Sightings

zHawthorne Object on Picture April 25, 2010Florida Sightings
See Florida Sightings for Explanation of Picture

This Picture has been determined to be a reflection of a rubber object floating in the water below.

Naples White-Green Round Object Dropping to Ground March 30, 2010Florida Sightings

Capri Light April 8, 9, 10, 2010Florida Sightings

Palm City UFO April 6, 2010Florida Sightings



Albert Rosales' Complete Humanoid Report from 2009!

 ETGreer.jpg (60850 bytes)

ET Picture taken by Stephen Greer Contact Team on November 17, 2009 at Joshua Tree National Park.  For story go to:

Pensacola Disk, May 30, 2008

Drawing21412.png (31574 bytes)

   1985 Four Beings Moving Across I-75

1988 Blue-White Flash, Explosion, Debris near Gulf

Bridgette4078.jpg (941277 bytes)

Miami Experiencer Bridgette remembers an encounter

BRLightAlien081.jpg (2487570 bytes)

Florida  Experiencer Brenda tells of recent encounters

 December 13, 2009. Recent updates from Brenda

FaceDec709BR085.jpg (658231 bytes)

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