July - December 2006






Port St. Lucie Lighted Object March 12, 2006  Florida Sighting

Pensacola UFO Spying on House April 15, 2006Florida Sighting

Destin Yellow Lights over Gulf of Mexico May 1, 2006 Florida Sighting

Ft. Myers, Red Object at Window May 30, 2006 Florida Sighting

Ft. Meyers, Six Sightings in May 2006 Ken

KenObj52106.JPG (27021 bytes)


Ft. Meyers, Six Sightings in May 2006 Ken
Latest sighting from Ken August 12, 2006

Ken81206.jpg (53359 bytes)
"The Microphone"

new1.gif (2364 bytes)Two Similar Sightings on Florida's West Coast from Will Puckett's UFOs Northwest Site

B Fast Moving Object Over Ocean at Bradenton, FL July 22, 2006

Bradenton72206.jpg (6188 bytes)                            Bradenton72206a.jpg (4206 bytes)


To see the video  click Sighting Reports 2006

Fast Moving Object Over the Ocean at Sarasota, FL June 30, 2006

sarasota63006.jpg (6990 bytes)

To see the video click Sighting Reports 2006


Delray Sightings and Video July 17, 2006 Florida Sighting
Click for Video JCUnknown71706.wmv

JCstill1a.JPG (26244 bytes)         JCstill2a.JPG (38246 bytes)
Stills from Video


Tampa Circular Black Object July 15, 2006 Florida Sighting

Ft. Lauderdale UFO Seen by Pilot Blinks Out Florida Sighting

 Triangular Object with Red Lights Near Orlando July 4, 2006 Florida Sighting

Two Beams of Light, Miami Airport July 28, 2006 Florida Sighting

Object Changes Shape, Near Orlando August 28, 2006Florida Sighting


UFOescambia.jpg (134777 bytes)

Dark "Slash" Near Pensacola June 15, 2006Florida Sighting

Clearwater Strobe-like Lights Follow Planes Florida Sighting

Orlando Airport August 23, 2006Florida Sighting

Delray Disks August 5, 2006Florida Sighting

JCdisks80506.jpg (89685 bytes)
Picture of Delray site with Photoshop Images of disks

Delray Beach August 11, 2006 Florida Sighting

JC81196.jpg (127678 bytes)
Picture taken August 11, 2006

JC81106sm.jpg (28622 bytes)
Enlargement of Image 

JC82106.jpg (6841 bytes)

Thunderstorm Reveals Object in Delray Florida Sighting


Hudson Triangle Bends Light Oct 23, 2006 Florida Sightings

Four Green Ovals in Groveland, Oct. 15, 2006Florida Sightings

Two Objects Emit Pulsating Lights Oct 10, 2006Florida Sightings

White Sphere Implodes Over Gulf October 10, 2006 Florida Sightings

Fast Moving Object near Lawrenceville, Oct. 10, 2006Florida Sightings

Beverly Hills Boomerang September 29, 2006 Florida Sightings

Everglades Object Leaves Trail September 24, 2006 Florida Sightings

Object Near Ocala Sept 21, 2006 Florida Sighting

Dark Grey Triangle with Six Lights Vero Beach Sept 21, 2006 Florida Sighting

Miami White Ball With a Tail Nov, 23, 2006 Florida Sightings

Homosasa Triangle Nov. 23, 2006 Florida Sightings

Oblong Plume of Light Near Ft. Lauderdale Florida Sightings


Experiencer Says that Aliens Improved His Artistic Ability

IAZrealityDying.jpg (37100 bytes)

I exprienced the presence of three individuals, a tall skinny entity, brilliant white light image or form, and two other small black beings with reflective dark eyes. I remember looking at the tall entity, when he placed his middle finger in the center of my forehead, after that I don't remember a thing, except that I woke up very weak. After this event I started making very futuristic drawings of temples, devices, etc.(For more go to Florida Personal Contact Experiencers and click Isaias).

CarlosMorisMap.JPG (100479 bytes)

Map of Sighting in Princeton (near Homestead, FL)


UFOcoralSp71406.jpg (10405 bytes)
UFO Photographed over Coral Springs July 14, 2006

For additional pictures from Coral Springs Click here


Below: another sighting from Ken July 15, 2006..  Compare with Santa Monica Sighting

Ken1.JPG (93276 bytes)

Below: Santa Monica Sighting 6-30-06 from Jeff Rense.UFOs Filmed In Formation Above Santa Monica

UFOStMonica.jpg (13398 bytes)


UFO in Poland January 8, 2006

   UFOpoland1.jpg (117647 bytes)     UFOpoland2.jpg (103211 bytes)
Two men driving home from a wedding near Zdany, Poland found their car stalled.  The driver tried to repair the car when they saw this object.  The passenger     took these pictures. For the complete story go to: The Forum- Best UFO Photo in the World? Wow!

Source: NUFORC  * = Anomolous Light, ^ = Triangle Craft,   <> = Disk, Oval, Diamond Craft,  Squares = Other Shapes  L = Landing
Red color = NUFORC    Blue = MUFON


MUFON Symposium Highlights Denver Colorado, July 14 to 16, 2006

MapUFO5a.jpg (179869 bytes)


China Video of UFO -- Authentic?

ufo China ! WOW - INSANE - CHECK !!! - Google Video

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