Skyscan July-December 2008

Key West Boomerang Nov. 3, 2003Florida Sightings

Jacksonville Triangular UFO July 28, 2008Florida Sightings

UFOTriangle.jpg (1328 bytes)
Submitted image, not photo

Ft. Lauderdale Greenish Yellow Beam July 27, 2008Florida Sightings

New Port Richey Huge Cigar July 4, 2008 Florida Sightings

Daytona Beach Cigar and Disks July 13, 2008 Florida Sightings

Gulf Breeze Circle Appears and Disappears July 11, 2008 Florida Sightings


Triangle with Lights in Ft. Lauderdale August 19, 2008 Florida Sightings

Ft.LaudTri.jpg (237733 bytes)

Ft. Lauderdale Black Rotating Triangle with Black Object Leading August 13, 2008Florida Sightings

Clearwater 3/4 Circle of Lights Sept. 19, 2008 Florida Sightings


Ft. Lauderdale Beach Light Sept 15, 2008 Florida Sightings

UFOJRFtL.JPG (37352 bytes)


Bradenton Police Officer Starled by Bright Object. Florida Sightings

Jensen Beach Triangle September 20, 2008Florida Sightings

Daytona Beach BoomerangFlorida Sightings

Ocala Triangle March 5, 2008Florida Sightings


UFOJensenBch.JPG (6220 bytes)


Miami Boomerang Nov. 1, 2003 Florida Sightings

MiamiBoomerang.jpg (11749 bytes)


Miami Five-Point Star in Clouds Nov. 1. 2008 Florida Sightings

UFOStar050.jpg (56054 bytes)


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UFOTurkey.jpg (38475 bytes)

Istanbul, Turkey. A number of residents claim UFOs were spotted over a four month period between May and September, 2008.  Almost 2 1/2 hours of footage was filmed featuring a variety of objects ranging from flying saucer-type "craft" (above) to clustering orb-like lights hovering in the night sky.   The clips were given to to Sirius UFO Space Science Research Center in Turkey who interviewed witnesses and evaluated the film and claim they are 100% genuine. [Thanks to UK Sun News and Filers's Files.]

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