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My name is Mary Margaret Zimmer and I am Assistant State Director of MUFON South Florida.
I am also certified in hypnosis and am a member of the National Guild of Hypnotists.   Abductees who wish to better understand their experiences may contact me at:





new1.gif (2364 bytes)Hot Exhaust Trail May 24, 2004 Florida Sighting

new1.gif (2364 bytes)Winter Park  FL Light, Possible Abduction April 7, 2004 Florida Sighting

new1.gif (2364 bytes)Black Triangle Disappears at Pompano Beach, May 8, 2004Florida Sighting

New Port Richey Disk, June 11, Crestview Lights June 7, 2004 Florida Sighting

Dunedin, Palm Coast UFOs May 21 & 22 Florida Sighting

Clearwater Semi-Transparent Craft July 5, 2004 Florida Sighting

Pendulum of lights near W. Palm Beach July 21, 2004Florida Sighting

Vero Beach Triangle "Swarm" July 29, 2004Florida Sighting

Boynton Beach Egg August 30, 2004Florida Sighting

Ft. Lauderdale Light Stops in Sky, Oct 9, 2004 Florida Sighting

Okeebhobee Huge Light Sends Beams with Sound, May 2001 Florida Sighting

Boca Raton Disappearing Orb Sept. 9, 2004 Florida Sighting

Lakeland Gold Object Nov. 6, 2004Florida Sighting

Cedar Key White Hot Light Nov 22, 2004Florida Sighting

Lake Hiawatha Hovering Light Nov. 16, 2004Florida Sighting

Orlando Sphere of Light Nov. 21, 2004Florida Sighting

Boca Raton Possible Abduction Nov. 20, 2004Florida Sighting

Florida MUFON Investigations

Miami FL Amber Light Appears Three Times June 30, 2004WUFOD1
Light appears again; July 31, 2004


UPDATE ON CASELBERRY EXPLOSION: A very reliable source was told by a NASA employee, whose identity has to be protected, that "something" crashed to earth in a field in Casselberry on the evening of July 4th." The employee could not disclose the exact location or explain further what it was that hit the earth. The object was observed by some and heard by hundreds of residents of Seminole County as it streaked across the night sky. An explosion was heard presumably as this "something" hit the ground causing walls and windows of homes to rattle and vibrate for several seconds. Some people mentioned that the sky turned an odd shade of yellow following the crash and many noted the sound of several explosives, one after the other. el

ORIGINAL REPORT:Blinding Light in Sky, Large Boom, NASA Shows up. July 4, 2004 WUFOD1
                                             NASA Quiets the town and Radio Station involved.   Some residents sickened.d

redbeamufo.JPG (43670 bytes)

Red Beam UFO from book by Jim Oglesby



May 11, 2004 Dark Cigar shape near Naples  WUFOD1

May 7, 2004 Amber lights near Kissimmee WUFOD1


LLlight.JPG (67390 bytes)

The picture above was taken in Lakeland, Florida after a witness had had a strange experience on June 10, 2003.   Looking out the kitchen window, she saw what appeared to be a large net with smaller rectangular squares within the main frame.  This net appeared like water or space moving and behind it there appeared many small entities excitedly playing around on the grass behind the net.   There were three taller entities who appeared to be watching the smaller ones.  Later, the witness took this picture of the area which shows a light of unknown origin. 

Dr. Bruce Maccabee examined the photo and said that a hair could not have caused the anamoly.  



The symbols below were written by Alex, a Miami experiencer, who writes them but does not know their meaning.  Anyone who is able to decode the symbols or who has has a similar occurrence, please notify mm@skyscan.org

Symbols2.JPG (178767 bytes)


Symbols1.JPG (247127 bytes)

For more symbols click here


Slices of Life

                            Ear1.JPG (219088 bytes)              Ear2.JPG (207855 bytes)

Experiencer awoke with unexplained cut in ear which bled profusely  but healed rapidly.  Pictures taken four days after the cut was discovered.

Hand.JPG (50513 bytes)

Another experiencer found this cut on her hand after an hour of "missing time".

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AuroraOrb2.JPG (5235 bytes)
What does Aurora see?


MM10103a.jpg (51261 bytes)


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