Possible Chupacabra Shot in Nicaragua!
The corpse of the supposed "Chupacabra" is being examined by a team of Veterinarians and Biologists of the Hospital School of Leon, Nicaragua.  This animal was shot with a gun , has decomposed for 15 days  and has been partly eaten by vultures.  It is believed to be responsible for the deaths of 60 sheep and lambs in that area.  No conclusion has yet been drawn by the investigating team, although speculation is that it may be an unknown hybrid species of a wolf or dog, possibly created by genetic engineering.  The specialist described the animal as having smooth skin like a bat, great cavities for the eyes, large claws,   and a crest on the main vertebra.  Yellow hair was said to have been found on the tail of the creature.

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"Just a Dog," Say Biologists

Biologists and Zoologists from the National Autonomous University of Nicaragua campus in Leon who examined the skeleton said it was simplay a dog.  "It's a dog, without any room for doubt," saod Edmundo Torres. an UNAN vice rector.  "It's an ordinary female dog.  All our investigations didn't show any anomaly.  It's a dog."


Then what killed all those sheep?


For more information, see article below "Dr. Sanchez Tells of Personal Investigation of Blood Predator".

Dr. Sanchez Tells of Personal Investigation of Blood Predator

On August 19, 2000 Dr. Virgilio Sanchez Ocejo related to the Miami MUFON group for the first time his experiences in Chile while investigating the Blood Predator. 

UFOs, some bell shaped, were seen in Maria Elena and Calama Chile almost every night.  Dr. Sanchez showed some daytime video footage of one of the UFOs.

An interview was held with employees of a late-night disco in Calama.   One employee, Felipe, testified that at 3:00 A.M. there was a loud pounding on the outside door.  Thinking that this was a robbery attempt, he armed himself with a club, opened the door and saw an upright  four foot creature with glowing yellow eyes.  The animal breathed out a strong substance which stunned Felipe who nonetheless saw the predator gliding away.  [It is speculated that this malodorous breath may be used to stun animals so that they do not resist or make sounds..]

Dr. Sanchez has submitted for evaluation several bunches of hair, allegedly from the predator.  A preliminary investigation by a veterinarian in Chile revealed that the hair did not belong to any of the local wild or domestic animals.  Dr. Sahchez also made a cast of the predator's footprints, which look like an unnaturally large canine, similar to the casts taken in Miami in 1996. 

In Maria Elena many cats, all female, were found drained of blood with small incisions on the neck.  Dogs in the same condition were found in the city dump. Many chickens were found bloodless with the tell-tale small aperture in the neck, although no sound was heard during the night.   In Calama, Chile many farm owners had lost animals to the predator "chupacabra" and had been reimbursed excessively for the cost of the animals, presumably in exchange for their silence regarding the attack.  It was confirmed by Arturo Menay, director of Radio Coya of Maria Elena that a bomb was dropped on July 28   by the Chilean air force in the salt mine area.  The men who work in the mines have reported that the predators live and perhaps nest in this area.  Dr. Sanchez stayed in a tent in this cold  desert location and during the night experienced a strange pungent odor "not a stink" which clung to his clothes even after his return to Miami, FL.

For more information on the Blood Predator click: http://bloodpredator.homestead.com/index.html


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      Sunset over Miami with orbs. May 26, 2000                        

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