Skyscan January-June 2008


Lights near Jupiter, FL Nov 29, 2007 

JupiterUFO.jpg (75416 bytes)


New Jupiter Inlet Picture  Feb. 27, 2008.

JupiterIn2.27.08.jpg (86828 bytes)

I saw strange lights with light reflecting off the ocean. And found a picture taken from a webcam on top of a condo facing jupiter inlet, Florida. Attached is the picture!!


Glowing Object in Jacksonville Dec. 3, 2007Florida Sightings

UFOJAX.jpg (26182 bytes)


Below:  Harry G. submits sketch of a ship moving up the street near the ground in Delray Beach.

HarryGship.jpg (64983 bytes)


Homestead Object Sends Beam, Entity Seen, Jan. 13, 2008  Story and Sketches Click Here


Tampa Triangle March 15, 2008.  Florida Sightings

UFOtampa.jpg (3001 bytes)


Miami Beach Triangle Feb. 13, 2008 Florida Sightings
Below:Illustration by witness, a professional artist

UFOMiamiBeach.jpg (26789 bytes)

Triangular Object in Broward March 15, 2008 Florida Sightings


Altamonte Springs Lighted Object March 21, 2008Florida Sightings

UFOFL32108.jpg (4308 bytes)

Longwood Large "Hockey Puck" March 23, 2008  Florida Sightings

Miami "Acorn" UFO March 23, 2008   

UFOAlex3.23.08a.jpg (55402 bytes)

UFOAlex3.23.08.jpg (57952 bytes)
Video for "Acorn" Click

Straight White Line in Titusville May 31, 2008 Florida Sightings

Miami Massive Barbell May 25, 2008 Florida Sightings

Clearwater Disc, Triangle June 1, 2008 Florida Sightings

Tampa Bay Two Triangle Shaped Lights June 16, 2008 Florida Sightings

Palm Bay Light Brightens and Dims June 14, 2008 Florida Sightings


Image of  possible entity in Central Florida Hotel.

Al2.jpg (1887 bytes)
Copyright July, 2008

Enlarged Image Below

Al2.jpg (3229 bytes)

Copyright July 2008

Possible arm of entity turning off camcorder in Central Florida Hotel April 17, 2008

cap006.bmp (921654 bytes)

Copyright May 2008

Below: Possible face of entity turning off camcorder.  Analysis in progress.

cap005.bmp (921654 bytes)

Copyright May 2008

Below: Picture taken in Ontario, Canada and Submitted to MUFON. ...Alien?

AlienCanada.jpg (277134 bytes)

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