Port St. Lucie Ten Spheres Moving at 100 mph Feb 11, 2012 Florida Sightings

Drawing of sphere submitted by witness.

Tarpon Springs Orbs Combine to Make Larger One: Jan. 22, 2012 Florida Sightings

North Miami Beach White Light with Tail: Jan 7,  2012 Florida Sightings

 Seminole Object with Colored Lights December 20, 2011Florida Sightings See Investigator's Report

Seminole Horizontally Moving Light December 18, 2011Florida Sightings

Video on YouTube

Seminole Triangle December 14, 2011Florida Sightings See Investigator's Report

Close-up of triangle 

From Witness' cell phone


Homestead Blue Light November 11, 2011 Florida Sightings

St. Johns UFO Nov. 8, 2011 Florida Sightings

Hialeah Lakes (Miami) September 17, 2011Florida Sightings

North Florida Balls of Light Oct. 22, 2011 Florida Sightings

South Miami Lighted Objects Oct. 3, 2011 (For more pictures go to: Florida Sightings


Miami Hovering Object Sept. 13, 2011 Florida Sightings

Gulf Breeze Entity With Syringe Florida Sightings

Palm Harbor Red Flashing Lights, Dark Object Florida Sightings

New Port Richey Sept. 13, 2011 Florida Sightings

Sarasota Orange-Red Orbs. September 4, 2011Florida Sightings

Miami Multiple Orbs September 2, 2011Florida Sightings

Homestead Zigzagging Object. August 18, 2011Florida Sightings

West Palm Beach Green Light July 27, 2011Florida Sightings

Melbourne Octagon Shape July 6, 2011Florida Sightings

Doral, Miami Sphere of Flashing Light June 14, 2011Florida Sightings

Jacksonville Green Fireball, Pastel Bubble April 29, 2011Florida Sightings

Englewood Football-Sized UFO April 27, 2011Florida Sightings

Ft. Walton Beach Four Lights in Triangle Pattern April 3, 2011 Florida Sightings

Pembroke Pines Charcoal Disk  Florida Sightings

Not actual Photograph

Boca Lights and Disk March 23, 2011  Florida Sightings

Clearwater Lights Under Super Moon Florida Sightings

Seminole Lights in Triangle Formation November 20, 2011Florida Sightings

Cooper City Nov 26, 2011 Florida Sightings
Video on YouTube UFO Footage South Florida

Sunny Isles Beach June 28, 2011 Florida Sightings See Photoanalyst's Report
(See Florida Sightings for close-ups of disks.)


Miami-Dade Red Lights March 19, 2011Florida Sightings

Alligator Point Racing Lights Florida Sightings

Cocoa Disk Low over Home March 16, 2011Florida Sightings

New Tampa Unexplained Phenomenon March 13, 2011Florida Sightings

Deerfield Triangle March 11, 2011Florida Sightings


Pinellas Park White Sphere Disappears Feb. 23, 2011Florida Sightings

Margate Bright Object Feb. 18, 2011Florida Sightings

Holiday Four White Objects Feb 12, 2011 Florida Sightings      


Red Object photographed by palm tree in Homestead, Oct. 2008.  Object Pulsated in the middle, moved away from photographer and then ascended quickly. Upper lights are street lights.

Similar object to the Homestead one, seen in Okeechobee on March 13, 2010.


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