Witness' Statement to MUFON

About two months ago while having a casual conversation everything that happened that night, that I have not remembered now for 10 years, came rushing back to me. For two days after that I could hardly function normally - now, where before I was scared and afraid I might be crazy - now I am mad and determined. I will not rewrite the entire event - MUFON has it already. Let me add what I remember now. I have told this once to Mr. Avery in person - after the green light lifted out of the water, I was frozen in fear, the beach lit up in a circle around me in a yellow and white glow six or seven alien beings were in a circle around me. I can send you detailed drawings of them. I have been drawing them for twelve years. I looked back for J. and our son JJ. JJ was gone, J was at the edge of the circle of light - I could barely see him - some black figures were holding on to him, I tried to scream but could not - one alien that I somehow recognized, kept telling me (in my head) to "Calm down you know it is useless to fight." It seems they took me into the light in the water. I was in a room filled with white fog, I thought "Oh God, I'm on the ship again!" I was crying - there were two men behind me, we were all naked, one of them kept screaming "I don't do this!"  Then I looked at the wall and noticed I could see where the wall reached this ceiling - that didn't make since if I was on a ship - I looked at the floor it was very shiny but by looking very hard I made out floor tiles. This scared me worse than being on a ship - at the end of a long hall there were two stainless-steel doors. Now I was truly scared and crying hard. I was afraid to lift my eyes up. Standing in front of me I saw a pair of brown shoes and the bottom of legs dressed in green scrubs. Now I was so scared I could not breathe, I kept screaming in my mind "Where's JJ? - Where's my baby?"  I made myself   look up, there was a human doctor there. He had pale skin with freckles everywhere, reddish hair cut short and glasses--he was dressed in scrubs, there was blood on them.   If I ever see him again I will know him. Next to him was a gray, only he was a dark gray, as tall as me, he was holding a container of fluid, it was murky and a tube ran out of it and attached to his neck - I hate him, I started to shake badly and scream (in my mind) and cry. I said, "No! No! Please no! Please don't make me, no!" The guy behind me what crazy, screaming no! "I don't do this!" The doctor showed no emotion, the Gray was cold, more than any thing in my life I did not want to look in that water. But of course I had too. In it was a tiny baby, big head, pencils for arms and legs, the tube was attached to it. I cannot believe anyone can be as scared as I was then and live, the next second it seems  I was on a table something was either on my head or over my head, a bright light. My legs were bent at the knees and covered with a white sheet. There were other people on other beds. The doctor was standing behind me to the left. The alien was in front of me between my knees with the container, the alien told me ( in my mind ) "Don't fight it, go with the pain, go with the pain". Then I was back on the beach, it was dark - I turned around and way down the beach I could see J. (barely) and between us was JJ.

The rest MUFON already has. We lost three days this trip, later we saw a triangular shape stop over us and I was burned on my arms.

I have told this to Mr. Avery, along with our other experiences, I have shown him pictures, drawings, the alphabet they taught me, my daughter and husband have told him their stories. He said he was looking for an interpreter for daylight pictures of the UFO that needed "no explanations ". We thought through MUFON we could meet others who shared these experiences, I even agreed to be hypnotized to prove myself.

In September of 99 we had a third encounter, we have a ticket for parking in a no parking zone, dated, and signed to prove what were there and below is something moving in the water. That time we walked around a sand dune and "saw " a huge gray ship, after seeing it I cannot remember. In May of this year a triangular ship that made no sound circled over us for about 40 minutes and tracked us back to our car. You (MUFON) received the picture via net of our last trip. There is a lot more to these experiences than I have written here of course, but to be honest I am tired of telling our story. Maybe these are mundane to MUFON, to me they are mentally draining and even physically tiring. All of these things happened on the same stretch of beach in Navarre/Gulf Breeze. That is why I am trying once more with you, things happened here in Louisiana, but never that dramatic, to me my daughter's life has been hell.

We are not to crazy, not kooks. We both function quite well in our daily lives; we have learned to cope, we want to meet, talk, share and maybe even help other abductees. I want to, some way, qualify what has happened to me and my family. We believe because we have seen and been told, there is much more to this and much more coming. Let me step to the edge of sanity here and say, there is a group of three aliens who deal with me. For years now - the one "telling" me things, I know him as well as I know any other living human being.

The things are real, surely they do not happen to everybody, there must be a reason behind it. Can MUFON help? We both feel we should be doing something more, but what?


This "sighting" has been determined to be a hoax

by MUFON Florida State Director, Bland Pugh

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