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Las Vegas: The Basic Facts About Visiting Las Vegas

Las Vegas: The Basic Facts About Visiting Las Vegas

This article is designed to give would-be visitors to Las Vegas an overview of information, from how to find cheap Las Vegas hotels to how liquor and gambling laws affect families. Las Vegas is one of the most exciting tourist destinations in the world, and this information is designed to help families, couples and individual travelers get the most from their Las Vegas vacation or business travel event.

It is an interesting fact that a cheap motel room in Las Vegas for less than $40 a night can actually be more expensive than a better room in one of the upscale hotels that costs $50 per day. How is this possible? It may be true if the seemingly more expensive hotel room also includes bonus discount coupons or other bonus premiums that end up saving you money on breakfasts, lunches, dinners, or entertainment. One further consideration is the location of a so-called cheap or budget accommodation. If it is located farther away from the attractions you want to visit, and you have to spend more money on gas and parking, then the savings are not as attractive as you may originally have thought.

Families wanting to visit Las Vegas are often concerned about whether they would be allowed to bring their children into their hotel if there is also a casino in the hotel. According to Nevada laws, a person must be at least 21 years old to participate in gambling within the state, but that does not mean younger children cannot go into a casino, especially if they need to go through the casino to access the hotel rooms, lobby, restaurant and other amenities that are not related to gambling.

Fortunately, the Nevada State laws also say that it is perfectly OK for anyone younger than 21 to walk through the casino, on their way to their room, shops, swimming pool, or other non-gambling activities, as long as they do not loiter inside the casino or stand for a period of time next to a slot machine or other gaming tables.

Similar to the gambling laws, the liquor laws also require that a person must be at least 21 years of age in order to buy or consume alcoholic beverages. But if you are old enough to drink, you will find that Las Vegas makes it very convenient, because casino bars, liquor stores, restaurants, pubs and other stores selling beer, wine and spirits may do so 24-hours a day.

Regarding the weather in Las Vegas, although you will find that just about every indoor establishment is comfortably air conditioned, outside is a different kettle of fish. The average temperature is 80 degrees Fahrenheit or 27 degrees Celsius. It is sunny almost every day, with 320 days of sunshine annually. Las Vegas is located in a desert, and the annual amount of rainfall is less than five inches.